Los Bastardos Episode 13 Connor plans to attack the Cardinals

Los Bastardos Episode 13

Los Bastardos Episode 13 Connor plans to attack the Cardinals 

Matteo approached Menandro to inform him that he has tracked down the woman who stole Mr Chang’s ring.

He further stated he has made a deal with her to steal something from Joaquin Cardinal, Menandro smiled, saying that would help him execute his plans. Mateo asked what he’s really planning as he smiled at him.

Conner told himself he could not deny who he really was (which is a bastard), whiles recollecting Pilars’ maltreatment of him. He told himself that now that he knew Don Roman’s name he should be careful since he was about to meet the monster he created.

At the Silverios company, Dulce engaged in chitchat with the workers who were given a break to eat as they thanked her for making their employment terms better.

Menandro appeared in the scene and they stood up to show their respect to him, he asked them how they were doing as they thanked him for the good things he’s doing for them.

Menandro said they’re the heart of the company and showed them a flyer that it was the new Silverios distillery, making them happy as he praised Dulce. He said he would put up a free clinic and Dulce would be the doctor. Matteo sighed.

Joaquin left on his motorcycle, Don Roman asked Martha where he was off too and she said he wanted to get some fresh air. Don Roman told himself he knew something was bothering Joaquin but he would be happy if he asked help from him.

At the Silverios, Matteo confronted Menandro for his change in attitude towards the workers, he asked him to calm down and it felt good to help other people.

He charged him to try it too sometimes, Matteo then told him he should come back to his senses. After Matteo left Menandro told himself  that he has to keep his plans from even him that way his act would be more convincing.

At the Cardinal mansion, Alba welcomed the Esperanzas into the house. Isagani left his parents with Alba for a while to talk to Don Roman.

Lucas informed Isagani that Don Roman was on his way but Joaquin wasn’t present but briefed him about his ideas for the meeting.

Isagani told him they were all the same and looked up to Don Roman and he would do anything he asked of him, Don Roman listened to their conversation.

Alba entertained Isagani’s parents laughing to jokes that aren’t even funny, After Isagani’s mother went to the kitchen Alba tried to be nice to his dad.

At the meeting, Lucas briefed Isagani and Don Roman about how to market Cocoa Brandy.

Isagani’s mother and Sita scared each other at the Kitchen. They introduced themselves and chat a little.

Back to Alba and Bert (Isagani’s dad) she interrogated him about Isagani’s true origin as Bert told him he and Erma(Isagani’s mom) had a hard time conceiving so he has no siblings and also Isagani was a miracle to them.

Alba asked why he called him a miracle and how they conceived him and he said in a truck, An inquisitive Alba asked if they found Isagani in a truck as she looked scared.

Back to the Kitchen, Erma asked Sita more about Alba and if she was a kind person. Erma offered to serve the food for Sita.

Alba yawned as Bert talked about Isagani’s product and how beneficial it would be clearly showing she was uninterested in anything he was saying.

Erma brought the food, Bert mistakenly hit it and the food spilt on Alba who showed them her real person. Alba got upset asking her not to touch her and she apologised while Alba kept insulting her.

Don Roman, Lucas and Isagani heard the news and went there to check out the problem. Alba insulted them and later apologised to them calling out Martha.

As Don Roman and the two arrived, Isagani’s parents narrated to them what had happened and they kept apologising.

At the Silverios mansion, Dulce brought a gift from the workers for Menandro in the presence of Madelein who was shocked too and said she hoped he has really changed so their family was at peace.

Matteo approached them confronting his dad about how unnecessary those free clinics were and he would understand if there’re returns but they wouldn’t.

Menandro joined them and stopped him from what he’s doing, Matteo told himself that with the was going on he believed his dad was going crazy.

As they arrived home from the Cardinal mansion, Bert told Erma and Isagani  that he knew Alba was a bad person and was just pretending to be nice and that she was a fake.

“People like her show their true colours to people they don’t like,” Erma advised Isagani to be careful around her.

Don Roman visited Sita, Lucas and coralle(the lady at the mechanic shop) come to greet him. He said Sita told him Lucas has been working hard and doing well in the distillery and it’s time he takes him to the next leadership seminar and he has good plans for him as he smiles with Sita also looking on happily.

At Isagani’s factory, isay and Isagani discuss what Alba said about his parents and if she apologized and She tells him to be careful of Alba and Joaquin as Isagani tells her not to judge Joaquin and try to put themselves in his shoes rather.

Corralle tells Lucas it’s surprising how Don Roman takes care of him and his family especially him,he even takes care of him like a father will.. Lucas said he didn’t know what they did to deserve Don Romans’ trust why he treats them very well just as he’s to every one.
She ask Lucas whether he doesn’t want to meet his real father? And Lucas said everyone wants to meet their real father that Sita told him he was in America when she was pregnant with him but they lost communication so she doesn’t know where he’s now. She said they should try looking for him and Lucas said she shouldn’t mind since he has accepted he doesn’t have a father.

At the Silverios,Matteo confronts Menandro about why he’s being nice to Dulce, Menandro said he’s been nice to her so she doesn’t interfere with his real plan,Silverios distillery became weak since Dulce came back acting humane and kind and they will surprise everyone and Strike back at the Cardinal’s by stealing Isagani Esperanza and his cocoa brandy.

At home, Bert tells Erma that Alba was asking lots of questions about Isagani and it’s good he never told her he was adopted and they not his real parent that he doesn’t trust Alba and will never tell him about Isagani’s deepest secrets.

Erma said she has no right to know all those things since Alba might use it against Isagani.
Isagani comes home asking why she’s so angry? Erma tells Isagani a lot of people keep asking to know where he came from telling him not to trust anyone he meets in his life.

Back to the Silverios,Matteo tells Menandro that Isagani hates him and won’t listen to him, Menandro tells him to use his strategy since he pretends to be nice with the workers because that’s what Isagani wants and once he’s on their side their rival will lose their ace and ones that happens they will tear down their partnership with Matteo saying he will do anything he says.

At home, Bert tells Isagani his mom is always emotional anytime anyone ask about his real parents because even though she didn’t give birth to him he will always be her son. Isagani thanks them for saving his life and taking care of him, he also apologize to him saying he wants to meet his real parents.

At the Cardinal mansion, Don Roman asked Alba about Joaquin and if he isn’t home yet, Alba said she’s surprised he’s looking for Joaquin because she thinks only Isagani is important to him. Don Roman said he isn’t looking for Joaquin because of the business but because he’s worried about his son.

Alba said because he has a lot of shortcomings and Don Roman says he doesn’t know why he always ask the wrong person same questions since it’s the same thing day in day out, all she does is to nag and think of only herself. Don Roman says they should try and agree on something and have a peaceful life for the seek of Joaquin.

Alba asked him how she could, since she doesn’t know what she’s to him and all he thinks about is his first family since they not even married and Joaquin is just his bastard son. As they continue to argue, they heard a jar been smashed on the floor.

Joaquin leaves on his motorbike and they both call out his name asking him to come back.

Don Roman told Alba she better pray Joaquin didn’t hear what she just said and hoped nothing bad happened to him or else he would not hesitate to get her out of his life for good. Alba stood so frightened by Roman’s warning.

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