Los Bastardos Episode 12

Los Bastardos Episode 12 Connor gets lead about his real father

Don Roman officially announced the partnership between Cardinal distilleries and Isagani Esperanza which in-turns annoyed his spiteful wife Alba.

Alba tried to instigate Joaquin but he did not fall for it, rather he welcomed Isagani on Board surprising Alba as everyone clapped.

However, Joaquin had some plan under his sleeve which he later pulled off making Alba very proud of him.

Joaquin told Isagani as part of the contract he would be shouldering the expenses and wages of his workers until they secured Cocoa Brandy in the market. Isagani was surprised to hear that.

He then refused to sign the contract since he wouls be losing. Don Roman realised Joaquin was just acting to drive Isagani away so he stepped in and accepted Gani’s proposal.

The contract was pushed through, asking his Attorney to draft a new contract angering Alba and Joaquin. Don Roman assured Isagani maximum protection for him and his workers.

Isagani then signed the contract receiving a hug from Don Roman with Alba and Joaquin jealous of him.

At the Silverio’s mansion, Matteo clapped upon seeing Dulce saying “the workers are now regular employees congratulations” and that her work there was done so she can leave.

Dulce reminded him that the house was also hers, Matteo asked what exactly she wanted to prove and the exchanged of words began.

Alba got close to Isagani saying he was now part of Cardinal Distilleries and wanted to get to know him better. She asked how he gained Don Romans’ trust making him obviously uncomfortable.

Don Roman asked Joaquin why he was so strict about the stipulations of the contract and if it was really his idea?, he said yes and just wanted what’s best for Cardinal but since Don Roman has taken cared of it that was fine, but Don Roman who believed Alba did that with him behind the scenes was not convinced with his answer.

Back to Alba and Isagani, he assured Alba he has no bad intentions but Alba interjected “that’s only what you’re saying now but I know your type, you’re pretending to be nice so that you can gain Don Romans’ trust.”

“You’re using your small farm owned distillery persona to appeal to my husband’s humble beginning. I can never be f^^led,” she added.

Alba instigated that she could see through him and if he wanted them to get along he should know his place and stay quietly there. Her words frigtened Isagani.

Don Roman and Joaquin arrived there with the former asking what’s going on there, referring to Alba, “what else do you want from Isagani since they already made a deal and signed a contract.”

Alba said she was just sharing her thoughts on what he could do to establish a good working relationship with Cardinal. Don Roman said they already knew what to do so she should stop messing things up.

Later, Alba told Joaquin she has tried everything but he was not listening to her. She poisoned his mind that it was time for them to apply desperate measures since he’s now part of the company.

She mentioned that she did not trust Insagani at all since his routes and past was suspicious and she shouldn’t allow him to tarnish their company since they would suffer.

Isagani arrived home to a surprised small party by his parents congratulating him. He said he was happy but hurt since he was fighting with Dulce over the Silverio’s workers but if he has to sacrifice their friendship to give his parents a better life so be it.

At the Silverios Mansion, Matteo complained bitterly about Dulce to Menandro saying she was so full of herself all because she got Mr Chang back and Menandro told him to stop concentrating on his sister but focus on bringing down his number one enemy the Cardinal’s and he would become their hero and also beat his sister.

Back to Connor and his dad, Connor assured him that he would never fail his mission or let him down. His dad said he better hoped that woman was beautiful and worth the trouble, Connor said she was beautiful and all the years he has being doing this he has never been distracted until Lupita came.

He asked if Connor ever thought of looking for his real father, Connor said all he knew was his name Roman and that he was wealthy but when he asked Pilar he got no answers so he did not care anymore.

At the Cardinal mansion, Alba accused Don Roman of embarrassing her in front of Isagani earlier. He told her if she did not want to be embarrassed then she shouldn’t embarrass others.

Joaquin walked in as the argument was ongoing, thinking what really happened to his parents since they were leaving together but unhappy.

Connor searched the internet for more information about Roman.
Alba rudely talked to Sita in the kitchen whiles Joaquin intervened to defend Sita and apologise to her.

He asked about his parents love story and if they’re really married. Sita smartly escaped the question.

Lupita visited a bar to meet Matteo who asked her to Con Joaquin Cardinal and that she could get a partner to help her out with the mission.

Connor went to a whore house looking for his mother Pilar, he met Suzzie (Pilar’s friend from way back)  she revealed to him that his father’s name was Don Roman Cardinal.

Alba approached Don Roman who was having breakfast complaining that Joaquin didn’t come home last night and he’s probably trying to calm himself down since he’s good at being a father figure to others but not to his son. Roman watched her quietly.

Isagani visited the Cardinal mansion to discuss something with Don Roman he then asked him to come with him somewhere. Lucas approached to inform him his car was ready as he left with Isagani.

Joaquin arrived when Don Roman was leaving with Isagani looking jealous. He recalled Alba’s words as he asked Martha (The maid) whose bag was on the chair and she said it’s Isagani’s.

Joaquin went through the bag, if he could find some incriminating things against him but he and saw his sketches, he also took the ring his mom gave him when he was little from among his things.

Don Roman brought Isagani to the cliff, Isagani told him the place looked so familiar and it was like he has seen it before but maybe in a dream. Don Roman said he saw himself in him and also told him about Soledad.

Don Roman further said he has secrets that could hurt Joaquin. Joaquin then approached them as their conversation continued.

Alba looked for her son calling him repeatedly until Martha informed her that he left with Don Roman and Isagani to the cliff surprising her, she asked herself what Joaquin was really up too.

Back to the Cliff, Don Roman told Isagani and Joaquin to be friends and one family so that the project could succeed.

Lucas visited his mom in the Kitchen,he downplayed himself but his mom encouraged him since he was also owed a prominent position in the company.

Don Roman,Isagani and Joaquin arrived at the mansion playing as Alba spied on them.
Don Roman thanked Joaquin for given Isagani a chance.

Connor exercised at home, his father played a trick on him. Connor thanked him for teaching him everything he knew.

Back to the Cardinal Mansion, Alba asked Joaquin if he enjoyed his field trip with his dad and that pest Isagani, Joaquin told her not to start, he said he’s just being civil and Alba said befriending Isagani was good idea and she would also befriend Isagani’s parents until she gained their trust and confident.

Joaquin asked why they should even do that and Alba said they would be able to find out their secrets by befriending them and it’s a brilliant idea asking Joaquin if they in it together and he said okay.

Joaquin told himself that both Alba and His dad wanted him to befriend Isagani but both have different motives and decided not to  allow Alba to control him anymore.


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