Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 16

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 16 Marga, Tessa hold business meeting at House of Teri 

Melchor arrived at the boarding house in search of his son, Potpot. Potpot was told to have a visitor. He explained that he only wanted to earn back the money before telling them what happened.

Melchor asked him whether he was going to lie about going to school and Potpot said due to the incident, he had to enrol the next semester. Melchor was upset with him for telling the family lies. He said that had broken their trust in him.

He then asked about the person who stole the money and Potpot said it was a girl.
Vida was eavesdropping and went to apologise to Melchor for using the money. She said she would make sure to pay it back. Melchor managed his anger after he set his eyes on Vida and accepted her apology. He smiled seeing Vida and gave Potpot some sign, suggesting he might be dating Vida.

Potpot was stunned seeing his upset father now happy after setting his eyes on Vida. He also smiled and they all laughed.

Melchor asked Potpot if he wanted to go back home with him. Potpot said he would stay, work and earn some money to send them since they were also getting evicted from the farm.

Marga informed clients about her being Ximena’s manager. She did not want to work with Teri so she was able to negotiate a 12 million endorsement with another designer. She called Ximena to tell her about it but Ximena insisted on working with Teri since she liked her designs.

She added that she wouldn’t mind the 10 million offer that Teri was giving her.
When Vida got to work, Rafa asked her if she was free during the weekend. He said he wanted her to unwind.

Vida was puzzled and wondered if Rafa liked her. When the two left the office to attend a meeting, another assistant saw Vida’s designs and took them. Vida could not find them when she returned.

The following day, Marga went to see Teri to negotiate Ximena’s contract. Teri’s staff welcomed her and she went a bit later to greet Marga and Asya.

She brought some of her products as a gift for Marga as a sign of good will. She however said she couldn’t attend the meeting since she had more important things doing. She left Rafa to handle the contract signing as the operations manager. Marga was upset that she was not able to discuss things with Tessa directly.

Vida was flustered when she heard that her mother was coming in for a meeting. Rafa realised that Vida was Marga’s daughter due to their surnames. He asked if there was going to be a problem. Vida said there wouldn’t be any. She however fussed around and seemed agitated.

Before the meeting started, Marga asked for refreshments. Rafa sent someone to ask Vida to get them. They bumped into each other as Vida was coming in and the contents fell.

Vida while picking up the glass pieces hurt her hand. Rafa told her to leave it alone and sent Vida to the nurse. He attended the meeting alone.

Asya saw Vida and went to see her. Vida told him that she needed more time to gather courage before telling Marga that she worked at house of Teri.

Rafa told Marga about the contents of the contract but she was not satisfied. She asked for 12 million as the talent fee and Rafa said they would get back to her after discussing it with the board.

Marga then left with Asya. They dropped over at Teri’s office to say goodbye and Marga said the meeting went well on her part, which puzzled Teri. Vida seeing her mother hid so that Marga wouldn’t see her. Marga left the place.


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