Until We Meet Again Episode 31

Hanggang Makita Kang Muli Episode 31

Until We Meet Again Episode 31 Angela faints while Margaret traps Larry to marry her 

Claire drove home to tell Evelyn about the humiliation she suffered at the resort all in the name of Angela. She said due to Angela, she was banned from entering the resort premise.

Evelyn got upset for Claire’s stubbornness. She had advised her not to go there yet she kept going there even after she was told not to. She however, decided to take Claire out for dinner so that she could get her mind off things.

Angela also went out with Larry and Margaret to have dinner. As soon as Margaret parked her car and entered the restaurant and sat down, Evelyn and Claire also arrived there.

Seeing her rival together with Angela, Evelyn considered going somewhere else but Claire suggested they stay and have their dinner. Evelyn excused herself to use the washroom, Claire took the chance to cause trouble. She insulted Angela again.

Margaret got infuriated by Claire’s misbehaviour, she went to Claire’s table and slapped her. Claire refused to back down and slapped Margaret back so Angela set in to defend her new mother.

Angela pulled Claire’s hair and the two started to fight. When Evelyn got back, she saw Angela beating Claire so she quickly pulled Angela and pushed her away from Claire.

Unfortunately, Angela hit her head on the table and collapsed. Margaret rushed to Angela’s aid. She saw that Angela was unconscious and was not responding. Larry then arrived and Margaret told him what Evelyn did against Angela.

They rushed Angela out as they drove her to the hospital. Evelyn felt devastated about the incident. She was scared that something bad would happen to Angela and felt uneasy. She decided to go to the hospital.

Claire tried calming her that she only did that to save her so she should not think about it.
Evelyn said she would not forgive herself should anything bad happens to Angela.

Larry and Margaret reached the hospital, Angela was rushed to the emergency room. Margaret faked tears and kept blaming Evelyn for what she did against Angela. Larry tried to calm her, saying it was an accident but Margaret insisted that it was an accident which was caused by Evelyn and would never forgive her should anything happened to Angela.

She kept on with her acting as she cried. This made Larry so nervous and did not know what to do. Evelyn went to the hospital to see how Angela was doing but Larry and Margaret stopped her since she was the reason Angela was admitted.

After Evelyn left Claire at the restaurant, she went home by herself and found Calvin waiting for her. She told him about the incident that led Angela to be admitted. Calvin was upset and reprimanded Claire for always causing problems by fighting Angela.

Claire told him that he should defend her even if she was wrong since she was his girlfriend but Calvin got upset for Claire not accepting her fault.

The following day, Claire visited Calvin and apologised for not reasoning along with him and also for the incident. Calvin told her that they would not be able to solve anything if she kept attributing their misunderstandings to Angela. Claire said she would change and Calvin hoped she would keep her word.

After regaining consciousness at the hospital, Angela told Margaret that she was sad since she had always considered Evelyn as her mother. Odessa tried winning Angela’s trust, she urged Angela to see her as a mother as she was ready to care for her and take the place of a mother in her life.

She heard Larry enter the room but pretended not to know he was there. She continued to tell Angela that Larry loved her and whoever was important to Larry was important to her too. She added that even if Angela was looking for her real family, she was hoping that Larry could marry her so that the three of them could build a family together.

Angela hoped Larry would ask Margaret’s hand in marriage. Margaret said she did not know why he still had not done that.
Larry left the room and ran into his friend, Dominic. Larry told Dominic that Margaret wanted him to marry her but he still couldn’t do it.

Dominic had bought a ring to propose to his girlfriend and he lent it to Larry so that he could think about whether he could really marry Margaret.

Angela had a minor injury on the head and was soon discharged from the hospital. When they got home, Larry called Dominic to tell him that he could not ask Margaret to marry him since the idea made him restless.

He just wanted to be sure about it before deciding to get married again. Margaret overheard him but he did not see her. When Larry went into the bathroom, he left the ring on the bed and Margaret took it and hid it.

Since Margaret’s birthday was coming up, Larry organised a party for her along with their friends and workers. Margaret had hatched up a plan to make Larry propose marriage to her during her birthday.

When Dominic arrived at the party, Larry told him about the missing ring and apologised for the lost and his inability to return it. Just then, Margaret arrived. Looking all happy, she told Larry that she had found the ring he intended on surprising her with.

Larry was too stunned to talk so Margaret said he did not have to say anything since her answer to marry him was “Yes!” Everyone congratulated the couple. Larry could not utter a word, he found it hard to say it was a misunderstanding.

Margaret was excited to start preparations for her wedding and she even asked Glenda to be the caterer for her grand event.

Calvin tried to apologise to Angela at the party for what Claire did but Angela said he was not Claire’s spokesperson, hence he should stop pleading on Claire’s behalf. Calvin said he wanted them to be friends again but Angela told him that they would never go back to how they were before.

Glenda met with Evelyn and she told her about Larry’s marriage to Margaret. Evelyn seem not to be bothered and even told Glenda to accept the catering job.

Margaret was so excited about her engagement and went to tell her Aunt Conching the good news. Conching congratulated her and wished her to be happy with Larry.

When Margaret went to get Conching her medicine, Conching stole her phone from her bag. Margaret left soon after and Conching called Evelyn to tell her that she knew where her daughter Ana was.

She was about to tell her everything but Odessa got back into the house and her aunt quickly threw the phone away before she was caught.


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