Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 37

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 37 Marga plans to hit Teri and Vida hard in her new evil plot 

Charlie visited Potpot to repair her broken laptop for her. As he was repairing the laptop,  Potpot  was being fed by Vida and Charlie got jealous while witnessing Vida feeding Potpot.

“Potpot you look sweaty,” Charlie wipes off his sweat. Vida looked stunned as both were getting jealous of eachother.

In order to intrude the bonding of Vida and Potpot, Charlie asked Vida of her gown. Vida told her that she has finished making it and would get it for her once she is done eating.

The jealous little girl insisted on Vida to see the design and shouted at her. Potpot and Vida were stunned by the act so Charlie quickly made up story to cover her jealous act. Vida showed the gown to her and she rejected the dress. The design was approved by her earlier and Vida only added some creativity to it but she was not happy.

Charlie used that opportunity to talk against Vida’s design, claiming Vida was only good at sketching. She shove the mannequin displaying the gown aside and left.

Tessa and Rafa came home from the training to meet Rowena crying. Rowena was hurt that all the fabrics were burnt down to ashes so Tessa promised to find a way to fix it.

Marga also arrived home to find Asya in the company of Emil. She asked of his mission and he presented a document to Marga for her to sign to enable the process for him to sell some of their joint properties.

Marga refused to sign the documents out of distrust and said she would consult her lawyer before signing. Caloy came around and she introduced both men. Emil wanted to know who Caloy was to her but she said it was none of his business.

Meanwhile, Tessa visited Jaime to confront him for the fabrics store incident and threatened to get him arrested when she find the needed evidence against him. Jaime recalled Potpot seeing him while making his evil calls and suspected that he told Teri about it.

After fixing her laptop, Charlie thanked Potpot and pleaded with Vida to fix her gown. She complemented Vida’s sense of creativity. Vida knew she was faking and told Potpot about it.

Potpot however, believed Vida’s mistrust about Charlie was all in her head and insisted on Charlie being a good person as she was their friends even though she was the mayor’s daughter.

Later, vida gifted a dress to Potpot’s little sister and promised to design more dresses for her when she gets fabrics.

Emil met Vida and told her about seeing her interview and that of Marga on TV. Vida believed she and her mother were being popular for the wrong reasons. Emil informed her that Marga and him were working on their annulment and assured Vida that she would be given what was due her after the annulment.

Jaime visited Potpot in their new house to find out the truth behind his suspicion. Melchor was quick to thank him and inform him about his son, Rafa renting the apartment for them. He asked Potpot if he heard his conversation the other time that he visited. Potpot’s mother interjected to ask Jaime to have a coffee.

Vida’s father supported her in fulfilling her dreams and asked Vida to give her mother sometime to know her dreams was worth fighting for.

Tessa told Lauren about her plans of transferring her properties and asserts in the name of Rafa before Jaime left her bankrupt.

Caloy told Marga that her ex husband looked decent and she said she never dated ugly men that was why she was head over heels for Caloy.

Melchor made Potpot see Jaime off and he threatened him, warning him to stay away from his family problems. After he left, Potpot came across Vida who was seeing her father off.

She called out his name and Emil asked if she was dating Potpot. Hands on eachother’s neck, looking at eachother, Potpot said they were just friends. Emil eyes suggested to them to that they were not just friends. He asked Potpot to keep an eye on Vida and take care of her. Potpot promised to do so.

The Congress man’s wife called Tessa and she went to meet her. Tessa realised that the woman was also being abused by her husband. The woman said the only thing that distinguish Tessa’s abuse from hers was that Tessa’s own had been made public whiles hers was hidden.

“Love, marriage power is complicated and varies from person to person.”

She told Tessa that she was using the unpopular formula to even stay with her husband when he abused her.

After talking about their marital problems, the congressman’s wife made Tessa design eight gowns for her advocacy project. After the woman left, Tessa saw Caloy in the restaurant.

She even thought Caloy was tailing her but Caloy went there to do something else. Meanwhile, Marga was desperate trying to get in touch with Caloy as she was having a hunch that something bad was happening.

As Caloy and Tessa were coming out of the centre they met Caloy’s friends and Caloy was glad that Tessa was smiling. Tessa said she had never felt that relaxed for ages.

Caloy apologised for everything that Marga did to her. Teri found it amusing for Caloy to apologise on behalf of Marga, saying he really l*ved her. He also asked if Tessa l*ved Jaime and she said more reason why she put up with him even when he was hurting her.

Meanwhile, Marga arrived at the centre when Tessa and Caloy were hugging but she did not meet them. Caloy had seen Tessa off and went to his office to find Marga in there.

Marga had learnt that Tessa was there. She wanted him to tell her what went on between the two. Marga found out that Teri has been going everywhere with Vida and was upset that her daughter has chosen Teri over her.

Caloy tried to calm her but she left and went home. She planned to get Teri out of the life of her daughter as she recalled Vida telling her she wanted to be like Teri Laurel.

Potpot broke his savings container and saw that he had saved a lot. He said he had to take 5000 off to pay Rafa and use the rest to enroll in school. Melchor gave him money to add to it and was happy that Potpot’s hardwork has paid off.

Tessa finished the presentation rehearsal and Rafa asked to talk to Potpot outside as he was there. Tessa asked him to send Potpot inside. Potpot made some initial payment for the money that Rafa had spent on his family.

Rafa refused to take it since he saw him as a brother and wanted to help but Potpot did not want him to refuse the money. He later accepted and agreed that the rest should only be paid by Potpot when he had money to spare.

Tessa asked of Potpot’s health and left to meet the Congressman’s wife.

Meanwhile, Marga was planning to gather money to buy shares of HOT. Caloy smelt trouble but Marga explained that she was only doing that to support Vida’s dream since she idolised Teri.

Although, Caloy did not believe his girlfriend’s intentions.


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