Ruby Ring Episode 7

Ruby Ring Episode 7 Andrey realises Yana’s dirty little secret 

Andrey arrived from his trip holding the bouquet he bought on his way to Olga’s mansion. He was in a good mood just to look for his girlfriend, Yana but was greeted with a bad news that she was admitted due to an accident she and her sister were involved in on their way to Kiev.

He dashed off to the hospital only to be informed that he was forbidden to see Yana. He tried talking to the doctor for him to understand that Yana was his fiancee and had to see her right away but Boris told him that even Yana’s family were not allowed to see her at the intensive care.

He was however, assured that the health practitioners were doing everything possible to ensure she wakes from coma. Andrey told him to inform him on anything that Yana needed.

The doctor hissed that there would be no need for anything, Yana’s family has provided everything and Denis, Anya’s fiance had equipped the facility with the necessary equipments needed to ensure the two sisters recovery.

As desperate as he was, he asked of Yana’s pregnancy only to be told that Yana was not pregnant but her sister Anya was the one who was pregnant and lost the pregnancy after the accident.

Andrey was dumbfounded, he suspected that something was wrong so he managed to sneak his way into Yana’s ward. Flashing back on everything, Andrey knowing his girlfriend well with all the moments that they shared together. He knew a significant profile of Yana and tried to satisfy his curiosity by looking at the birth mark which whenever he k!ssed the feet of Yana he saw.

To his dismay he saw the black dot on Yana’s feet and realised Yana was f00ling everyone by posing off as Anya.

Meanwhile, Valeria was concerned about Anya’s health state and was scared that Anya would not be whole again. She believed the accident would have a mental effect on Anya and told Catalina about how scared she was that Anya would not recover completely.

Back at the hospital, Andrey got close to the self acclaimed Anya and called her Yana. Yana got scared. She knew Andrey had seen her little dirty secret and wondered if he had told Denis already. She really wanted Andrey out of her room and did not know who allowed him in. “What is he doing here,” she wondered.

Yana then faked and acted that she was being agitated so Denis rushed in and Andrey went to call a doctor. Andrey and Denis were made to stand outside and the former asked Denis how they were able to distinguish between the two sisters. Denis said the dress and the ring.

Denis further stated that after the accident whenever Anya hears Yana’s name she becomes so worried and suffer crises, hence why Anya acted that way when Andrey mentioned Yana.

He said it was great miracle for Anya to wake up and wished Yana with time could also wake up and consoled Andrey while pledging to support him and Yana at each step of the way.

The issue was eating up Andrey so he took three days leave from the office and his boss granted it. The boss was so happy with the work of Andrey and even proposed a pregnancy training classes for Yana. Añdrey shouted at him and walked out.

Marina then explained the situation to the boss and pleaded on Añdrey’s behalf. She then ran after Andrey and went to his house. Andrey told Marina about his suspicion about the switched identity. Marina was carried away and ended up k!ssing Andrey but the latter drew the line that she was his friend.

Marina then left in shame while Andrey called her name to say sorry. Olga in the house still felt sorry that things had to turn out that way for the family. She told Lyuba that if it wasn’t for the accident the family would be preparing for a wedding. She assured that they would fight all obstacles.

In the mansion, Denis was still thinking about Anya and was going through her pictures on his phone. Valeria drew closer and tried to win her son’s heart by passing good comments about Anya. She then made her intentions clear for her son to meet a family guest and spend time with the daughter of the family just to distract himself but Denis rejected.

He told his mother that he wanted to spend all his time with his fiancee till she recovered. “What if she doesn’t recover?” Valeria cut in. Denis headed to his room.

Anya (Yana) was still dramatised, she kept remembering the accident. Andrey and Olga went to Yana’s (Anya) ward. She played a recording done by Lyuba. It was a strategy to get her mind switch from the coma state.

Later, they heard some sounds, thinking her daughter might be waking up soon from her coma, Olga dashed off to call the doctor. Andrey used that opportunity of being alone with the supposed Yana took off the sheets covering her to check her feet if she also have same birth mark.

To his dismay his suspicion of Yana posing off as Anya was confirmed. Anya did not have any black spot under her feet. Meanwhile, at the mansion of Denis, the family had a visitor, the lady was so glad to see Denis. Valeria was so happy to see how the lady was getting close to Denis.

It has been long since Denis and the lady met and he told her she was looking beautiful as a movie star. The lady was blown away by the comment and got more closer. Denis told her that he was heading out to see his fiancee at the hospital.

Valeria’s eyes suggested she was not happy with what her son said. The pretty damsel told Denis that she has heard of his fiancee’s accident and verified if it required plastic surgery. Denis admitted and the lady began advising Denis to be careful about the clinic and the surgeon he would employ for the job as her friend who did one turned into something else blah blah blah.

Denis got pissed off and walked out on her while Valeria tried calling Denis. She then ushered the guests inside but pretty damsel got offended for Denis’ act against her.

Meanwhile, Andrey sneaked to Yana’s room to scold her for posing off as Anya.

“I am not Yana, I am Anya.”

Andrey insisted that she was Yana and he knew she was not Anya. Since she was insisting to be Anya, Andrey asked about her loss and she also asked Andrey which loss.

“Stop pretending I know you are lying Yana.”


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