Ruby Ring Episode 9

Ruby Ring Episode 9 Doctor Boris successfully clone Yana to deprive Anya of her identity 

Yana was going through medical examination to facilitate her plastic surgery. The doctor after careful examination established that she was not the person in the picture. Yana said she was the one but with where her eyebrows nose and forehead were is a bit different from the picture the doctor was having.

The doctor insisted on her to tell him the truth since from the examination everything showed she was not the one in the picture. The doctor explained if she did not trust him his work would be difficult since it was a surgery everything had to come out perfectly otherwise there would be mistake.

He also said the findings his friend had also said same thing that she was not the one in the picture otherwise he would have assumed he did a mistake.

Yana then spoke the truth that she was not the one in the picture and it was her sister. Yana explained that when she woke up everyone was calling her Anya so she decided to go along with it.

The doctor said if her family did a mistake by calling her Anya, knowing she was not she could have told them truth. He was of the view that the family were stressed out and made a mistake and ask if he should arrange for her to seek the help of psychotherapist but Yana said she was perfectly okay.

She said she cautiously posed off as Anya. The doctor asked of her reason and she said she wanted to be close to Denis especially knowing her sister might not make it.

She then pleaded with the doctor to carry on with the surgery by letting her look like Anya and would pay him double of what Denis was paying him. The doctor said he would not do that since it was a crime and left her.

Later she had a nightmare that the doctor has informed her family and that of Denis and was diagnosed to be mentally ill and was being carried away to a mental hospital.

Catalina told her that she would be dealt with while Olga did not want to set eyes on her anymore. Denis took away his ring, calling her an evil witch while Andrey watched her from afar.

She got scared when she woke up and decided to flee before they call her crazy but Denis got there and stopped her from her action.

After learning from the doctor who was taking care of Anya that her condition had not improve the doctor went to Yana’s room to tell her that he has accepted her offer and would do the plastic surgery for her.

He told her since the face was not hers there would be series of surgeries, there would be complications, and associated risks yet Yana said she was in. The doctor was just testing her to see how serious she was and she proved herself to him that she was dead serious.

Meanwhile, Zorena seeks shelter from Olga’s house and with the help of Pedro and Lyuba she settled.

Days later, Yana’s plastic surgery began in the lab and they started off with the eyebrows. The next time it was the face, nose and other key places. 11 months later her surgery was successful and the doctor was getting rid of the scars.

During all those months she did not allow her family to see her and wanted to be seen when she was completely healed. Everything turned out perfect and the doctor was happy to have done a great job to have completely changed the face of Yana to Anya.

He assured Yana that the act would be their little secret since he was protecting his profession and Yana also promised to give him what is due him.

The family were waiting for the arrival of Anya. Zorena was so happy and wished that Yana would also regain consciousness but this triggered a response in Olga as she teared down.

Before leaving, Yana visited her sister’s ward to say goodbye without feeling no regret. She said she would never say sorry to her since she had passed through lots of complications just to grab the golden opportunity to be with Denis.

She gave her number to her sister’s nurse to call her if there was any development with her. She clashed with Andrey and warned Andrey not to step in her way.

Denis was waiting for her outside and instead of going home she followed Denis to his place first just to thank the family for the support. Meanwhile, Olga and the rest of the family including Pedro and Zorena were waiting for her before they eat.

She called to inform them that she was in Denis place. Pendro was hungry so he opened up a champagne while the rest of the family looked unhappy by Anya’s decision to see her fiancé family before them.

Catalina sensing that the clon was faking she gave her attitude and deprived her the opportunity to support them in their donation project they were embarking on.

The clone got home and the family were impressed with her looks and applauded the surgeon for an excellent job.

Soon, she made Denis changed her wardrobe since she did not like her sister’s dress. She and Denis visited the later’s family and Catalina acted again. She told Denis that she felt like Catalina didn’t like her.

Denis revealed that after her accident Catalina said she has changed and asked her not to be bothered because before her accident Catalina and her seemed to get along well and blamed her attitude to old age.

In Denis’ room she asked so many questions and Denis asked why she was acting like that was her first time of being to his room. She made excuse that it had been long since she set foot there, hence her action.

Denis asked her whether she remembered what was in her wardrobe and she did not know. She opened the wardrobe and said there was nothing better in there only an ordinary scarf.

Denis realised that she had forgotten since the scarf was made by her and it meant a lot to him. She then pull a fast one on him and believed Catalina was right to claim she had changed a lot after her accident.

Denis sent the clone home and Olga pleaded with them to postpone their marriage till Yana (Anya) wakes up. The clone was about to talk but Denis cut in to say he has accepted and they were not in a rush.

Later, Olga thanked Andrey and said Yana was lucky to have a man like him since he never gave up on her. Soon, the clone visited her sister to throw a challenge. She said her sister even lying down like garbage she was still coming across her happiness and declared to win the war and would ensure that every get to l*ve her.


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