Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 63

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 63 Leon sells out Tessa tO Jaime

At the workshop, Tessa kept staring at Caloy with smiles. Caloy noticed and he reciprocated. Vida was playing with Elmo, Marga showed up asking Vida whether she has seen the magazine which she got featured in.

Vida said she saw it and it was nice. Marga told her that she informed the media that Vida would succeed her business. Vida said Marga looked too young to retire and doubted even at 80years Marga would bow out. Marga said Vida was like Caloy, they were not ambitious.

When Marga left, Asya came and Vida asked her why she was not informed when Elmo had asthma attack. Asya told her she had to date and should not be like her old colleagues at work.

In Singapore, Ira was drinking his head out. Charlie got there and took the glass of drink out of his hand, asking the number of shots he had taken. Potpot said he was returning to Philippines.

At the workshop, Tessa and Caloy were eating. Some of the participants were murmuring among themselves, one said she wanted to be rich like Teri once she grew up. One also brought food to Tessa. She said her mom cooked it for Tessa for helping the pauper.

Caloy received a call from Marga. He told her that he would be home the next day and Marga suspected him of being involved with someone. Caloy hang up and told Teri how Marga prioritised her job at the expense of him and their son.

Tessa told him that Marga has always been ambitious. Caloy thought things would change after they give birth but things have been worse. He hoped they could live a simple and a happy life like Tessa.

As he was playing cards with friends, Leon had a strange call and he realised it was Jaime. He ran to the house and locked the gate. Jaime was paralyzed and confined in a wheel chair. A side profile showed that he has a beard with some bushy five-five.

Rowena came from the room asking Leon whether he had a fight and he said it was nothing. Rafa who visited Vida during classes escorted her home. He met the new girls in Guada’s house. Vida said she has failed to pack out from the hostel as she was fond of Guada and after Guada’s sickness she wanted to be by her side.

Leon still watched around. A flashback showed that Jaime had a talk with Leon, revealing to him that he knew his secret. However, Leon kept denying not having any secret. Jaime then told him that he has been lying and was trying hard to believe in his lies. He reminded him that Tessa was not his mother and he knew it all along.

Leon then used the DNA as his proof. Jaime told him that he tempered with the results just to protect Leon. As he was not ready to admit, Jaime told him that he would reveal the truth and Leon would not gain anything from the Laurels. Leon then cooperated, asking what he could do. Jaime told him to play along.

As Tessa and Caloy were leaving, the governor invited them to the festival of the town and pleaded with them to stay. Caloy was made to join the dancing. Meanwhile, Marga has planned to pay a surprise visit to Caloy at At Barbara after learning the location of Caloy from Asya.

Vida woke up and saw a note, demanding her to go for her breakfast. Rafa got to Guada’s place early I the morning to cook breakfast for Vida. He asked Vida if he could court her. He said the worse mistake he ever did was not to fight for her years ago and now he was ready to do that for her. Vida accepted the proposal and started feeding him. The girls in the house teased her.

Caloy played the sack games with the boys and Tessa saw the bullet mark on Caloy’s body. She got affected by it so after that game when Caloy wore his shirt, Tessa used the opportunity to thank him, noting that the cruelty of Jaime left a mark on him as well as her.

She said she would not have led a peaceful life if Caloy had not saved her life. They feast on a food prepared by Tessa and Caloy said he had not eaten such food for long. All he has been eating was pasta. Tessa told him to tell Asya to prepare food for him since he was a great cook.

Ira had been away from Philippines for three years and Amanda wanted him to return the next day. Ira secured a ticket and went to talk to Melai to pack for them to leave but Maila retorted that she would not make Potpot have his way this time.

Potpot took offence and he said it was because of work that they got to Singapore and this same work was sending him back to the Philippines, if it was his way they would be in Philippines together with their parents.

Tessa was called to join the games. He and Caloy were paired for the apple feed game. Marga and Alex reached there but Alex left to check on the business. Marga entered the game room and to her dismay she saw Caloy and Tessa in a compromising situation while they were struggling to feed on one apple.

Leon left the house even when Rowena asked him to take care of Tessa’s shop since Rafa was not home and Tessa had not returned.

Marga availed her face to congratulate Tessa and Caloy. She asked her how she was faring and even made fun of her for living a low life after gaining fame. As Tessa said her new life is the life she has chosen Marga termed her action as denial.

Leon met with an unknown person and got paid for the job he had done. Amanda asked Ira to exercise a little more patient with his sister as she was also victim of circumstance.

Potpot thanked Amanda saying he owed who he has become to her. Rafa asked Vida out and she said some other time, she already had an excursion with her students and Rafa said he would join as her body guard. As Vida was preparing to leave class with her students Rafa was already there to leave with them.

Marga challenged Tessa into drinking even though Tessa said she has not drunk before the crowd cheered her on and she joined the game. Tessa fainted while Marga vomited. Caloy quickly went to the aid of Tessa which got Marga upset, seeing her husband carrying Tessa and given her water to drink instead of her.


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