The Way To Your Heart Episode 58

The Way To Your Heart Episode 58 Police arrest Helena for escaping the law

During the night, Dante had a conversation with Lucas and Hector. Helena and Natalie met with their lawyer and the lawyer had a bad news for them for the counter affidavit.

Helena wanted to bribe their way through but the judge would not accept. Helena asked of her chances and the attorney said since Natalie was a minor the court might decide to give her to her mother.

Natalie did not want that and Helena assured she would not allow Onay to take Natalie away. She still insisted on the attorney to do something and the attorney said his hands were tied up so Helena would have to appear in court.

Natalie’s hair was falling out, Louise said Natalie was stressed out. Natalie admitted due to the issue concerning her mother. Louise asked if she would now fall on her knees and beg Onay to drop the charges and she said no.

Lucas calmed Onay, he was doing everything possible to get her the custody of the Rosemarie.

At the hearing, the lawyer of Helena stated that Helena was on her way. Onay believed Helena was fleeing with Natalie. She became impatient and asked the judge to do something since Hens would runaway with her child. The lawyer said it is only the court which would decide.

Natalie was seen in a car with Helena and she was escaping. Helena asked her to calm down and should trust her. Helena said her friend owned a private plane. Onay and Lucas went to meet Soleng who told them Helena had left with Natalie but did not know where they went.

She called and Helena warned Lee not to answer. Lee said it might be important but Helena insisted. Lucas stated that she should text and say it was family emergency. Helena told him to park and call. As Lee was talking to Soleng, Helena preempted that Onay was behind.

Helena told Onay that she was taking her daughter to where Onay could not find them and asked Onay to catch her if she can. Lucas in a phone conversation with Nelia said they would seek warrant of address for Helena.

Helena and Natalie arrived at the private plane terminal and warned Lee not to reveal her whereabouts to anyone. Helena assured Natalie that her decision was the only way out. Meanwhile, Lucas and Onay arrived at a certain airport and seek the help of some securities.

The pilot was not moving the plane, Natalie wanted to take pictures but Helena stopped her as she did not want people to know their location. Soon, the police arrived and surrounded the plane.

Helena had run out of option so Natalie came with a plan for Helena to hold her as hostage. She came out of the plane with gun pointed on Natalie’s head, asking Onay to tell the police men to put down their guns of only she wanted to save her precious Rosemarie.

As desperate as a mother could be, Onay asked the police to pull down their guns while pleading with Helena not to hurt Natalie she would do everything she orders her.

Helena then got some of the motorbikes available and she escaped with Natalie. The police together with Onay and Lucas followed her. They paid for a boat and as Helena entered, Natalie recalled the unfortunate incident when she kidnapped Maila and travelled through the sea for her to end up on the Island which resulted in the blindness.

Natalie said sorry to Helena. Helena told her to trust her but the crisis from her blindness stopped her from joining. The Police and Onay appeared. The police arrested Helena, Natalie cried saying sorry to Helena while asking the police to leave her mother alone.

Helena told Natalie that she would be fine. Onay tried talking to Natalie for her to understand from her perspective but Natalie only believed in the words of Helena. She only saw Onay as a pest who did not want her betterment while Helena only took care of her and gave her a better life.

She asked Onay not to touch her, she despised her and not ready to involve herself with a person like her. Lucas interjected, asking Natalie to respect Onay. The constant denial of Natalie made Onay cry. Lucas provided a shoulder for her to cry on.

Meanwhile, the Matayog family were worried but they were later told Helena has been arrested and the family jubilated. Sally said the family would be reunited again.

Natalie followed Helena to the police station, demanding the police to get their hands off Helena. The lawyer was there and the police took off the handcuff. Helena told the lawyer to take her out of the place as she was not ready to spend the night there.

The lawyer did not promise much but blamed Helena for trying to escape. Helena reminded her of his job of helping him not to criticize her.

Onay got to the police station trying to talk to Natalie for her to know why she had Helena arrested and asked her to follow her home. Natalie lashed out on her saying she had said it times without number that she was not her mother. She despised her, hate her and never wanted to be close to a dwarf. She pushed Onay, Maila appeared to defend her mother.

She fought with Natalie, as the fight was escalating Lucas held Maila while the police also held Natalie. Their voices made Helena got to the place and Natalie blamed Maila, saying she assaulted her.

Helena told the lawyer to file an assault case against Maila. Lucas objected that they were all here and he witnessed Natalie to be the person to start the assault.

Helena was sent to the cell, Natalie wanted the attorney to do something to ensure her mother obtained a bail. The lawyer said he could not unless on Monday. Onay spoke with Maila and asked her to have patience and not fight her sister. Maila lamented that she could not look at Natalie to disrespect her.

In the house, Natalie wanted to drink alcohol but Louise stopped her. she recalled the times she spent with Helena till she was arrested. Helena cried I prison and one of the inmates told her that she was disturbing. Helena said she was not ready for her, the prisoner took offence and wanted to reach Helena a lesson but the police was there and the lady held back.

Helena asked Natalie to take her out of jail as she did not want to stay there to mingle with criminals. Natalie promised to take her out but an inmate came to stab Helena. Natalie cried and inmates ganged up on Helena pulled her away from the cell to continue stabbing her. Natalie kept crying and she woke up to realise it was a nightmare.

Soleng came to comfort her, she then spoke with Louise. Louise said it was a mere dream and should forget about it. The Matayogs watched a news against Helena Montenegro. Dante smiled feeling so satisfied seeing Helena arrested.

Maila was speaking with Oliver when Onay got there to remind her the days that Natalie came to spend with them. Onay hoped things would get better and they would win Natalie’s heart for them to live happily. She embraced Maila.


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