Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 41-45

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 41-45, Tessa finds her missing son, Leon

As part of the upcoming runaway for the TeriVida Collections, Marga makes it a mandate to train Potpot making him vow to be only truthful to her.

Soon, Marga rolls out a plan to ensure Caloy’s textile weaver reaches Tessa when plans to compel Jaime to give Caloy a chance failed.

Tessa, later, holds a meeting with her former hunch, and seems to like the idea but her hands are tied. Amparo, the congressman’s wife invites Vida to her ball as well. Listening unto their conversation, Marga ensures she becomes part of the event in the name of her daughter.

It is the birthday of her biological son, so Tessa in the company of Rafa and Potpot went to the bridge where she lost her first son, Rafa and lays a wreath in his memory.

Still feeling that his wife is giving him the cold shoulder, Jaime makes it a mandate to win Tessa over again by finding her, the missing son and visits the police station to make them reopen the case.

Meanwhile, Marga rolls down plans to turn Vida, Rafa and Potpot against eachother. She plans to make Potpot the date of Vida to the ball after finding out that Tessa had planned to make Rafa the date of Vida.

The country boy receives complements for his outlook and Vida is melting for him while Rafa finds out that his date was taken to the event by Potpot.

However, Tessa’s car breaks down on her way to the event, given room for Marga to execute her vile plan against her at the ball. Her act led to an altercation between her and her daughter.

Amparo is unenthused and scolds Marga. HOT later gains an investor and Marga exhibits her attitude to him. Later, Rafa and Vida solve their issue and Rafa gives Marga bad news of Jaime rejecting Caloy’s business proposal. Marga demands for the documents of the proposal but Rafa has left it in Jaime’s office.

Marga raids Jaime’s office and comes to a discovery about an important aspect of Tessa’s past. After her annulment with Emil, Marga demands for Caloy to marry her immediately but she is also struck by the discovery.

Later Marga is found unconscious in her car and rushed to the hospital. Still Potpot is unable to give a perfect model look for the pictures after being interviewed along with Vida. The act, infuriates Rafa.

Soon, Gabriela who is being haunted by her conscience reveals the painful truth of Potpot’s real identity to him. The painful discovery takes of the smiles on Potpot’s face and fled from home.

Tessa escorts her psycho husband to see a psychiatrist but Jaime flushes all his medicine in the WC, making Tessa believes he has been following the psychiatrist orders to take his medication.

Marga who is now discharged decides to meet Teri to talk about her missing child. Meanwhile, Jaime plans something dubious with the detective in charge of Teri’s missing child’s case.

It is the launch of TeriVida Collections, Marga is upset that her daughter didn’t bother to visit her during the days she stayed at the hospital. What aggravated her mood more is when Vida delivers a speech and recognises all the important people in her life but did not mention her name.

In fury, she attacks Teri, soon an accident happens, leading both ladies to the washroom, there Marga tries to squeeze the truth out of Teri about Rafael, her biological son and his actual father.

Although, Tessa has been swerving Marga questions, she finally lets the cat out of the bag. Later, Jaime informs Tessa about a new lead on the baby sitter. They decide to pay her a surprise visit get to know where Rafael is.

Elsewhere, Rafael confess his actual feelings for Vida to Potpot in order to seek his permission to court Vida. Indebted to Potpot for all the kindness he has shown him, Potpot buried his feelings for Vida and approves Rafael’s intentions to date Vida.

Teri cancels all her business appointment and that of Jaime to travel to find Miding who shows her the people in Malapong who adopted Rafael.

Meanwhile, Melchor and Didith also visit the police station to file a report to find Potpot’s missing parent in order to make it up to Potpot but Potpot takes offence in their act, thinking they are given him up so easily.

Jaime together with Tessa and the police traveled to Malapong, there Tessa finds her missing son, who is now called Leon. Tessa is ready to send him back home to be reunited to her adopted son, Rafa and the family.


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