Ruby Ring Episode 10

Ruby Ring Episode 10 Yana succeeds in getting Denis to marry her

At Olga’s restaurant, Catalina visited her and enquired from her why her daughter, Anya has changed so much within a blink of an eye.

She maintained that Anya has become so manipulative and pretentious. Olga was lost but Lyuba cut in and took a seat to ask if Catalina was indeed talking about her Anya.

She got offended when she heard Catalina talking about her observation on the imposter. Lyuba jumped to the impostor’s defence.

Catalina was sent out but Olga apologised for how Lyuba acted to her and also expressed her disappointment in the manner she talked ail about the imposter.

In fury, Catalina got home and her maid also acted disrespectfully and she fired her for being rude and not obeying orders.

Anya who followed Valeria to an orphanage home to do some donation, seeing a child that Valeria was carrying recalled how she went to the hospital to demand the doctor to abort the child she was carrying.

Flashforward: Valeria said she could not wait for her to marry Denis and make babies. The impostor smiled. A child from nowhere who had paints in her hand embraced her and stained her dress.

The caretaker came for the child and said sorry to the imposter for the for the trouble caused. She would have wanted to punish the orphan but posing of as her caring sister she said she was fine, with an engaging smile she locked gaze with Valeria, meanwhile inside her she was burning like fire. She head to the washroom.

When they left, Denis came for her and saw her stained dress. Learning what happened to the dress, Denis decided to go to the boutique with her to buy her something classy.

Hearing of shopping, she quickly ran inside the car and later the imposter was looking classy in a white and red combination. Denis carried her on top of stairs and shed k!sses.

They later visited Olga and revealed to her their plans to get married. Meanwhile, Catalina told Gregory and Valeria that she visited Olga to talk to her about her imposter daughter.

Greg believed Denis would not be happy about what she did and she retorted that Denis was blindly in l*ve. Soon, the imposter tried her wedding gown on and pretended to like it while she hatched plans to get Denis to buy her a new one. She referred to the gown as rubbish, something she could never wear.

Catalina sent her to her room to talk to her. Greg and his wife were scared that Catalina would talk ail of her so he wanted to go in to check. However, Catalina gave the imposter a towel which had been kept by the family for 100 years and wanted the imposter to take care of it and also take care of Denis.

She then rushed down, and Greg asked her what happened, she told Greg and his wife that Catalina has given her blessings so the marriage could proceed.

Catalina was not happy yet she accepted her grandson’s decision. Meanwhile, Andrey kept being by Anya’s side at the hospital. Olga and Lyuba had wished for Anya now Yana to have regained consciousness to witness her sister’s wedding.

Yana had been convincing and pulled a fast one on Dennis to get a new gown for her wedding. The impostor successfully walked down the aisle with Denis.


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