Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 77-81

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Highlights Episode 77-81 The court finds Ira not guilty of Rafa’s murder, Tessa finally knows Ira is her son

After discovering that Marga and Leon are working in cohort with Jaime, Rafa calls Vida to inform her to meet him at the packing lot of ACB Corporation for an important talk. Ira decides to go instead since he wants to ask Rafa forgiveness for all the evil things he did against him.

Unfortunately for Rafa, Ivan, the boss of the centre catches Rafa on his way out of the place. Jaime shows up too and knowing now that Rafa has discovered the connection between him, Marga and Leon, Jaime shoots Rafa and he dies.

However, Ira who is meeting Rafa to make an amendment is rather framed for the death of Rafa and is sent to prison. Leon tries to convince Tessa to accept the fact that Ira is responsible for Rafa’s death. He uses the viral fight video as evidence to justify his allegations.

The family holds a wake for Rafa while his loved ones are shedding tears for the tragic death of Rafa, Ira is also being maltreated in the cell.

Ira explains to Vida and his family that he is framed. Marga later adds more kerosene to the burning fire, claiming Rafa’s death is karma which is getting back at Tessa and said Tessa is next to die.

A fight ensued at the funeral and Tessa drags Marga out. Jaime attends the funeral to pretend he cares about Rafa but Tessa and Caloy suspect him to be the actual k!ller of Rafa. However, Marga also tries to pull a fast one on Vida to know if Rafa told her something about what he discovered before his death.

Ira is detained and beaten up by other inmates. Jaime keeps on with his pretence making Ira believe he is doing everything in his power to ensure his freedom. Elsewhere, Leon intensifies his action to continue turning Tessa against Ira but Caloy still subscribes to his belief that Jaime is the culprit.

Vida makes a dangerous decision that almost ends her life in the hands of Jaime but Caloy steps in. Bent on saving her daughter from the clutches of Jaime, Marga locks Vida up to hinder her from her investigation about Rafa’s death.

Tessa learns about Jaime’s help to Ira and confronts him for coming in between the justice she is seeking for her son. After gaining an evidence of the rod used to hit him, Ira wants to engage Jaime but his lawyer dissuades him for engaging a third party. In order to make Leon remains his pulpit, Jaime resolves to threat.

Leon becomes scared that his involvement in Rafa’s death and Ira’s frame up will come to light after Vida hands over the rod he used to hit Ira to the police. He agrees to Jaime’s demands to be on the safer side.

Elsewhere, Vida stumbles upon an envelope that proves Marga’s connection with Leon and Jaime. She informs Caloy about her mom’s sudden wealth. Vida questions her mother about the source of her wealth. Marga denies all allegations and claim she achieved that through her hard work.

Tessa and Vida had a misunderstanding as Vida tries to prove Ira’s innocence. Tessa believes Vida is the reason of Rafa’s death but Marga jumps to her daughter’s defence.

Soon, Ira’s issue is processed to court and it is established by various witnesses that Ira sabotages Tessa’s business and he is the master brain behind Rowena’s bombing. Many false and truthful accusations arise in court. Ira admits the ones he did and the ones he did not do. Tessa calls him a monster for admitting to have sabotaged her craft work.

Jaime pulls a stunt to redeem Ira when all accusing fingers were pointing at him. He storms the court room to desist Tessa from getting Ira behind bars since he is her long lost son, baby Rafael. The court is thrown to a state of shock after Jaime’s revelation.

Not ready to allow Jaime to deceive them again, Caloy opts for a DNA test, and Ira who is upset that his real parents has gotten him arrested accept to put everyone at ease.

Soon, the court gives its final verdict on the case and Ira acquits him of the murder charge against him. Later, the result of the DNA test comes out and is proven that Ira is Rafael.
Tessa now tries means to get Ira to l*ve and accept her as a mother.


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