The Way To Your Heart Episode 73

The Way To Your Heart Episode 73 Helena embezzles charity funds, Fire guts the Montenegro’s mansion

At the hospital, Helena regretted that she could not eliminate Onay when she had the chance.

She called Natalie but Natalie left her phone in the house. As the phone was ringing, Kiana told Nelia about it and Nelia said it was the phone of Rosemarie. Nelia received the call. Thinking it was Natalie, Helena asked Natalie if she knew what had happened to her. As she was about to talk, Nelia cut in and told her that whatever happened to her was her own issue.

Helena warned her to give the phone to her daughter, Nelia told her she had no daughter and the last time she checked Rosemarie was the daughter of Onay and warned her not to call again if she knew what was best for her and cut the line on her.

Helena and Agatha went to the auditing meeting. The auditors were upset as one detected embezzlement in the funds of Happy Heart Foundation and queried Helena about her action. She said the accounts and documents available showed that Helena has taken all the money.

Knowing there was no way out of it, Helena accepted and said she took the money. Agatha was astonished since all those while Helena had denied how the money got missing: “so what they are saying is true?”

Helena explained that she invested the money since the foundation was no longer attracting sponsors and donors. Agatha got pissed off, saying she has tolerated lots of things from Helena but the investment did not justify her action and she walked out. Helena followed.

That night, Helena had missed Natalie so she watched her pictures on her phone and could not sleep being alone. The next day, Natalie tried to surprise Maila with variety of meals she had prepared. Onay was happy with Natalie’s plans in her attempt to make up with her half sister.

Maila was searching for Onay, She was calling out Onay’s name and Onay went for her. She sent her to the table which Natalie has set. Lucas was happy to see what Natalie has done. Natalie apologised to Maila for all her flaws and wrongs but Maila said her sorry would not bring Dante back, her sorry would not change anything and walked out.

Onay tried to follow to talk to Maila. Lucas asked her to give Maila time to digest the death of Dante, she would soon get rid of her tantrums. Onay pleaded with Natalie for her sister’s behaviour and believed she would get around soon.

As she was sitting outside, Helena arrived and was making her way inside. Maila got in her way and confronted her for everything she has done against her family. She told Helena not to try to enter the house otherwise she would call the police. Helena was not ready to back down, She considered Maila’s sayings as threat. She denied all allegations and threatened Maila, holding her chin, trying to bully her that if she did not allow her in she would do worse to her.

Natalie appeared at the scene and went to Maila’s defence. Helena said she came for her and called her Natalie. Natalie said she would not go with her and her name was Rosemarie. She reprimanded Helena for taking her away from her family. Helena said she was her family, Natalie denied her being part of her family. She warned Helena not to try harming Maila since she was her sister.

Helena tried dragging her into the car but Natalie pushed Helena for her back to hit the car. She told Helena that she would not go anywhere. Helena taunted that she was the person who raised her. Natalie did not care. She told Helena to leave, Helena accepted to leave but warned her to watch out.

Maila said sorry to Natalie for blaming her, she thought Natalie had been protecting Helena with her crimes but she thought wrong. Natalie said it was nothing and she knew she was grieving, besides Helena has hurt the family countless times. They hugged.

Inside the house, as Lucas and Onay were eating with Maila informing them about how Natalie defended her and went against Helena, Natalie arrived with a gift for Maila. Maila opened the gift and it was a chain, with inscription “Sisters Forever.”

Natalie helped Maila to put the chain on and the family were happy as Lucas and Onay were smiling to see the sisters united. That evening, Helena thought about Natalie, she had really missed her. She watched her pictures which were framed and took many drugs and drank as well. She thought of the good times she had with Natalie, and the promises both made to eachother especially when Natalie called her the best mom in the world.

“But now your absence has left me with a fright,” Helena cried.

She lighted a candle and placed it inside a glass jar, she placed a drink next to it. Elsewhere, Maila and Natalie were standing in the balcony watching the moon at night. They made a wish. Back to the Montenegro’s mansion, Helena was restless, rolling from one edge of the bed to the other. Her hand hit the candle and it fell, the drink also poured making the candle light caught fire with much ease.

She was fast asleep, later she was at Lucas mansion crying out Natalie’s name for help. Natalie got to the gate and asked her what was the problem that she needed her help. She told Natalie to open the gate but Natalie was scared that Maila and Onay would find out that she was there around that time.

Due to how Helena was insisting, she opened the door and saw Helena’s face. Suddenly, she screamed and woke up from her sleep. Natalie was so scared and devastated after her nightmare. She took her phone to call Helena several times but Helena was fast asleep as the fire kept spreading. Soon, the inhalation of the smoke woke Helena up. She called Soleng but she did not show up.

Maila got Natalie a drink, trying to cool her. She believed it was mere dream. Natalie wanted to go to Helena’s house but it was late. She was so scared but Maila kept comforting her, she believed nothing has happened to Helena.

Helena took some of her dress and went inside her safe to take her money and placed it inside a bag. She was so weak due to the drugs that she drunk. She fell off the stairs, still trying to keep her balance while screaming out Soleng’s name. She dazed off at the living room.

The fire guts the entire mansion. Neighbours troupe to the scene and shot videos. They uploaded it online. Meanwhile, Soleng was with Lee at somewhere, discussing about Helena and how she had been behaving. Lee did not want to work for Helena again so did Soleng but she did not know how to leave her after Natalie left the house.

She received a call, informing her about the incident that had happened. She wanted to go with Lee but he refused. Soleng board the available car to the house. Finally, Helena managed to get out of her new mansion. She cried as she watched her property being destroyed by fire.

The fire service got there and told the neighbours to get out of the way. Since they were not moving, Helena opened the main gate and told the fire service to put the fire under control. Helena fought with the neighbours to stop them from snapping and taking videos.

Soleng got there and Helena lamented that she lost everything. Soleng tried to console her. Elsewhere, Agatha and Louise were watching the incidents on their phone. Helena took her phone to call Agatha but Agatha did not mind her. Helena wept that she has lost everything.

After Kiana informed Maila about the incident and Natalie who was sleeping heard it, she came to inform Onay that she wanted to go and see Helena. Nelia called Dante’s friends to ask if they were behind the fire at Helena’s house but they said they were innocent. Lucas and Maila went with Natalie. In the car, she called Louise to ask if Agatha was with Helena but Louise said, the two friends had a misunderstanding and did not talk to eachother.

Louise revealed to Natalie that Agatha did not even receive Helena’s calls. She advised Natalie not to allow her emotions to get the best of her since Helena would want her to stay with her in her trying times. Natalie heeded to her advice after all Helena raised her and needed her now.


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