Love Thy Woman Episode 3

Love Thy Woman Episode 3 The Curse and the tragic end of Dana Wong’s fairy tale wedding

In Singapore, Adam is still brooding over how Dana betrayed him. Jia believes he can still work things out with her. Dana arrives at the airport only to realise she is bleeding.

The threat of miscarriage scares her, soon, Jia receives a call informing her about Dana being admitted. In Philippines, Dana is hospitalised and her parents are there to support her. The doctor assures the Wongs that the child is perfectly fine and she bled due to stress.

Jia arrives, asking her sister how she is, she comes with a surprise for Dana. Dana is happy seeing David approaching. He hugs and k!ss her on the forehead. Lucy watches with malicious eyes and quickly changes her eyes direction, signaling how unhappy she is to witness the scene.

“Ms Lucy, Mr Adam I know you don’t think I’m good enough for your daughter but I have good intentions for her.”

“I’m not after your wealth, power or anything.”

“But please let me take care of Dana and the baby.”

The next day, Jia visits Dana to check on her health. She brought Dana her favourite food. Suspicious of her sister, Dana queries Jia’s goodwill. Jia clears the air, she just bumps into him when she went to Singapore for a job interview.

Dana questions the manner the two keep bumping into eachother as if they are destined.

“Jia tell me, do you like David?”

“Yes!” Dana looks surprise to hear Jia admitting before opening her mouth Jia cuts in again “I like him for you, what are you thinking.”

She gives Dana the food but she complains the food being cold and Jia has to heat it for her. Jia at the office receives an email about her appointment at the Singapore Modern Designs as an interior designer. She is so happy and asks Summer and Abigail to wish her well as she faces her father at his office.

She knocks, enters and starts with an apology for bringing David to see Dana. She explains that Dana calls her the moment she coincidentally comes across David in Singapore.

“You were in Singapore?”

“For a job interview Papa and a practical test the results came in earlier today too.”

“I have been hired as the interior designer in Singapore.”

“So you’re leaving just like that?” he walks out on her.

The next morning, David pays a surprise visit to the Wongs and comes with a document which he consults a lawyer to draft it. His friend has already signed as a witness. He presents it to Adam. Adam glances through.

“We want to see your mother as soon as possible.”

“Sir?” David is lost in his thoughts.

“The woman who raised you well!”

“You won this round.”

Dana is so happy to hear that her dad has given his consent. Lucy makes a call to Timmy to make the wedding arrangements. Timmy shows up and the family kick-starts the nuptial process.

Dana the first born of a renowned real estate tycoon, tries some gowns with bloggers and reporters around for a scoop. The wedding is deemed to be the “wedding of the year.”

Jia receives her bride maid’s gown and her mother sees the fabric as cheap. She plans to buy a new one for Jia. She takes her dress she will wear for the wedding and Jia says she will sparkle than the bride herself. She wants her mother to wear the attire during her wedding instead.

Kai’s friends tease her for adopting the idea of walking next to Adam at the grand event. Dana takes pictures and scatters photo album on the table. She is asked about her high school graduation pictures with her father. She doesn’t have pictures of some important moments of her life with Adam. She secretly shed tears.

Adam who is eavesdropping is not happy that he has not been part of his daughter’s life for some special moments in her life. The next day, Dana comes to the dinning hall to find a photographer snapping pictures. It is something special Adam has arranged to cover up for the lost years with his family. He has been busy all his life and wants to turn things around.

Soon, David comes with his mother, Helena and Patrick, his best friend to meet the Wongs. Helena is happy to be among great people and is glad for the honour.

“Greatness is not measured by what you have achieved but it is more on how well we have raised our children just like how well you’ve raised David,” Adam said.

Adam later shows part of his properties to David. He doesn’t want David to leave to Singapore with Dana. He wants him to work in his company but David is not ready. Adam gives him 30 days to work in Dragon Empire Builders if he doesn’t like then he leaves. David accepts to work at his soon-to-be father-in-law’s office.

Adam makes him promise to take good care of Dana “because I can k!ll anyone who makes my daughter cry.”

What The Seer Foretold

All is set for the couple to get their fortune read. The Wongs family together with the Chao family visit the temple as to preserve the tradition.

At the temple, they meet Carolina, a guardian of the temple who doubles as the fortune teller who will see what holds for the couple in future.

A card is passed to the couple to write something about themselves. Dana as her fortune read, she is born in the year of a monkey, she is wealthy and fortunate, she is hardworking and even expecting a male child.

“You’re secret friend with a snake, David Chao. Charming, the groom is a snake, full of wisdom, full of mystery.

“Snake and the monkey are a good match, friendship is present.” Dana is so happy and keeps touching and laying a head on David.

Before the fortune teller will end, a dark butterfly flies and landed on a candle stand for a moment and it goes. Carolina’s face waves a shiver in the eyes of Lucy.

“But you should not marry!”

“It will bring great misfortune to your family!”

“Do not open the door for the curse enter your lives.”

Dana’s eye wonders around. Carolina goes on scaring everyone as her eyes fixed on Lucy

“Cursed, cursed, cursed, cursed,” her palm waves around. It is getting on Adam’s never he stood from his seat which is closer to the fortune teller and took steps from there.

“I think we should postpone the wedding,” Lucy hissed but Helen doesn’t want it. Adam insists that they are not cursed and the wedding will continue.

How The Curse Transcends From Lucy to Dana

As she is sleeping she recalls her father’s curse, how she lost her male son and Carolina’s confirmation of the curse. Lucy rises up from her turns and can’t find Adam next to her, suddenly the dark “black” butterfly lands on her and from her it goes to Dana’s room.

Lucy follows the butterfly’s direction, she wakes Dana up but she is still sleeping. She sees the butterfly landing on Dana’s wedding attire. She tries to attack the butterfly but it multiplies and attacked her instead. She screams and wakes up to realise it is a bad nightmare. As scared as she is, she lays on her husband’s chest.

Fast forward the wedding car approaches as the Wong’s family greet Teddy Manuel for hosting them. Finally the couple arrive and in the temple the family members go in one after the other. Finally the couple entered and exchange vows.

The Vow

“Home is never a place of privilege

It’s a chance to cry

It’s a chance to laugh

It’s a chance to care for

It’s a chance to share every moment of my life with you

I’ve been searching for so long

And what they told me was right

That home is never a place but you!” David puts the ring on Dana’s finger.

“David babe

I share with you my life

Not just as your wife but your friend

As your l*ver and as a covenant

With you it’s never destiny or fate but it’s a choice.

And I promise you this…

From this day forward I will choose you!”

Always you for the rest of my life! ! !” Dana pushes the ring on David’s finger.

The priest pronounced them as Husband and Wife. David slowly takes off her Vail and k!ss his bride while the crowd clap and wish them well.

They walked out of the temple and the crowd wave them goodbye. Adam tells Jia to hold on with her trip to Singapore as he doesn’t want to lose her now.

 The Tragic Accident

As their car sped, Dana k!ss David soon, the black butterfly appears on David’s hand and he tells his wife to look at it. Dana is not happy to see that, the black butterfly then lands on the car.

Suddenly, it almost collides with another car but the driver takes a sharp turn and the side of the truck containing flammable substance blast.

They hit their head, fear shakes everyone when they heard the sound. The couple are rushed to hospital. Lucy blames Adam for not listening to her. Soon, David recovers but Dana loses her son and survives but has head injury so she is under observation.

One will wonder if the curse smites the male Borns of the Wongs. For the second time a male child who will succeed Adam Wong, Prince Wong is caught in yet another untimely death before he is brought forth. His memory is kept in the family’s Mausoleum next to Adam Wong II, Lucy’s male child.

For two weeks Dana is still in that condition, Adam wants to fly her off to America but the doctor did not allow since Dana’s situation is still delicate and could lose her life if she is flown.

Lucy tries to hide her pains and busy herself with job. She gets a private room and she makes Summer and Abigail together with another worker decorate the room. Hoping for the recovery of her daughter.

Adam comes and she shows the decorated room to him, Adam rises Lucy is not that well she bursts into fresh bowl of tears and starts blaming again for Dana’s condition. Adam does not want them to blame themselves for the accident and believes there is no curse. He embraced his wife.


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