Manhood theft: 7 men lose their pen!s in Kasoa

Manhood theft: 7 men lose their pen!s in Kasoa

Seven men have allegedly lost their manhood to an organ disappearance charms used by some unscrupulous blood thirsty individuals at Kasoa in the Awutu Senya East Municipality, Central Region.

According to reports, a shoe seller who sells at an overhead in Kasoa popularly called “bend down boutique” on Sunday night had an awful encounter with two suspected men believed to have come from Niger to buy his shoes.

The suspected charmers acted like they did not understand the local Ghanaian dialect, eventually one of them hit the shoe seller, suddenly, the shoe seller’s manhood vanished.

The shoe seller then screamed out for help and accused the two men of stealing his precious thing. He was unable to inform the crowd holding the culprits that his manhood disappeared.

With the help of other sellers, the suspected blood thirsty men were sent to the Kasoa Central District Police Command, where the shoe seller was able to voice out that his manhood disappeared after a body touch from one of the two buyers.

Left with no choice, the suspect admitted the claims and promised to restore the manhood.

He chatted for several hours but all efforts to replace it proved futile.

Meanwhile, A 21-year-old tricycle rider, Yusif Bukhari who allegedly lost his pëni$ a few minutes after shaking hands with a shoe maker at the same place two weeks ago had seen his manhood.

His manhood was fortunately restored after a  spiritualist evoked for the manhood to reappear.

However, the pênis was malfunctioning, leading the victim to be confined in a health institution for his manhood to be examined and take the necessary medication to restore its agility.

The suspect revealed to the police that there were several of them, about 40 of them dispersed in Accra to steal male organs, thus the men had been cautioned to hold their manhood well and guard them from those nefarious individuals.


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