Mea Culpa Episode 13

Mea Culpa Episode 13 Fina gets fired, Dolores plans to ruin the Montelibanos reputation

At the Prosecutor’s office, Juris walked in to find Fina with Gaylord and left them since they were busy. Gaylord understood where Fina was coming from to know the reason behind his help. Gaylord made it clear that Bogs was his friend and he was the one who wanted to know the culprit who k!lled him.

Drei arrived at Matilda’s office and his mother was not happy that he did not show up at the meeting. Drei said he didn’t say he would attend the meeting and confronted his mother for threatening Juris to make them not embark on their journey. Drei made it clear that Matilda could not force him to to be a senator but his mom maintained that she knew best for him.

Fina was celebrating her birthday and she spoke with Noah. She found out that Noah was a honourary student and did well in his Math and Science. She promised that he would soon live with her.

The friends met and Juris questioned Gaylord on what he told Fina. Gaylord said he was only helping her to gain custody of Noah and Greco saw that as smart move since that would make the woman stop investigating on Leyna.

Gaylord was really bothered by his conscience and wondered why his friends were not showing any sign of regret after all that they have done to Fina. The next day, Drei had lunch with Titong. The man advised him to iron his relationship with his mother as he could see how they were growing apart.

At the city hall, Fina came across Leyna and while everyone was wishing her Happy Birthday, Leyna also wished her some and hugged her. She made Fina made her wish and she said she wanted to be with her children and Leyna hugged her. Juris appeared in the scene to pull Leyna along and the girl said Juris was hurting her.

She asked Juris if she was upset with her. Juris quickly swallowed medicine. After obtaining a lead on Dante, Dolores visited the sister of Dante to discover that he used to work at the San Juan City hall and she informed Fina. Leyna looked through her dolls and found one which she said she would gift Fina with since she made a wish to find her missing child. This got Juris upset and asked Drei to fire Fina.

Fina began to search the Human Resource Office for records to get to the bottom of the issue. Juris found her coming out of the room and began asking the available person what Fina was doing in the records room. She was told Fina was sent on an errands.

Dolores charged someone to investigate Drei and told the person that she was becoming personal with Fina’s case since she knew how it hurts to lose a daughter. A flashback showed that Dolores returned home to discover her husband has left wish Iris and she also gad to travel as her flight was scheduled for 5:00pm and wanted to say goodbye to her family.

Drei visited Matilda to apologise for all his act that offended her and gave her a flower. Juris was still not at ease after seeing Fina from the records room and she told her husband about her anxiety and fears as Fina working there made her always thought about her finding the truth so it was time Drei had to fire her. Drei wanted a valid reason to sack her since firing her would raise suspicious if he did not have valid reasons.

Matilda went to the town’s hall and Leyna saw her. She called her and bumped into her. Her drink spilt on Matilda. This made her upset and Leyna said sorry and gave her handkerchief but Matilda rejected and walked out. Fina witnessed it and one worker said he did not understand why Matilda was harsh on the girl.

In the house, Gaylord worked on the custody case to give to Fina’s lawyer. He told his mother about it, saying it was the least he could do to help her gain the custody of her senior child since he could not help her with her missing daughter.

Emir noticed that Leyna was not getting better and reminded Juris that the girl had a sibling and her brother would be a good bone marrow transplant match to her. He advised her to return the kid but Juris refused to return her, claiming Leyna was her child and Emir even helped her to raise the girl.

Gaining evidence against the mayor, Fina told Dolores and Armand and later confronted Drei who came to the office with Juris. She claimed Drei paid Dante to cover up and confronted him for k!lling Bogs. She demanded him to show where her daughter was and Drei fired her.

Armand came to see Gaylord and confronted him for covering up for Drei but Gaylord said he was unaware of Dante working for Drei even if it was so it did not mean anything. Later, Fina went to tell Gaylord that she was fired and Gaylord said that would not give her clean record to win the custody of her son but he advised her to find a new job.

He was frank that it was a rough road ahead adding that she should collaborate with her lawyer and try finding new work. Fina told Armand and was not ready to back down since she was close in finding the truth. She believed they firing her meant that they were hiding something. Emir tried talking to Juris to know firing Fina was wrong as that was her source at livelihood.

Matilda arrived to tell Drei of what Titong told her on means to get rid of Fina. As expected, Fina started searching for job but was not hired due to the bad record. Meanwhile, Dolores kept thinking about her missing daughter and was poised on helping Fina find hers.

Fina’s friends noticed she was worried so they decided to give her the money they contributed for her birthday to her and she travelled to see Noah. The boy thought his mother was coming for him but was sad to find out that it would not be anytime soon.

Fina returned to Manila and Dolores offered to help her stain the Montelibano’s reputation to compel Drei to talk on how Dante who used to work for him and was sacked but the NBI found clean records about Dante. They were also afraid to use all the information they had since Fina illegally obtained that information but Dolores had a plan under her sleeves.


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