Now and Forever Episode 1 Eva loses Family through tragic incidents

Now and Forever Episode 1

Now and Forever Episode 1 Eva loses Family through tragic incidents

A happy couple Rodrigo and Rebecca shared a moment with Rodrigo taking photos of Rebecca while praising and telling her that none of his pictures will ever capture her real beauty.

Rebecca told Rodrigo that she loved him and was glad that he would be the father of her children.

That was how she announced her One month pregnancy to Rodrigo. The news made Rodrigo overjoyed that they would soon be having a baby in the family.


Nine month later, the couple had a baby girl who they named Angela and Rodrigo proposed marriage to Rebecca.

Rebecca was however wary because Rodrigo has given up his life to live a simple life with her in a farm. Rodrigo clarified that he has never been happier.

A visitor arrived one evening looking for Rodrigo. He was Rodrigo’s uncle and came to give him the sad news that his father, Don Julio Cortes has passed away.

Rodrigo was devastated since he fought with his father during their last encounter and the two of them became estranged.

He was also sorry that Rebecca did not get to meet him. Since Angela was too young for Rebecca to travel with her, Rodrigo traveled on his own for his father’s funeral.

He bids Angela goodbye and asked that she grows up to be as loving and caring as her mother.

When Rodrigo arrived at his father’s wake, everyone was surprised to see him, including his father’s wife Carmen, her son Hernan and Stella, Hernan’s partner. Hernan and Stella were not yet married but have two sons, Inno and Oliver.

After the burial, the family attended the reading of Don Julio’s will. Carmen and her son were confident that Julio left everything to them.

They were however shocked after the reading because Don Julio left all his assets worth 400 million and the Nostalgia, a Cortes family heirloom to Rodrigo and his children.

Stella was furious after learning that Hernan did not inherit anything. Hernan tried to explain that he was only given the Cortes name since his mother married into the family when he had already had him.

Stella however insisted that Hernan should fight to get an inheritance for the sake of his mother and their children.

A week later, Rodrigo has not yet returned and Rebecca begun to worry. She packed her things and took Angela to go find Rodrigo. Her friend Russell agreed to accompany her and they head to the Cortes family home.

When they arrived at the Cortes residence, there was another wake going on. Rebecca was shocked to find out that it was Rodrigo’s wake. He had met an accident on his way back to the farm. She was however not allowed to go in even after revealing that she was Rodrigo’s wife.

While driving back, some men go after Russel and Rebecca. Rebecca managed to hide Angela under her feet before both she and Russel were shot.

The baby started crying after the shots and the man who killed Rebecca noticed her. He told the others to go ahead while he took care of the bodies.

Joey, the man who killed Rebecca took the baby and fled. He raised her with his wife Mia and they rename the child Eva. Years later, Eva was a big girl and went about climbing lighthouses around the beach.

Their lives were however interrupted when some men went after them. Joey arrived home injured and asks Mia to flee with Eva.

Mia gave Eva a necklace ( it was a necklace Rodrigo used it to propose to Rebecca so she was wearing it when she died…) and asked her never to lose it.

The Cortes boys Inno and Oliver have also grown up. Oliver was confined to his room after being sick for a year.

He yearned to go out and play along with Inno so Inno agreed to take him out for a while even against their mother’s wishes.

When the two boys were out, it begun to rain and Oli suddenly fell sick. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and Stella blamed Inno for Oliver’s sickness.

The doctor said Oli needed a bone marrow transplant and Inno was the only donor since his samples matched with Oliver.

Inno was willing to do anything to save his brother so he agreed to have the transplant. During surgery, the doctors found out that Inno was allergic to the anesthesia and he went under cardiac arrest.

Meanwhile, Mia and Eva tred to flee from the men after them. Mia distracts them and asked Eva to run away. Mia was shot and Eva fled in a boat. She ended up hitting her head on the boat and she fainted.

When Eva wome up, she was in a beautiful Island. She walked around looking for her parents but ended up meeting Inno.

He was crying and wanted to go back to save his brother. Eva agreed to help him and as the two of them were walking around the island, they saw a portal of light with people going through it.

Inno was fascinated and wanted to go too but Eva stopped him. She said that it was not the way back and suggested that they took her boat instead. When they arrived at the boat, Inno suddenly disappeared.

Inno survived his cardiac arrest while Eva woke up in the boat.

The Portal of light in the movie symbolised death, which explained that Inno and Eva were about to die but since they did not cross the portal of light, they survived.


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