Now and Forever Episode 12 Eva employed at Cortes jewellery

Now and Forever Episode 12

Now and Forever Episode 12 Eva employed at Cortes jewellery

Stella went to visit Rebecca at her house and asked her that they should be friends since they have connection to the Cortes family.

Rebecca said she was looking forward to getting to know Stella. Stella asked if there was anything Rebecca wanted and she said she always wanted to own a piece of Cortes Jewellery because Rodrigo never got to give her one.

Stella said she had some designs with her and brought Rebecca to her house to show them to her.
Rebecca did not like any of the designs that Stella showed her so Stella showed her the finished piece from Eva’s designs that she copied.

Rebecca asked who designed it and Stella said that she did. Rebecca said the piece spoke to her and asked how much it was. Stella said she was not looking for a buyer but an investor instead so she invited Rebecca to invest in Cortes Jewellery.


Eva was at the Cortes jewellery for the interview but got worried when she learnt Inno Cortes was among the interviewers. Inno however left the room before Eva’s turn and his staff interviewed her instead.

Eva showed them her jewellery made from recycled materials and said her family inspired her. She told them that her parents adopted her and gave her a new life so she picked up discarded plastics and gave them a new life as jewellery.

The interviewers seemed impressed and said they would call Eva once they made their decision.

Inno was planning his trip to attend the Korean Prince’s dinner so Carmen called to check on him. Inno said that he already found a date. He added that she didn’t have to be someone important as long as he went there with a girl.

Eva had to go to another job that Isda apparently turned down because he could not go. The money was good so Eva had accepted to take the job and make it up to her boss for adding nuts to Inno’s soup the last time.

Inno had planned to hire Eva as his personal assistant for the trip. Eva only found out when she went to meet him and refused to take the job. Inno admitted to planning everything because Eva had refused to go out with him.

He added that it would be better since they would get to work and know each other. Eva refused to take the job and was about to walk out of the door when Inno said that he would talk to her boss.

Eva therefore had no choice but to accept the job. They left to take a private plane to the venue but Eva puked since it was her first time sitting in the plane.

Hernan confronted Stella for talking to Rebecca so easily and inviting her to be an investor in Cortes. Stella told Hernan that she had Rebecca investigated and if she had wanted revenge; she would have come after them years ago.

She also reasoned that whatever Hernan inherited was rightfully his because Rebecca was not married to Rodrigo. She however decided to keep Rebecca close to find out if she was planning anything dubious against Hernan.

Stella then left for Manila. Hernan was left alone at the house and got himself drank as he remembered what happened to Rodrigo. Rodrigo had found out that Carmen was behind his mother’s death after reading a letter from his father, Don Julian.

He therefore concluded that Carmen had killed Julian as well and that was the reason why his father did not leave her anything. As they were arguing, Hernan went to defend Carmen and ended up stabbing Rodrigo with a knife.

Hernan crushed the glass he was using and hurt his arm. One of his workers went to ask help from Rebecca and she came with a first aid kit to treat Hernan’s wounds. Hernan repeatedly told her that he was sorry.

Rebecca asked him why he was apologising and he said that it was because she had to take care of him.

Inno and Eva took a plane to the hotel where the Korean Prince’s party would be. When they got to the hotel room, Inno showed Eva some design pieces to get her perspective as a female because he would be showing them to a potential client later.

Eva was in awe when she saw the designs so Inno reasoned that it could be the reason why she was after Oliver. He told Eva that they would go to the party later but Eva said she didn’t want to go and would stay outside in case he needed anything.

Eva later found out from the hotel staff that a Korean Celebrity would be at a party as well. She called Isda to tell him about it and he asked her to get pictures with him.

Eva therefore decided to ask Inno if she could still attend the party. Inno agreed to let her go and Eva was ecstatic so she thanked him. She however called him ‘Sir’ and Inno asked that she referred to him by his name, Inno.


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