Now and Forever episode 21

Now and Forever episode 21 Eva gets a new job at Saavedra Jewellery

Lodi asked Inno about the fumigation incident at Gintong Pagasa. Inno said he was only trying to help the people so that the area would not be mosquito infested in order to prevent Denge fever among the indigenes.

He also asked Inno why he was there and Inno said he had to get Eva to work with the Cortes. He added that it was his first task as the future president of Cortes and he did not want to fail his mother and grandmother.

Lodi told him that the people of Gintong Pagasa thought him to be condescending and arrogant and Inno was saddened to hear so. He said that he was only doing what he thought was right.

Lodi complemented him as a good kid and that he was just testing him then left with a smile.

Eva went to meet Mariel, the owner of Saavedra jewellery. She was aware that Cortes wanted Eva too so she offered Eva the same benefits as Inno was offering.

She agreed to give her a starting salary of 30,000 and hire the people at Gintong Pagasa. She also knew that they were being evicted so she proposed to talk to the person behind it to stop the eviction as well as build a work shop for Eva and her people to work at in Gintong Pagasa.

Eva was overwhelmed but still asked for some time to think about the offer. Mariel agreed to let her think about it but said that she would visit Gintong Pagasa the following day to see how the jewellery was made and inspect the area.

When Eva arrived home, Lodi’s granddaughter teased her about not accepting the Saavedra offer. She said it was because Eva was still considering Inno’s deal.

Eva denied it so she told Eva to tell Inno about the Saavedra offer so that he would stop courting her.

Popo, Lodi’s grandson went to hang out with Inno at his tent. Inno apologised for triggering his asthma attack but Popo said he was fine.
He tricked Inno into removing his glasses by saying that there was something in his eye.

Inno went to wash his face and when he returned, Popo had left with his glasses.
Eva went to talk to Inno to tell him about the Saavedra deal. Inno walked toward her but he stumbled on a rock because he couldn’t see clearly and fell on Eva.

They tumbled to the ground together and when they got up, Inno blamed Eva for blocking his way. He apologised for the fumigation incident and promised to make up for it the following day. Because of that, Eva was not able to tell him about Saavedra and went on her way.

At home, Eva asked Rosa for her advice about what she should do. Rosa said she did not like Eva working for Cortes because of Stella and Carmen. She said the only decent person in the family was Inno.

Rebecca had to call off the press conference after Larry failed to show up. The police later came to inform her that Larry was killed. Her men took her and her aunt to a hotel because it was not safe to stay in the farm.

Rebecca remembered Larry telling her about Zach, the man who ordered them to kill her and Angela. She therefore told her investigator to look for Zach.

She however found out on the news that Zach too was killed and she had no witnesses.
Stella was at ease after the police waiting outside her house left since it meant that Rebecca had failed in her plans.

She went to apologise to Carmen for the incident earlier and offered her some tea. Carmen however slapped her and refused to take the tea saying that it might be poisoned.

She told Stella to remember who she was in the family and that she was the one who allowed her to be there.

Hernan decided to return to the farm but Stella asked him about Oliver. Hernan told him not to let Oliver back home and let him fend for himself.

Stella also didn’t want Hernan to go to the farm because of Rebecca. Hernan refused to listen to her after she once again pointed out that he was the one who killed Rodrigo and left.

Oliver was staying at a girl’s place but had to leave because her boyfriend showed up. He met up with his friend and asked to stay at his place but he refused since he had to ask permission from his parents first.

Eva tried talking to Inno in the morning again but decided against it in the end. As Inno was leaving, he found two wheels from his car gone. Eva’s neighbours had stolen them but Abel reprimanded them for doing such a thing to Inno.

They returned the wheels and apologised to Inno for it. He said it was fine and asked them to await a surprise that he had for them later.
Inno was having a hard time without his glasses. He ran into Popo wearing them and took them back.

Popo said he took them because his own glasses were old and he was having a hard time reading because of that.

Rebecca decided to use another plan to get back at the Cortes family since all her witnesses were now killed.

She called Oliver and asked to meet with him since he had offered to help her with her passion project about exhibiting Rodrigo’s photos. Oliver was delighted, he went to meet her.


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