Now and Forever Episode 38

Now and Forever Episode 38 Stella discovers that Eva might be Rebecca’s missing daughter  

Roxanne, the granddaughter of Mr Batong who grew up together with Inno in San Narciso went to see Stella in her office.

Roxanne was ambitious and hopeys to work as a designer for Cortes Jewellery. In order to see Stella she told lies and said she dreamt of working as a designer for Cortes.

She stated that she had memorised all the collections released by Cortes adding that she believed Stella was the one who created the Angela collection.

Stella refused to listen to the rest of the things else she had to say and kicked her out of her office.

Eva went to see Oliver at his condo but the guard would not let her in without Oliver’s consent.

She then called him and he picked up the call but hang up without saying anything. She tried to call again but his phone was off. Eva begged the guard to let her in since something might have happened to Oliver.

When they got to the condo, Oliver was lying down. They tried to helped him out but he lashed out and told them to leave. Eva asked the guard to leave and tried to take care of Oliver.

Eva asked him not to drink so much but Oliver said he did not want to be scolded. He told Eva to leave but he suddenly began to puke. He insisted on telling Eva to go and called her stupid for not listening to him.

Eva got upset so dragged him to the bathroom and opened the shower. Oliver got drenched and she said it would do him well so that he could come back to his senses.

Oliver stated that no one care about him but Eva told him that Inno loved him and she too cared for him as a friend. She said he was making things difficult for everyone and they would only give up on him if he chose to give up on himself.

She told him to get his act together because it was his fault things had turned out the way they did. Oliver dropped down on the floor and Eva covered him with a towel. She was about to leave but Oli caught her hand and asked her not to leave him.

Roxanne went to her grandfather’s house since she was eager to see Inno again. She asked that they catch up and told him about her job application to Cortes. She sat too near to him so Inno moved to another seat.

Roxanne sat on his lap and Inno got uncomfortable. She was worried Mr Batong would see them so he carried Roxanne back to her seat and excused himself.

After Oliver freshened up, Eva got him new clothes and put him to bed. Oliver held her hand again and asked her not to tell Inno what happened.


After he fell asleep, Inno called and Eva told him that she was with Oliver. Inno said he would go there but Eva told him not to because Oliver had asked her not to tell him.

Inno thanked her for taking care of Oli and hang up. Eva cleaned up the mess in Oliver’s apartment then fell asleep on the floor.

When Oliver woke up in the morning, he watched Eva until she woke up. She made him some coffee before leaving the condo. When she went downstairs, Inno was already waiting with breakfast. Eva took the sandwiches and they took a Jeepney to head back to Gintong Pagasa.

When they arrived, Rebecca was waiting for them. She talked to Inno about getting them back into Cortes and insisted that they win the competition to make it easier.

Eva mentioned her birthday and Rebecca said that she would take her out to celebrate. Eva said it was made up because it was the day Rosa found her and Rebecca found out she was adopted. She however insisted on taking Eva out.

Inno’s grandfather went to look for him at his house to give him the information he found about Eva in San Narciso. Stella said she would give it to him instead and took the documents. After going through them, she was able to figure out that Eva might be Rebecca and Rodrigo’s daughter. She called her men and asked them to investigate Eva and her family.

Eva and Rebecca went for a painting workshop. Rebecca was having a hard time so Eva helped her.

Eva drew a beautiful island and Rebecca offered to buy the painting. Eva however said she would give it to her instead. She wanted to know what Rebecca painted and she showed her a drawing of a young woman.

Rebecca said it was what she envisioned her daughter to be if she was still alive. She began to cry and Eva embraced her.

Roxanne moved back to live at her grandfather’s house to get close to Inno. She invited the guys out to drink with her and Inno fell asleep on the couch.

After everyone left, Roxanne sat next to him and caressed him. Oliver tried to get back to work after what Eva said but he could not secure a job.

He however ran into Mariel Saavedra and she offered him a marketing and social media position at her company. She said she believed in his work and would hire him even though he was a Cortes.


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