Now and Forever Episode 39

Now and Forever Episode 39 Oliver plans to fight Inno for Eva’s heart

Roxanne kept caressing Inno. He passed out after getting drank and she wanted to ki$$ him after reasoning that she was more beautiful than Eva.

Before she could do it, one of the guys living at the house came back and asked what she was doing to Inno.

Roxanne said she was trying to get him up so that he could go to bed. They carried him and took him to sleep in his room.

The following morning, Oli went to Eva’s house and brought flowers to thank her for what she did for him.

Eva said it was not necessary so Oliver gave the flowers to Adessa instead. They invited him to have breakfast with them and Oli shared the good news that he already had a job.

Eva was however worried when he mentioned that he was working with the Saavedras. Oli said he would tell Inno about it later and invited her to go out. Adessa told him that Eva and Inno already had plans since they had to attend the contest.


Rebecca had a feeling that Eva might be her daughter after finding out that she was adopted and grew up in San Nicholas. She went to see Abel and Adessa to ask them about Eva and Abel told her that they found Eva floating on a boat and injured when she was 7 years old.

Rebecca told them that she lost her daughter too and she had found out that she grew up in San Nicholas. Adessa became hysterical after realising what Rebecca implied. She told her that there were a lot of children in San Nicholas and Eva could not be her daughter.

Abel told Rebecca that Adessa did not handle such things well so Rebecca left.
Eva went to the contest with Queenie and Oliver. Queenie went to the washroom while Oliver was downstairs waiting for Eva to arrive.

Eva tried to help an attendant carrying multiple trays but she ended up bumping into Roxanne. Roxanne had applied for the contest as well and she was furious at Eva for ruining her dress. Eva tried to apologise but Roxanne would not accept it and went on to criticize Eva.

When Inno arrived, he was delighted to see Oliver and when they went up to see Eva, they found her in a confrontation with Roxanne. Inno asked what was happening and Eva was surprised to see that Inno knew Roxanne.

Roxanne said they were childhood friends and tried to flirt with Inno but he moved away from her. Roxanne asked Eva to forget what happened and introduced herself.

When Eva greeted her back, she asked her about stealing Stella’s designs. Inno cut her off and said that Eva did not steal anything.

They all went inside to hear the announcement for the 10 finalists who would proceed to the competition. Roxanne was called up first and she hugged Inno, drawing looks from Eva and Queenie.

She was delighted when the announcement was almost over and Eva’s name had not yet been called but she was the last one on the list.

Inno, Oliver and Queenie were extremely excited. Inno hugged Eva and carried her on top of his shoulder and Roxanne was not happy to see it.

After the announcement, Queenie left to meet with her grandfather. Eva said she had somewhere to be and Inno and Oli asked to come with her.

Eva said she was fine alone and asked them to hang out together instead. After Eva left, Oliver told Inno about his new job. Inno was happy until he found out that Oliver was working with the Saavedras. He refused to take a ride in Oli’s company car and opted to ride the bus instead.

Stella could not find conclusive information about Eva’s identity so she called and asked to meet with her.

She apologised to Eva and said that she wanted to thank her for what she did for Oliver. Eva said she did not need to be rewarded for it.

She was about to leave but Stella stopped her and gave her the file that her father brought. It was a list of residents from San Nicholas and she wanted to know why Eva needed it.

Eva said she was looking for her real parents because she could not remember anything about them. Stella offered to help Eva search for her parents.

Rebecca decided to go to San Nicholas to see if she could find any leads about her daughter. She was able to meet Sonia at the head council’s house but Sonia said that she didn’t know anything about the issue.

Rebecca was sad that her search was futile but ordered her men to continue investigating.
Stella’s men found out that someone was looking for information about Joey and Mia (the couple who raised Eva) and called Stella to tell her about it.

Eva went to see Inno at Mr Badong’s house to tell him her meeting with Stella. He was making a glass sculpture of a hawk and said that he was going to give it to her.

Eva was moved by the gift and said it was beautiful. She drew a design on her sketch pad and asked Inno to make it for her.

Oliver met with Mariel and suggested that they hire Eva on the spot once she won the jewellery competition so that Cortes would not get her. Mariela deduced that Oliver had feelings for her and wanted to keep her close so she advised him to court her before he lost his chance.

When Inno took Eva home, the people from Gintong Pagasa teased him about courting Eva. Abel overheard them and asked to talk to Inno about courting his daughter.

Inno made his intentions clear about Eva and said that he l^ved her. In the middle of the conversation, Oliver arrived with flowers surprising everyone.

Abel was appalled that he too wanted to court Eva but Oli said that he just wanted to give her flowers. Adessa took them and Abel asked both Inno and Oliver to leave because it was late.


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