Now and Forever Episode 5

Now and Forever Episode 5

Now and Forever Episode 5 Eva loses customers after her jewellery bag got switched 

Rosa was escorted by Eva to the Rosa to the Cortes mansion to start her job. Rosa requested that Eva go into the house with her for her to know where she would reside so that she could easily locate her.

Eva looked around and was impressed to see a mansion like that. The worker who welcomed them also confirmed that the Cortes family lived there.

After Eva left, Rosa underwent her orientation. She was told all the rules to follow while working in the house. She was also asked not to mind Madam Stella’s mood swings. Stella could be harsh at times. When Stella arrived, Rosa went to meet her and immediately remembered her as the Mayor’s daughter.

Stella however did not know who she was. Rosa called the agency and asked to be transferred but they couldn’t agree because Rosa already signed a contract.

The housekeeper was surprised to see that Rosa already wanted to leave. Rosa told her that she knew that Stella and her family were cruel so she would not withstand any form of abuse but she agreed to stay.

Eva got a down payment to supply her jewelry at the market and her friends from the neighbourhood helped her in order for her to meet the deadline.

The following day, Hernan left for Manila and Stella was glad thinking he would be back to work. Hernan however told her that he had taken Inno’s advice and was there to formally resign as the president of Cortes Jewelry.

He met with the board members and told them that he was resigning. He left the position to Stella and his board members wished him well.

Inno met with their designer who had resigned and tried to convince him to return to work with them but the designer told him to inform Stella that he would never go back to work with the Cortes.

He heard that Stella was looking for him so he was in a hurry to head back to the office. His car battery died so he could not drive and decided to take the public train instead.

Eva was in a hurry to get to the market to supply the jewelry she had made. The bags she was using were not sturdy so Dominic offered to give her his bag to carry them in.

She took a train but there were many people, unfortunately she dropped her bag. Inno dropped his bag too as people were entering the train. They both managed to pick up their bags but they were switched.

When Eva arrived at the market to supply her jewelry, she was taken by surprise to find a man’s clothes in there. There was no jewelry and she needed to pay back the money she had been given. She promised the vendor that she would pay back her money if she was not able to find her bag.

Eva went to the train’s security office and asked to watch the CCTV footage to find out who took her bag. The person was not captured in the available footage so she could not find him.

Adessa then called to inform her that Abel was in pain and Eva rushed to take him to the hospital.

Abel’s infection had gotten worse and the doctor insisted that he needed surgery immediately. She also told them that it would cost them 100,000.

Eva realised that it was the reason Rosa took up the job. She called and Rosa apologised for not telling them. They sort to work together and raise the money for Abel’s surgery.

When Inno arrived at the office, Stella reprimanded him for encouraging Hernan to leave. Inno however said the two of them needed time apart.

When Hernan arrived back at the farm, there was a fire at his neighbour’s place and he helped her. She introduced herself as Rebecca and welcomed him to her house for a drink to thank him for his help.

Hernan asked when she moved there and Rebecca said she had been there for three months.

Eva went to see the fortune teller later to complain about her bad luck but the fortune teller insisted that her luck would soon change.

As she was walking home, she ran into Oliver and he offered to take her out since she looked sad. They dropped by a restaurant, meanwhile Stella had asked Oliver to ran an errands for her.

It ended up being a meeting with Maxene and her parents so Oliver introduced Eva as his girlfriend to stop them from matching her up with Maxene. Eva was furious and did not want to get involved with Oli’s problems so she went home.

Inno met with his friends and they teased him about not having a girlfriend. Inno said he was taking his time since he did not want to end up like his parents.

His friend accidentally poured a drink on him and he opened his bag to get a change of clothes. To his dismay, he found out a bra instead and he realised that his bag was switched in the train.

When Oliver got home, Stella was upset with him for introducing a girl to the Uy family. Oliver told her to stop setting her up with Maxene, he said he was seeing someone. Stella told him to introduce her to them and Oliver said he would.

The following day, Oli called Eva to apologise for his action the previous day. He also offered to give her a job worth 50,000 since she seemed to be in need of money.

Inno gave his driver the bag and asked him to return it to the Train’s customer service office. He said the owner might be looking for it. The driver was however called by stella, asking him to be her chauffeur for the day since her chauffeur was sick.

Will Eva get her jewellery bag to pay her debt? Let’s find out from the next episode.


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