Now and Forever Episode 51

Now and Forever Episode 51 Inno accuses Rebecca of killing Hernan

Inno went to see Stella in jail. He told her that Hernan was stabbed on the highway and died. Stella thought he was lying and broke down but Inno told her that it was true and comforted her as she cried.

Eva, Rosa, Mariel and Grandma Meding talked to the doctor about Rebecca’s condition. He said she was in a coma after sustaining a serious head injury and there was a possibility that she might never wake up.

Eva was confident that Rebecca would recover. She then went to see Inno and apologised since she could not be with him after what happened to Hernan.

The following day, Inno and Carmen visited Stella in jail. She told them that Rebecca was to be blamed for everything but Inno said it could not be the case.

Stella explained that Hernan went to see Rebecca to apologise on her behalf but Rebecca had him killed. Inno did not believe it because Rebecca was injured too and Stella explained that it was because she did not expect Hernan to defend himself.

She also criticised Eva for refusing to let Stella leave prison to attend Hernan’s funeral. She therefore told Inno to think about what his girlfriend was doing to them.

Eva and Mariel met with their lawyer to discuss Rebecca’s case. The lawyer told them that witnesses spotted Alfred and Hernan fighting on the highway.

He also said that Stella’s camp was putting the blame on Rebecca for Hernan’s death. Mariel said she would offer Eva and her family protection since they did not know what Stella was planning.

Oliver did not know where to go after learning about Hernan’s death. He ended up at Gintong Pagasa since he wanted to see Eva but she was not there. The other guys told him to wait and gave him some soup. Rosa did not want him to be there but Lodi asked her to let him be since he was grieving.

Eva came home later in the evening after visiting Rebecca. At that time Oliver was also waiting for her. He said he didn’t know where to go so he visited her but Eva told him to go to Inno.

Oliver left but he did not go to meet Inno.
Inno texted Eva and asked to meet her but Rosa stopped Eva from meeting him. Eva went outside to get something from her car and Inno arrived.

The guards Mariel hired prevented Inno from approaching Eva. Rosa sent Eva back into the house.

The next day, Eva sneaked out and went to see Inno at their workshop. He wanted her to let Stella go to Hernan’s funeral but Eva would not agree since she might attack Rebecca.

They ended up fighting, each defending their own parent. Inno accused Rebecca of killing Hernan and criticised Eva for believing her since she recently met Rebecca. He even suggested that Rebecca was after their money.

Eva slapped him and said Rebecca did not need their money since she had her own. Eva added that Stella was the murderer and had made Rebecca suffer.

Inno got mad and trashed the workshop so Eva decided to leave. Inno asked her what they would do about their relationship. He punched the wall and hurt his hand but Eva stopped him.

Eva treated his wound and they eventually made up. She also told him that Oliver went to see her and didn’t look like he was doing well so Inno said he would look for him.

Stella was transferred to a comfortable room in jail thanks to her mother. She was still upset that Rebecca was alive while she was not allowed to see Hernan. She wanted to make Rebecca and Eva suffer.

They sent someone to disguise himself as a doctor to poison Rebecca at the hospital but Mariel walked in just before the man gave Rebecca the injection. Mariel noted that the doctor seemed suspicious and asked the guards to stay alert.

Rosa went to the hospital but Eva was not there. She sent Eva a text since she knew Eva was with Inno and asked her to go to the hospital.

Eva told Inno that she had to go and they promised each other that they were solid.
Carmen visited Stella and told her that Hernan went to see Rebecca to confess that he was the one who killed Rodrigo.

Stella said she had known about it all along and was there when Hernan did it. They decided to keep the truth between them so that Inno and Oliver would never know.


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