Now And Forever Episode 52

Now And Forever Episode 52 Stella granted bail for Hernan’s funeral  

Inno went to see Oliver. He asked him to attend Hernan’s wake but Oliver said he did not want to go. He said he was no longer part of their family and Inno reminded him that their father just died. He got upset and left Oliver alone.

Rosa reprimanded Eva for going to see Inno while his family was the one to blame for what happened to Rebecca. Eva said she needed to support Inno and was confused since she did not know what to do.

Inno was also appealing to the court to have Stella released so that she could attend Hernan’s wake and Eva said there was nothing she could do to stop him.

Grandma Meding said Eva did not love Rebecca enough since she was not doing anything to protect her. Rosa told Eva to end her relationship with Inno since his mother was behind what happened to Rebecca.

Stella was released to attend Hernan’s wake but the police stopped her before she left the station. They said there was an attempted attack on Rebecca so Stella was not allowed to leave the station.

During Hernan’s wake, the people from Gintong Pagasa went to support Inno. Carmen was not happy to see them there but Inno asked to let them stay as they were there for him.

Eva also went to the wake but stayed outside in the van. Inno saw her and rushed over to see her. Eva stated that she could not go inside but Inno said he needed her support.

Eva then went inside to be with Inno and the people at the wake gossiped about them. They also speculated on whether Stella was going to the wake since she was still in jail.

Lucia managed to get Stella out on bail and she went to the wake. She made a show of mourning over Hernan and later attacked Eva for going to the wake. She told everyone that Eva’s mother was the person behind Hernan’s death.

Sir Lodi tried to get Stella to calm down in order for her not to cause a scene but she would not listen. Instead, she kicked Eva and her friends from Gintong Pagasa out.

She later reprimanded Inno and slapped him in front of everyone for defending Eva. They later buried Hernan.

Rosa and Grandma Meding scolded Eva again for choosing Inno over Rebecca. Grandma Meding told her to go with Inno and forget about Rebecca. When Inno called her, Eva decided not to receive his calls.

Mariel arranged to have Eva and her family move to the US after Stella was released from prison. She said it would be safer to go to a place where Stella would not find them.

Stella went to the hospital to see Rebecca but Eva stopped her. She accused Rebecca of killing Hernan but Eva told her that she was the one who wanted to have Rebecca killed.

Stella slapped Eva and said it was a gift for Rebecca. Eva slapped her back and her bodyguards stopped Stella from hitting her again. Eva told Stella that she would make sure to send her to jail. Stella gladly accepted the challenge and promised to show Eva what it was like to go against her.

Eva and Abel met with Carmen and Inno to discuss the transfer of her inheritance. The court decided that she would inherit everything but the Cortes lawyer said they would appeal the court decision.

Inno stopped him and said they did not want to fight over it. He asked for everything to go to Eva and Carmen agreed with him.

Mariel fired Oliver from Saavedra Jewellery and he threw a fit over it. He finally understood that Rebecca had used him to go against his family.

He was upset that she was now taking the only thing that he had left after losing his family. Mariel tried to explain things to him but he would not listen to her.

He stormed out and went to his office to pack his things. He felt stupid for falling into Rebecca’s trap and used a blade to cut his arm.

Mariel rushed over and stopped him. She asked for the staff to call an ambulance as she tried to stop the bleeding from Oliver’s arm.

The following day was Stella’s court date but she was still mad claiming she was the one suffering. She wanted to charge Rebecca for Hernan’s murder but they could not find any evidence against her since her men were behind it.

Lucia said it would be dangerous to plant evidence as it might backfire on them so she asked Stella to accept defeat for that round. Stella also had Alfred and the man who killed Hernan taken care of.

Eva met with her lawyer and signed the papers to donate her inheritance to charity since it was what she and Rebecca had agreed.


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