Now and Forever Episode 62

Now and Forever Episode 62 Justice evades Rebecca 

Rebecca and Stella confronted each other in court. Stella accused Rebecca of killing Hernan and Rebecca told her to stop lying sincd justice was now on her side.

Stella said even her daughter did not believe her since she continued dating Inno when Rebecca was in comma. The judge asked that they stop fighting or they would be held in contempt.

Rebecca stormed out of the hearing and Eva followed her to explain. Rebecca slapped her for embarrassing her infront of her enemy. Eva said she too wanted Stella to pay but did not want things to get ugly.


She added that she loved Inno and did not want to choose between Rebecca and him. Rebecca said she would make it easy for Eva and asked the guards to prevent any Cortes from going near her.

Inno tried to go after Eva but Oliver stopped him. He told him that he was betraying their family even after learning that Eva and her mother were behind Hernan’s death.

Inno asked him when he started caring about their family since he had always been selfish. Oliver punched him and Inno hit him back. They began to fight and Carmen had to call the guards to stop them from fighting.

The next hearing, Stella’s defense brought in Cathy, the girl Rebecca paid to seduce Oliver and cheat him out of his money. Stella’s lawyer argued that Rebecca planned to take away Oliver’s money so she could have staged her accident to make it appear like Stella was behind it.

During recess, Rebecca talked to her lawyer and asked her to destroy Cathy’s credibility. Eva overheard them and asked if what Cathy said was true.

Rebecca admitted that it was true and Eva asked her why she had to drag Oliver into it when he did not do anything. Rebecca hence asked her what the two of them did for the Cortes to always attack them.

Eva however said that they did not have to be like them. After all the witnesses were heard, the court made the decision that Stella was not guilty since the prosecution did not give enough evidence.

Stella and her family were overjoyed and went home to celebrate. She later called her henchman Brian and told him to kill Rebecca. Brian was worried that it was too soon but Stella said she was no longer afraid of going to jail.

Rebecca was distraught at having justice evade her once more. She went to Rodrigo’s grave and told him that she was tired of everything and her anger caused her to hurt their daughter as well.

She indicated that she wanted to give up but could not do it once she remembered how the Cortes destroyed the dreams that they had together. She therefore decided to take justice into her own hands and ordered Neil to kill Stella.

Eva was not allowed to see Inno so Rosa decided to help her sneak out of the house. They told the guards that they were going to the market but they ran into Rebecca at the door.

She ordered Eva to go back inside but she refused to do it. She said she would go against Rebecca too due to her love for Inno. She added that she wanted them to stop fighting saying Rodrigo wouldn’t want it too.

Rebecca slapped her and told him not to mention her father, saying it was the Cortes; the family of the man she loved who killed him. She therefore told Eva to leave her house if her choice was to go with Inno.

Eva left and Rosa went to confront Rebecca for what she was doing to Eva. Rebecca said Eva disrespected and refused to listen to her.

Rosa told Rebecca that they too were going to leave her house since she was not the person she used to be. She packed up their things and left with Abel and Adessa.

Neil wanted to follow Eva, he was worried about her safety but Rebecca told him to leave her alone. Rebecca cried to her Aunt as everyone made her feel like a villain while she was only trying to protect them.

Inno also wanted to see Eva but Oliver and Stella stopped him. Stella told Inno not to go back to her house if he chose to be with Eva. Inno was conflicted but Carmen spoke to him and told him that he had done more than enough for their family and it was time for him to pursue his own happiness.

Inno thanked her and went to see Eva. He found her crying on the street and she told him what happened at home. He suggested that they go away together and give their families time to think so that they could forgive each other.

Oliver and Stella were heading out but Oliver forgot his phone so he went inside to get it, there was an explosion outside. When he went back, the car was in flames and Stella had collapsed.

Rebecca’s Aunt was the only one who stayed with her. She told Rebecca that she was going to the market but when she stepped out, there was an explosion inside the house. She was horrified so she rushed back to check on Rebecca.


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