Betrayal (Halik) Episode 15

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 15 Jacky falls into the net of rape gangĀ 

“Jacky should leave that place, this is the recipe for disaster.”

After Jacky saw Lino, she said she only visited the grave of Gustin to say sorry to him for all that happened.

Jade saw a friend and hugged her. She asked what she was doing there and the lady (colleague) said she came to the work place to talk to the boss if she could be employed again.

Jade was surprised, she exclaimed that but her husband said she should stop working. The lady explained that she andĀ  her husband broke up since he reunited with his ex-girlfriend when they visited Paris for their honeymoon.

She indicted the J*rk had double honeymoon so she made him choose the person he wanted to stay with and he chose his ex.

They also talked about Lino and Jacky and the lady said she did not mean that what happened to her would also happen to Jade too.

Chari told Jacky that she made a f**l out of herself since Lino rejected her calls the other night and also did not utter a word when they saw him. She warned Jacky to get anything she had in mind out of her mind but Jacky insisted to speak with Lino so she turned back to him.

Jade called Barry, Barry after receiving the call shootout Jacky’s name in astonishment.

Jade asked whether Jacky was there, he tried to find a lie but he could not get one so he eventually told her the truth. He said Jacky was around and called out her name as he was surprised to see her stressing that he knew Lino would be surprised to see her to.

Jade got upset, saying she had called Lino several times but he did not answer. Barry indicated that the network of the area was poor and asked if he could give the phone to Lino but she cut the line in rage.

“No sir!”

Jacky asked Lino to help her find Robert, even if he had to call Dolor to give him a clue she would be glad.

Lino asked if that was the reason she called the other night and she said yes. Lino said he had put his family in danger for several times and said sorry for his inability to help her.

He returned Jade’s call but she refused to pick. Jade asked friends if they could make it for a drink the evening but they all said they could not make it.

She then sent Ace message and Ace called to reply that he was available “tonight.”

Jacky pretended that the message was not meant for him but Ace said he was available and went to Jade’s office. He told her that he would want to join her and her friend but Jade indicated that her friend cancelled it so Ace deemed himself lucky to get the message.

Maggie made it to the interview and he was gushing about Joel the interviewer. Both were in the same college so Maggie thought he knew her but he said he did not.

In that evening, Lino texted Jade but she did not reply.

Jade and Ace went out to an expensive restaurant. As Jade talked of her marital problems, Ace also said he wished his wife was like her.

As gentleman as he was, he began feeding Jade all in the name of winning Jade over. Jade enjoyed the dinner.

Lino then called Dolor and asked her if she knew Robert Oliver. Dolor recalled Gustin saying Mauro blamed him for the affair of Robert and Loida since he introduced him to them.

She then told Lino that she did not know him. Lino then asked about Jade and told Dolor that Jade had been ignoring his text since she found out that he met Jacky. Dolor asked if there was a reason for Jade to be jealous.

She then added that “jealousy and excitement make marriage so interesting.”

When she returned home, Jade spoke with Lino and asked him to come back home if he wanted her to trust him. Lino searched for a flight home but Barry was not happy with that.

Jacky wondered if Mauro had been attacking the Bartolomes but Chari said Mauro was grieving.

The next day Jacky searched for her father and she was told he was somewhere closer to the street (a forest).

In Manila, Chari spoke with Ken at the office. Ken got upset that Chari left Jacky all alone in Cebu since the real intention of her trip was to get Jacky home.

Chari was worried that Jacky would enlist Lino’s help again. Ken was surprised to hear Lino was also in Cebu.

“Jacky should leave that place, this is the recipe for disaster,” Ken said.

Ace called Jacky to return since there was no need for her to be searching for a man that she did not know.

He explained that Ken and Chari were worried about her that was why he even found out that she was searching for her real father.

Jacky said she was doing for herself and would not return if she did not find him. Ace got upset after the call. He scattered things at the office.

When she reached the place she was told to go, Jacky told the driver that she would call once she needed him.

She went into the bush, Chari called her and she told Chari and Ken that she would be fine since she had gotten a lead to where she could find her father.

The network was poor so the line ended. Her phone accidentally fell when she was placing it inside her bag.

On her way, she realised that her phone was missing but she did not mind. She got to the Oliver’s property and some two guys said they were the sons of Oliver.

Jacky got scared when the guys were approaching, she said “some other time” and she began to take to her heels.

The guys ran after her. Meanwhile Chari had talked to the police to complain about a missing person but the police said unless it was 24 hours before they could declare Jacky missing. Ken knew they could not rely on the police for that. He said his time for his flight to Cebu was up and asked Chari to keep calling Jacky.

When Jacky was running she ran into the man who showed her the place. The guy was actually the one who linked the other two guys to capture Jacky for their gang rape. He told the guys that he had said she was beautiful.

When Ken was leaving, he called Lino to help Jacky as she could not be found since morning she left the house. He said he was on his way to Cebu but Lino was the only person he could rely on.

They dragged Jacky back to the house. Jacky fought back but hit herself in the process and fainted.

Lino decided to go in search of Jacky, he reached that forest and the driver decided to wait for him. He requested for a flashlight.

Jacky woke up. The three guys drunk and ate in order to gain energy to “spoil there” (rape Jacky). They fought among themselves on who to go first. The guy who initiated the process said he led Jacky to the place so the “catch” was his.

He decided to go first, Jacky pretended that she was still dazed, the guy took of his shirt and said Jacky had given them hard time so he would give her “hardcore” rounds for her to mellow. As he got on top of her, she hit him with a weapon and fled.

The guy sustained injury in the head but still ran after her together with his other two gang members.

Lino heard a phone ringing in the forest. He found out that it was Jacky’s phone so he called Barry to inform him that Jacky was in danger.

He kept searching for Jacky, calling out her name, Jacky was still running and crying in the forest for help.

She hid herself as the guys got closer. Lino eventually saw her, for a moment she thought one of the gang members got her so she was about to scream and Lino asked her to be silent.

She cried while Lino was calming her. He caressed her hair to calm her down.


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