Now and Forever Episode 65 (Finale)

Now and Forever Episode 65 (Finale) Eva, Inno spend eternity l^ving eachother

Stella tried to call Oliver to find out where he was but Oli did not answer. Brian called to tell her that Rebecca and her team left in a hurry and Stella told him to follow them so that they could find Oliver.

Oliver locked himself and Eva up in the house and said they were waiting for a boat to arrive in the morning for the two of them to leave together and die in the middle of the sea.

Eva told him it would kill his brother once he found out what he did and he said it is what he wanted to happen.

Eva told him she and Inno had already broken up for the sake of their families so it would be better for him to reunite with Inno and Carmen if Stella was really dead.

Oli however told her not to be naïve since they could no longer do that. Eva tried to persuade him to let her go and even said Rebecca would pay for her crime if she really killed Stella but Oliver said he was tired of listening to her and went to sleep.

Rebecca and Stella ran into each other at an intersection when they were heading to get Eva and Inno. Stella told Rebecca to get out of the car, saying she was ready to kill her.

She said her family would be in peace once Rebecca was dead but Rebecca reasoned with her and said it would not be the case.

She pointed out that their war and anger against each other ended up causing more trouble for them. She added that their children were now suffering due to a battle that was not theirs.

When Oliver was asleep, Eva managed to undo the binding on her hands. Roxanne was trying to call Oliver and Eva answered the call. She told Roxanne where they were and asked her to hurry and save her.

Oliver was holding the key to the door and Eva gently took it from him so as not to wake him. She unlocked the door and ran out.

Roxanne and Inno arrived at the house that Eva directed them to. Inno asked Roxanne to wait in the car while he went to get Eva. Eva ran towards Inno when she saw him and she asked if it was true that her mother killed Stella.

Inno told her that Stella was still alive. They were about to leave when Oliver came after them with his gun.

Inno told Oliver that it was not true Stella was dead. He said he talked to her the previous evening and she told him that he was not her son and that she was the one who killed Hernan.

Oliver said Inno was just trying to make her hate Stella. Inno tried to convince Oliver to let Eva go since his grudge was with him not her. He understood that Oliver was better because their father never believed in him.

Oliver broke down and said he never got to make up with Hernan. Inno said it was fine and asked Oliver to go with them but Oliver told Inno to leave without him.

Inno got Eva and they were about to leave but Oliver suddenly changed his mind and shot them. Inno tried to protect Eva but both of them got shot multiple times.

Inno tried to carry Eva to send her to the hospital but he succumbed to the woods and he collapsed with Eva in his arms. They held each other’s hands and promised to l^ve each other forever. Oliver was left in shock after what he had done.

“What have I done,” he asked himself.

When the police arrived, Oliver was still holding his gun and he got shot. Stella ran towards him to see if he was fine.

Rebecca arrived with Rosa and Roxanne and they cried by Eva’s side. Rebecca blamed herself for Eva’s death.

Stella was convicted for all the crimes she committed and her parents died in an accident. When Rebecca went to visit, she said she was now paying for everything she had done. Rebecca asked that they try to forgive each other for the sake of Eva and Inno.

Carmen made up with Eva’s family and apologised to Rebecca for what her family made her go through. Rebecca returned the nostalgia to Carmen and said it rightfully belonged to her.

Oliver became paralysed and was confined at a mental hospital.
Eva and Inno however saw each other at the beach which they met when they were children.


They were happy to finally spend their life forever with each other and they crossed the threshold to the afterlife.


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