UTV bans Sammy Gyamfi for airing 'false propaganda' after fighting several lawsuits

Posterity will be the judge of us all— Sammy Gyamfi cries

Posterity will be the judge of us all— Sammy Gyamfi cries

The Communications Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) says the hidden truth which is being fought by the petitioner, John Dramani Mahama will eventually be brought to light.

According to him, no matter how things may turn out in the ongoing election petition, “Posterity will be the judge.”

His comment follows a unanimous decision by a nine-member panel of Supreme Court Judges affirming a seven-member panel ruling that stopped Mr Mahama from reopening his election petition case.

“But posterity will be the judge of us all. Just like in the case of R.E. Akoto when the Supreme Court then unanimously dismissed the case brought to it by the late J.B Danquah with regards to the unconstitutionality of the Preventive Detention Act.

“Today even though the court held that case unanimously, what is celebrated is not the court decision. In fact, that is the most unpopular decision in the history of this country even though it was a unanimous decision. What is celebrated are the submissions of J.B Danquah and we believe that posterity will judge us very well,” he added.

Addressing the media after the court hearing on Monday, the Communications Officer said the legal counsel to the petitioner was not treated fairly in the unanimous decision by the Supreme Court to dismiss his application.

“Knowing the principles of law and statues that our Parliament has passed that the Court has previously applied are not being applied in this case so in our opinion we are not being treated fairly and we are disappointed but the decision of the court is what prevails,” he said.

The Supreme Court judges who sat for the hearing ruled that the review is being dismissed because the application was without merit.

Chief Justice Kwasi Anin Yeboah maintained the earlier ruling that the petitioner has not indicated how the evidence he intends to solicit from the EC Chairperson will help to determine the case.

“No matter how the case will go, because we are all discerning, because we all love the truth and because we are following the case keenly the truth will become clear to all of us and we will see the truth,” he said.

Sammy Gyamfi also mentioned that the numerous number of applications dismissed by the apex court does not determine the final verdict, thus admonishing people to desist from such comment.

“Don’t always think that when people come to court and their application is dismissed it means they are wrong. No, what it means is that the court is right for the time being and what the court has said will prevail.”

He also called on all supporters of the NDC to remain steadfast despite several dismissed applications filed by the petitioner at the Supreme Court.

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