Rhodora X Episode 5

Rhodora X Episode 5 Roxanne departs from the body of Rhodora, Angela resigns from work

As Roxanne and her suitor got out of the club to go to a private place together, she suddenly changed her mind and hail a taxi to go home. Joaquin stepped out to follow them. He saw the guy and asked of Rhodora, the lady he was standing there with and he said the girl was a teaser, she left in a taxi.

Rhodora woke up to ask the taxi driver who he was and the man said she hailed him and she has been sleeping all those while. She told him to be grateful that she did not take advantage of her. She did not know where she was going and never knew what she was up to.

She alighted and saw that she was having a lipstick on and quickly she wiped it off. Her parents arrived in a car and took her home. She told them that she did not know what she was doing outside. She said she had a headache so she went to her room.

She had certain things in her bag and she threw the lighter into a trash. The next day, Joaquin came to the house of the Ferrers to apologise to the family about his grandmother’s behaviour. Joaquin had a private conversation with Angela and he learnt that Rhodora got missing.

Rhodora came to serve them but her sister left to the room leaving Rhodora with Joaquin. Joaquin asked why she went missing because yesterday, he talked with the guy she was with at the bar and he said she took a cab but Rhodora denied.

Joaquin asked whether she was sure and she said it was so. Bars were for beautiful people and besides she did not drink. Derick gave his blessings to Angela and Joaquin. Joaquin was glad to hear that. Both went to the office together.

Joaquin at the field talked to Santi to inform him that Rhodora denied being the girl he saw at the bar. Cita went to the office to see Angela and got upset that Angela was still working at the place and fired her for the previous incident that happened at the Ferrers’ house.

Since Dr Vivian wanted to know how Baby or Rhodora was doing after her medical summit which some symptoms of people with Disassociated Identity Disorder (DID) met with how Rhodora used to behave when she was at the orphanage went to the Ferrers mansion with Edina.

They met the Ferrers and Dr Vivian began to ask Rhodora questions whether she was feeling okay and she said she was better. She gave her a card for her to contact her if she needed something. Rhodora thanked her and told her that she was okay there because her parents even wanted to send her to the tertiary to school after her senior high.

Penchang was not happy seeing Lourdes thanking Edina for taking care of her daughter at the orphanage. Edina apologised for her inability to send Rhodora to the tertiary since the foundation money could only cater for the children to the Secondary level. Lourdes was very grateful to her for taking care of Rhodora.

The visitors left and when they reached out, Edina told Dr Vivian that Rhodora has not changed. Her Character was the same as how they knew so she was not be suffering from dual or multiple personalities.

Penchang was upset and harassed Rhodora for claiming she was the lost daughter of Lourdes and Derick. She thought she schemed up with the operators of the orphanage to take advantage of the Ferrers since they were searching for their missing daughter. Rhodora did not understand why Penchang was insisting that she was a different.

She attacked the poor girl and Rhodora began to hear the voices of Roxanne to fight back as she turned to act other than herself, her mother came and she became calm. Lourdes went to her daughter’s defence and did not understand why Penchang was insisting that Rhodora was not their daughter. She warned her mother that if she kept harassing Rhodora, she would send her away.

Penchang said she was saving her from the vicious impostor and insisted that she carry a DNA test on Rhodora to find out if she was indeed their daughter but Lourdes protested. At work, Angela decided to resign and search for a decent job elsewhere to prove to Cita that she was not a gold-digger.

Joaquin told Cita that she should not have talked to Angela that way. Cita did not understand why Angela opposed all of her suggestions for her wedding while she was the one helping them. Joaquin tried to make Cita understand that it was Angela’s wedding and she had greater mouth in it.

However, his grandmother said if Angela would not accept how she wanted to organise the wedding then Angela should forget about marrying him. Due to that, Joaquin went to talk to Angela to accept what his grandmother was offering for them to carry on with their marriage. Angela thought Joaquin was siding with Cita so she got upset.

Joaquin explained that he was not on anyone’s side. He even had a misunderstanding with his grandmother for the first time due to her but Angela did not care and walked out on him.

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