Lasmid is influenced to leave Highly Spiritual— Kaywa reveals

Lasmid is influenced to leave Highly Spiritual— Kaywa reveals

The Chief Executive Officer of Highly Spiritual Music, David Kojo Kyei known in the industry as Kaywa, has revealed that Lasmid exited his record label when his Nigerian lawyers dissuaded him from signing unto the label.

According to him, the musician after his hit track “Running” refused to sign a contract with the label after taken six months to go through the contract.

“He took his time to study the contract and he even picked out a few things and I told his manager that he should do whatever he wanted to be done for him because I had Lasmid at heart,” he said.

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Kaywa speaking in a media interview explained that Lasmid’s decision to have exited might equally be from influence from other sources within the industry.

From the onset, the music producer said he did not have a binding contract with the young artiste since he was given to him by the organisers of MTN Hitmaker as part of his prize package for winning the Season 8 of the music contest in 2019.

“MTN gave Lasmid to me for one year for GHS 40,000 to produce two songs, two videos, to promote two songs two videos. Outrageous. I put in all,” he said.

Kaywa indicated that after a year, Lasmid’s time with the label elapsed but due to his talent both agreed to work together on a future project to help market his craft after he had two hits “Friday night” and “Running” under his label.

“So I personally called him with some people to have an agreement to push him. At least, we have a hit song then the conversation will be different so when we are signing him to the label proper then nobody will have a problem,” he said.

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Kaywa noted that after taking a couple of years to push Lasmid’s craft, he luckily got his first hit, Friday Night which was his fourth song under the label, stressing that “it was after his second hit, Running that he decided to part ways with the label.”

“If I begin to talk about what the investment is, you would know that we really went deep. Had a conversation with him and then we had to move to our next level. Then suddenly the conversation we had was sealed, was not written, but it was sealed with understanding both of us with evidence. Suddenly the narrative changes because now he’s become big and he’s been influenced by seeing people in our circle,” he added.

To make sure they did not make mistakes, Kaywa said Lasmid’s team took about six months to study the contract, making changes where necessary.

Later, Kaywa claimed he called him to avail himself for the signing of the deal for them to start releasing more songs but Lasmid said he was waiting for his lawyers in the United States of America.

“We went ahead to drop a new song ‘Running.’ I personally took that song around. I drove, I was everywhere trying to distribute the song, paid to get people to play the song. I told them the song was out there so let us sign this thing and move forward,” he stated.

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Kaywa said Lasmid later told him his father wanted to be a witness to the contract so they needed to wait for him but to no avail.

He reminded them to sign the contract when they were about to release the Running video before he would put it out.

To his surprise, Kaywa received an email from some men in Nigeria who introduced themselves as lawyers for Lasmid and they showed no interest in the contract, reason he had to let him go.

Lasmid’s exit came a few months after Mr Drew’s contract with the label expired and parted ways with Highly Spiritual.

Kaywa has worked with other artistes including Kurl Songx, Yaw Berk, Krymi, King Maaga, and Rashelle Blue.

Currently, he has signed four new artistes, namely Cadeen, Joe Vibe, Shuga Lord and Joe Verse to Highly Spiritual Music.


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