The Way To Your Heart Highlights Episode 41-44

Onanay Highlights Episode 41-44

The Way To Your Heart Highlights Episode 41-44 Natalie is blind, Helena takes her revenge on the Matayog family

On the Island, the two sisters who are driven apart by a mere shed of wickedness, begin to get along and Natalie makes up with Maila by giving her a peace offering.

Meanwhile, the families of both girls are worried. Nelia prays for Maila and an usual sign followed her prayers as Elvin’s picture falls, signaling an omen.

She calls Onay in Batangas to relay the incident to her and she asks of the update about the missing girls and she is told there’s no new development.

Maila and Natalie hear a voice and with so much joy Natalie runs towards the direction of the voice only to be engaged in an accident which makes her unconscious.

Maila who is not well has to gather strength to take care of Natalie. Soon, it rains heavily adding to the plight of Maila who is putting in all efforts to help Natalie regain consciousness.

Sharing similar pains of losing their children, Helena and Onay bury their hatchet and provide shoulder for each to cry on.

Fortunately, Natalie regains consciousness but loses vision. Maila who is struggling to bring down the fever of Natalie hears the voices of the search team who arrived on the island to search for them.

In her bid to help Natalie gains the necessary medical assistance, Maila decides to put her life on the line to get help. She promised to come back for Natalie, however she also faints upon arrival.

The search team, carry her away and she wakes up at the middle of their journey to Batangas. She tries to talk to the search team to return for Natalie but they sent her to Batangas first, making Helena more frustrated for what she and the search team did to her daughter by abandoning only her on the island.

Natalie tries her best to seek for help when she realises Maila didn’t keep her promise, she collapsed in the process.

Soon, the search party together with Oliver find Natalie and sent the unconscious Natalie back to Batangas where she is quickly rushed to the hospital for necessary medical care.

Later, Helena turns Natalie against Maila. Natalie becomes partially blind and is agitated by her new condition. Oliver visits Natalie at the hospital but she vents the frustrations of her losing her sight on Oliver and drives him away. Imelda is upset with Oliver for spoiling the family’s relationship with the Montenegros all in the name of Maila.

Although, her family refrained her from paying her sister visit at the hospital, Maila who is feeling guilty for what happened rush to the hospital to see Natalie. She tries to explain things to her but Natalie will have none of that. Helena comes in and shifted all the blame on Maila and accused her of attacking Natalie.

She pushes Maila and discipline her for visiting Natalie. Seeing the sufferings of Natalie as she struggles to come to terms with her new condition, Helena pressures the doctor to do anything possible to save Natalie from being disabled.

Elsewhere, Nelia comes across the adulterous wife, Imelda being k!ssed by her boyfriend, Mark. Nelia later relays the information to Onay who feels sorry for Lucas to have such a wife.

Dante ends up on Helena’s book of revenge after her friend, Agatha reveals the real identity of her gardener to her. Helena then hatches up a plan to get back at the Matayogs.

She frames Dante up and gets him arrested for stealing her husband’s watch. Meanwhile, Lucas catches his adulterous wife in the hands of another man, making l*ve at the middle of the road. A fight ensued between Lucas and Mark.

Soon, Imelda packs out and takes her children along. Oliver then bids emotional goodbye to Maila, promising that he will come back for her. Lucas shed tears of his adulterous wife’s decision of traveling abroad. He tries to fix things but Imelda acts up to cover her deeds.

Helena executes another evil scheme against the Matayogs. This time around, she makes her goons set the Matayog’s house on fire, leaving them homeless. This increases the family’s plight as they become the talk of town.

An acquaintance, provides shelter for them and cloth them. Natalie wakes up to the discovery that her scholarship has been cancelled, leaving the poor girl shedding tears for all the bad omen that has befallen on her family.

Meanwhile, Helena and Agatha celebrates as the former says she has now started exacting her revenge and will not stop till the Matayogs beg for death after what they did to Natalie.


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