The Way To Your Heart Episode 40

The Way To Your Heart Episode 40 Maila, Natalie bond as sisters, stranded on an Island over a backfired revenge

Oliver went to search for Maila but Kiana thought she was with him. Oliver denied being with her. She told her that he never wrote any letter.

As she was getting disturbed and did not know what was going on, Maila pulled down the folder on her face and realised she was taken on a ride by Natalie and friends.

Natalie then confessed to her that she and her friends went to her room and dropped the letter on her bed. A flashback showed that after placing the letter on the bed of Maila in her room, her friend was sure Maila would fall for the trap. They also paid the lady who ushered Maila into the yacht to get the revenge executed.

Maila told them to send her back but they were still riding forward. She tried her best to fight them to ride back yet they were also not ready for that.

Natalie told her to jump into the sea and swim like a shark since Maila was even a shark. They fought with Maila and Natalie got hold of a oar in order to hit Maila but the latter swerved and the thing hit the engine (inboard motor) of the yacht.

Soon, the yacht exploded leaving the girls with no choice than to jump into the sea. Meanwhile, Oliver went to the place which Kiana told him about and showed the lady the picture of Maila. She admitted that Maila was there and was taken away by Natalie.

Oliver arranged for a boat and went after them. The girls were still fighting while in the sea. They all had lifejacket to support them except Maila who did not have any lifejacket. Desperate to save their lives, they saw a boat approaching and they lifted high their hands, signaling the boat to save them.

Maila was drowning as the sea kept rolling its tides hard. Oliver threw himself into the sea to go after Maila. Meanwhile, Natalie was yelling Oliver’s name to save her. Unfortunately, Oliver’s hand could not reach Maila, he swam to search for her.

At the market, Onay seemed to be worried about Maila, Dante also came there. Onay tried calling Maila. In Batangas, Natalie and Maila drown while Natalie’s friends were saved. Natalie and Maila landed at the shores of a certain Island while Oliver and the friends of Natalie kept searching for them.

Maila woke up and called out Natalie’s name. Natalie was unconscious so Maila pulled herself to check her pulse, later she woke up. Now the plans of Natalie had backfired and the girls had no one than to depend on themselves. They called for help but no one heard their voices.

Helena was so worried after all calls to reach Natalie proved futile. Her friend assured her that Natalie was in a safe hands. Oliver and girls were still on the boat searching desperately for Natalie and Maila.

Natalie blamed Maila for fighting back on the yacht while they were just having fun. She pushed Maila and she hit the ground. Oliver and the girls returned to ask for help to search for Natalie and Maila.

Onay also kept calling Maila but the calls still didn’t go through. As the blame game kept going on between the missing girls, they fought again but later saw that there was no need to fight since they were stranded.

Onay was desperate so she left the market. Kiana was so sad and shed tears after hearing Maila was missing. Oliver calmed her and blamed himself for what Natalie did.

The missing girls began to bond. Seeing Maila was asleep she tried sneaking out but Maila woke up and asked her where she was off to, Natalie blew some tantrums and left.

Being left alone at the shores, Maila decided to go after Natalie who had hit into the forest. She kept calling out Natalie’s name. Natalie heard Maila calling but she wanted Maila to leave her alone and hid.

Elsewhere, Helena called the teacher leading the students and queried her on why she allowed Natalie to go to the sea and threatened to get her fired. She then head to Batangas.

Kiana picked up a fight with Louise and her other friend for arranging with Natalie to trap Maila. Oliver called for a search party to get the missing girls as soon as possible.

Being tired in her search for Natalie, Maila took shelter under a tree. Unfortunately, a brach of the tree broke and hit on Maila. She screamed for help, however, Natalie who heard her referred to her as drama queen.

A debris of the tree pierced into her leg and she struggled to get it out but to no avail. As she was screaming, casting all her strength to push the branch to get the debris which has penetrated into her thighs, a python from nowhere appeared.

Making its way close to her, she tried to stay still. Natalie used a stick to redirect the snake and by the count of three she and Maila pulled the branch and help Maila out.

Dante drove Onay while Helena together with her friend in a car were all heading to Batangas to their daughters rescue. Natalie applied herb to Maila’s injury to stop the blood which was oozing.

Lucas received a call from Oliver. He informed him about what had happened to Maila. Lucas blamed Oliver for his inability to take care of Maila. Imelda picked up a fight with him and Gracie was not happy that her parents were having misunderstanding.

Lucas told Imelda that whether she liked it or not he was heading to Batangas to save Maila. Onay and Helena arrived at the place where the students were lodging. They exchanged words as Onay blamed Natalie for the incident.

Helena insisted that she did not have a proof and warned her to stop tainting her daughter’s name. The teacher tried installing peace by calming the nerves of both parents. As Dante saw Helena, he quickly took to his heels.

Natalie could not find Maila and was feeling scared being alone in the dark at the shores. She shouted out her name, later, Maila arrived with coconut and after the struggle, they managed to break it to eat it as dinner.

Meanwhile, Helena scolded the teacher for delaying in the search for Natalie. The teacher assured her that plans were far advanced to ensure the girls are saved, as the cops were searching for the girls

At the Island, the two sisters who were driven apart by fate started to get along. They confide in eachother, shared stories and laughter to take off their pain.

Helena vent her anger on Louise and the other friend. Louise said it was a fun trip they were having but the unfortunate happened and shifted the blame on Oliver. She insisted on Helena to put the blame on Oliver for choosing Maila over Natalie. She went on with her excuse that Natalie was there and Oliver rather went after Maila who was already drowning.

Oliver pleaded with Onay for his inability to save Maila. Helena arrived in fury, blaming him. The missing girls tried sleeping but Natalie could not sleep. She apologised to Maila for everything she had done to her. She then gave her a self made bangle as a peace offering to make up for every evil thing she had done against her.

Maila was happy with the bangle and the fact that they had now sorted out their differences. They smiled as they layed close to eachother, taking warmth from eachother.


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