The Better Half Episode 45 Bianca in woeful sorrows after Julia's death

The Better Half Episode 45

The Better Half Episode 45 Bianca in woeful sorrows after Julia’s death. Camille catches Rafael red-handed with another woman 

Rafael was drinking in a bar and Ashley approached him, once she said hello Rafael saw her as Camille and began ki$$ing her.

The lady saw he was going fast but she enjoyed and told him he was not Camille, but Rafael insisted that she was Camille and asked her to follow him to the house.

She was enjoying the love and the company of Rafael so she accepted to follow him.

At that moment Camille visited Rafael’s house and the servant told her that he has gone out. Camille checked the clock and wondered where Rafael could be but the servant answered that he had been acting that way for the past days.

Camille decided to wait for him, already she had been calling him but the call was not going through.

Bianca was in deep sorrows thinking about Julia, she took Julia’s dull and slept thinking about playing with her.

Bianca in deep sorrows

Clarita was worried about Bianca she and Luicito knocked the door of Bianca, she was quiet inside. Clarita told Alfredo to do something as the last time Bianca did that she hurts herself and did not want that incident to reoccur.

Alfredo asked one of his servants to bring an extra key for him to open the door. The servant handed the key to him and he opened the door once he and Clarita went in they mentioned Bianca’s name several times before she turned and removed the earpiece from her ears.

Alfredo asked her what she was doing and she replied that she was preparing to meet Julia. She then combed her hair, Clarita who was speechless about Bianca’s action stared Alfredo quietly.

Rafael reached home with his new lover saying they were now home and no one would be able to see them, he was all over the body of the lady and Camille watched him as he was about to ki$$ her, Camille screamed his name.

He then realised himself, he was happy to see Camille but Camille was hurt after seeing him in the arms of another woman.

In the arms of another woman

Camille told him that she visited him just to see how he was faring as she earlier saw a news about his sister Veronica’s tragic death not knowing he was enjoying himself and was getting along well.

Rafael tried to explain to her that it was not what she was thinking and was glad to see her. Camille said bye to him and ran off. He tried following her but Asley stopped him saying he would be a loser for following a woman.

She dissuaded him from running after Camille but Rafael insisted to follow her, she said no woman would be glad to speak with a man who was drunk so he should allow Camille to go.

Alfredo and Clarita had dinner and she told Alfredo not to act as if he was not bothered about Bianca’s action but Alfredo asked her to give Bianca some time as people who pass through a shocking experience do worse than what Bianca was doing.

He said some cut off their hair, while others starve and travel so Bianca’s action was normal. Clarita insisted that it was not normal because Bianca was going [email protected] and needed immediate medical attention.

Bianca later joined them at the dinning table and she served another plate saying it was for Julia and sat happily that Julia was eating.

Alfredo and Clarita locked gaze and kept quiet while they watched her to do what would make her feel happy.

Camille packed her things and the next day she checked out of the house. Rafael called Edgar to plead with him to give him Camille’s house address. He said he knew Camille did not want him to know her location but he had an important and urgent matter to discuss with her, eventually Edgar agreed and told him that he would send the location address later.

Camille called for a cab when it came she thought it was Rafael who was in the car, she stood motionless and when the driver rolled down the glasses she realised it was not Rafael just that the car look like Rafael’s own.
She was then relieved and joined the driver inside the car and they sped off.

Immediately she left Rafael also reached there, he asked about Camille and he was told by the receptionist that she just left and was taking a flight.

Rafael called to order for his ticket in order to follow Camille. He rushed home to pack his things. Hellen tried talking to him to dissuade him from running after Camille but Rafael turned into deaf ears.

Camille reached her parent home and they welcomed her telling her that she should have informed them for them to meet her.

As Rafael was going he met Luicito and he stopped him from his journey. He told Rafael that he should allow Camille to be and should not follow her.

Bianca was thinking about Julia and the incidents that led to her death, she cried and promised to always be with her at all times. She said Julia was her everything.

Bianca’s promise to Julia

She saw Sheryl’s ghost in the mirror and Sheryl made fun of her for losing Julia. Bianca said she has not lost Julia she was with Marco.

Sheryl said she has lost Julia and Marco the voice kept echoing in her head and explained to Bianca that she should not believe that Julia was alive because she has lost Julia as well as Marco.

The ghost of the past

Rafael’s father said he should remain where he was and allow Camille to also miss him, that he noted would help them to join together if they were meant to be if not he should carry on with his life.

Susan stated that she should not break away from Rafael since she was in [email protected] with him and Edgar said by the law Camille was the legal wife of Marco but Susan asked him what he wanted to tell Camille.

Protecting a daughter’s heart

Edgar then interjected that he was not asking Camille to return to Marco but was alerting Camille to give herself time to get out of the situation.

Camille said she would use the time being to work on her appeal to break her marriage with Marco but she was scared that Rafael could not wait till all the issue was resolved.

Susan said although she knew Rafael was human and anything could happen but was sure that Rafael was really in l’ved with Camille and would not do anything that would jeopardise their relationship.

Camille was worried and insisted on her question that what if Rafael falls into the hands of another woman. Susan calmed her down and asked her to spend more time with them but she said due to her school and the court case she would not be able to spend much time with them.

Mayor Dyna’s accomplice looked at her picture and said he was sad that he would not be able to do anything to avenge her death at the moment but promised to keep the recordings of Bianca’s confession and use it against her at the appropriate time when she strikes on him.

He said he was quite young and needed to give time for himself to build his life before he comes face to face with Bianca.

Bianca was laying on her bed and still hallucinating about Sheryl later Juancho appeared in her mirror.

Flashback: Juancho tried raping Bianca and Marco came to save her. Marco always took care of her and comforted her. He always ensured that Bianca was well protected and watched over her when she slept.

Flashforward: Bianca called on Marco to come to her aid and protect her, but Juancho’s ghost kept appearing to her.


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