The Better Half Episode 48 Camille gets her license back to operate her school

The Better Half Episode 49

The Better Half Episode 49 Camille gets her license back to operate her school while Bianca is discharged

Ashley told Rafael that she would leave the house because her presence seemed to be causing problems between him and Camille.

But Rafael caught her arm and asked her not to leave. He said her friendship was the only good thing going on in his life.

The Better Half Episode 48

Camille and Susan opened the letter from the teaching board and it read that her teaching license would not be revoked.

Good news for Camille The Better Half Episode 48 written update

Camille was very happy, they called Edgar to inform him about the good news. Edgar said he would go home early so that they would celebrate.

When he hunged up the phone, he asked Marco if he could get off work a little earlier. He gave Marco the good news that Camille got her license back and also invited him to have dinner with them.

Bianca escaped from the hospital for a while to follow Marco after he closed down the shop.

She followed him to Camille’s place and then told her driver to leave. They had barely left when she asked him to turn back and they messed up the brakes to Edgar’s truck.

In the morning, Camille went to the school to break the good news to the other teachers about her license.

She told the acting director to continue on her post as she was ready to resume to teaching. One of the parents who had spearheaded the move to have her license revoked apologised to Camille and said that she should have let her explain instead of listening to Bianca.

She asked if her son could continue schooling there and Camille said it was fine.
As Edgar was driving Marco’s truck, he ran into an accident, the brakes of his truck were not working.

He ended up hitting some stalls on the side of the road but no one was hurt. The stall owners wanted to file a complaint for destroying their stugg but Marco promised to pay for the damages.

The stall owners appreciated that Marco and Edgar took responsibility so they did not file any complaint.

Luicito learned about the incident from the news and called Rafael to let him know that Edgar was in a car accident.

Rafael visited Camille and turned down his date with Ashley. Ashley understood him, she said she could reschedule their dinner reservation so that they could leave once he visited Camille.

When Rafael arrived, Camille and her family were about to have their dinner. He said he wanted to know how her father was and she told him that he was resting.

She invited him to have dinner with them but Rafael said that he had prior plans. Susan went to greet Rafael and he apologised for having hurt Camille.

Susan said she had forgiven him since Camille had already forgiven him but she warned him never to hurt Camille again.

She also invited him for dinner but Rafael said he already made plans and went to join Ashley in the car.

When Camille went to work the following morning, she received gifts with a crown and magic wand which she thought were from Rafael.

The design of the wand however told her that the gift was from Marco and she seemed dissappointed. She sent him a text to thank him.

Marco’s clients were impressed with his work and quality of his furniture so they offered to get him a show room to showcase his furniture and to invite people from the hotel industry.

Marco was grateful to them and was assured that his business would become successful.
Bianca was released from the hospital after her doctor told Alfredo that she had improved after following her medication.

Alfredo wanted to tell Clarita about it but Bianca wanted to surprise her.
Clarita got nervous when she saw Bianca return to the house and Alfredo assured her that she was better since the doctor already discharged her.

Bianca discharged The Better Half Episode 48 written update

She made Lasagna for her parents and taunted Clarita about the dish she had made by talking about a recipe that the two of them and Juancho knew.

Alfredo went to ask Bianca what she and Clarita had been talking about because it had nothing to do with Lasagna.

Bianca denied it meaning something else at first but she finally admitted to Alfredo that Juancho abused him.

Alfredo asked her why she never told him and Bianca said that it was because she thought her father would turn out to be like Clarita who knew but did nothing.

Alfredo got upset and wanted to shoot Clarita but Bianca pleaded on Clarita’s behalf and asked him to forgive her.

She took away his gun and hugged him as she said that everything was okay.


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