The Better Half Episode 51 Camille gives in to Rafael's $.e.xual desire and promise to keep their affair secret

The Better Half Episode 51

The Better Half Episode 51 Camille gives in to Rafael’s $.e.xual desire and promised to keep their affair secret

Marco arrived at Camille’s house to go for Edgar for them to attend his furniture exhibition.

At that moment Camille was also leaving for the baptism so Marco offered to drive her there.

As they were waiting for Edgar to get ready, Marco invited Camille to go out with him in order for them to celebrate his exhibition and Camille agreed to it.

Alfredo got a call from his people telling him that Clarita reopened Juancho’s case and they already had a lead.

He said Juancho had gone to his house at the island and when he got off the phone, he told Bianca about it.

Bianca got worried because that was where she had buried Juancho’s body and Alfredo asked her if there was something he should know.

Bianca finally confessed to him that she killed Juancho but it was from self defense because he wanted to rape her again and threatened to tell everyone about Marco since it was during that time that Marco was missing.

Alfredo told her that they needed to go to the island to get the body before Clarita got there.

Marco drove Camille to the church and Rafael got upset when he saw them together. He went away to talk to the priests as camille went to greet her friends. They told her that they were sorry for what happened between her and Rafael but Camille told them that it was fine since they were on good terms.

As Marco and Edgar drove to the exhibition, Marco told Edgar that he had asked Camille to go out with him and he wanted to know if Edgar was fine with it. Edgar did not mind and was actually delighted that Marco wanted to ask his permision to date Camille again.

At the church, things were a little tense between Rafael and Camille and they tried to avoid each other as much as possible. After the ceremony, Camille said she had to leave and everyone complained.

Rafael asked them to let her go because she had a date with Marco. He also said that he had to go and received the same reaction. Camille said that he had a date with Ashley which was why he was in a hurry.

Rafael and Camille meet at a friend’s child baptism

Both of them ended up staying as Karen, Mike and the rest of their friends gathered around to have a drink as a way to celebrate.

They purposely left a chair beside Rafael so that Camille would have no choice but to sit there. She however sat at another table and refused to sit next to Rafael.
They all got drunk and Rafael had a little too much.

As they dispersed to go home, there was no one to take care of Rafael so Camille offered to take him home. Rafael told her to leave him alone and go on her date with Marco but he was too drunk so Camille ultimately took him home.

When they got to the house, Rafael asked Camille why she let Marco take her to the church when she knew that he would be there.

He accused her of trying to make him jealous so Camille got upset and decided to leave. Rafael got up to stop her but he puked all over the table.

Camille stayed behind to clean up and make Rafael some coffee so that he would sober up. She got a towel to clean his face and he caught her hand.

He wanted to know whether she was with Marco and Camille told him that they were only friends and he just happened to drive her to the church.

She then asked him to finish his coffee as she went upstairs to get him a shirt to change into.

When Edgar and Marco got back to Manila, Camille was not yet back so Edgar invited Marco to have a drink with him as they waited for Camille to get back home.

When Camille went upstairs to their room, she found it exactly as she left it. She walked around feeling nostalgic touching everything as tears filled her eyes.

She touched her robes, smelled Rafael’s clothes and finally took the wedding ring that she left behind.

Camille and Rafael’s old room

She wanted to put it back on her finger but Rafael entered the room. He had gone upstairs because Camille had taken too long getting back.

Rafael told Camille that he had not slept in the room or had it cleaned ever since she left because he wanted to go back in time to the point where they were still together.

He told her that he still loved her as much as he had before and hoped that she would go back to him. He knelt before her and hugged her as he begged her to stay but Camille left the room.

Rafael begs Camille to stay

Rafael went after her and asked her not to leave so that they could talk.

Camille however said that she had to leave and Rafael told her to go to Marco since she only wanted to make him jealous. Camille turned back and told him that she was not doing anything wrong because she was not dating Marco.

She however said that she was the one who had a right to be jealous because he was making her into a fool by saying that there was nothing between him and Ashley.

She added that Ashley wanted something more from him and Rafael said that he did not have feelings for Ashley since he only loved her. He caught her by the arm and kissed her.

The two spent the night together and Rafael made Camille promise to stay with him. They decided to get back together but not tell anyone about it first.

The Better Half Episode 51
Marco had to leave Camille’s house since it was already late and Camille had not yet arrived. He did not go home but stayed in his car to wait for her instead.

When Rafael drove Camille home, they saw Marco waiting in his car and Camille got alarmed since she had forgotten about their date.

Marco waits for Camille

Rafael threw a fit about Camille seeing Marco even if it was only as friends so Camille said that she would no longer go out with him.

After Rafael left, Camille went to Marco and woke him up. He asked why she went home late and she said that they stayed to have a few drinks and celebrate.

Marco asked how she got home and Camille said that Karen ordered her a cab since her phone was off. Marco said he waited to give her some flowers before they wilted and he handed them to her.

Camille accepted them and then Marco went to kiss her so Camille offered her cheek. Rafael had not yet gone and he watched both of them on the side mirror of his car. He only left after Marco got into his car and left.


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