The Better Half Episode 53 Bianca follows Camille to kill her

The Better Half Episode 53

The Better Half Episode 53 Bianca follows Camille to kill her

Bianca told Alfredo to rest and take his medicine so that he would feel better. They promised to take care of each other.

Alfredo also told Bianca to make sure that she took her medicine. They also talked about Clarita and hoped that she would not find Juancho’s body.

Camille arrived home late and tried to make up an excuse for her parents but Edgar told her that she was old enough to do as she wanted.

She went to her room in a hurry and changed to go to bed. Rafael texted her to ask if she got home and said that he missed her already. Camille told him that she missed him too and that she got home safely.

They wished each other goodnight and promised to meet the following evening for dinner.

The Better Half Episode 53

Just as Camille was about to go to sleep, she received a new text, this time around it was from Marco wishing her a good night.

Camille receives good night text from Rafael and Marco

In the morning, Clarita wanted to bring breakfast to Alfredo and she brought guards with her so that Bianca would not harass her.

Bianca told Clarita that she lost the right to be Alfredo’s wife when she let her brother hurt her. Clarita said she had a right to be with Alfredo and she would not leave the house.

Bianca allowed her go but when Alfredo saw the tray that Clarita brought, he knocked it over and told Clarita to leave. He wanted her to leave the house but Clarita refused to go.

Marco and Edgar drove Camille to work and Marco asked Camille when they would have dinner. Camille agreed to see him that evening along with her parents.

The Better Half Episode 53

When Camille was at her office, she found a bouquet of flowers and thought that they were from Rafael. She was disappointed to find out that they were from Marco and she called him to thank him. She also told him that he did not have to send her flowers.

Marco gives Camille a flower

Marco said that it was not a bother as long as he was doing it for her but Camille insisted on him not sending flowers.

Marco asked if there was anyone who would get jealous but before she answered, someone interrupted her. She told Marco that she had to attend to something and hangged up.

Ashley confronted Rafael and asked him if she was just someone he used to pass time with or to make Camille jealous. Rafael told Ashley that he thought things between them were clear and there was nothing serious. He apologised to her for messing with her feelings but he admitted that he was not yet over Camille and Ashley left saying that she would not let him hurt her again.

Bianca threw away her pills and replaced her bottle with fake ones. She then went to see Marco at his furniture shop.

She heard Julia’s voice in there and was hysterical when she got to Marco. She told him that she wanted them to get back together but Marco told her that they could no longer be together since he wanted to get back with Camille.

Bianca was about to throw a tantrum but Edgar arrived and she ran off.
Edgar and Marco left later to meet Camille and Susan at a restaraunt.

Camille had a cake prepared to congratulate Marco for the success of his furniture shop.

The Better Half Episode 53

Bianca followed them, she was upset when she saw the way Marco was looking at Camille. She got a rock and smashed his car and then left.

Bianca destroys Marco’s car

Marco thanked Camille for inspiring him and he held her hand because he wanted to tell her something else. Before he could, the waiter interrupted him and asked of a certain number plate and whether it belonged to him.

The car was Marco’s so they had to check what happened.

With the evening ruined, Marco took Camille and her parents home without telling Camille what he meant to say.

Bianca could not stop hearing Marco’s voice in her head as he told her that he would get back together with Camille. She went up to her room to get a gun and then left the house.

Marco talked to Edgar and Felix about the incident with his car and they found it suspicious that the CCTV cameras did not capture what happened.

The guard however said that a guard saw a woman doing it and Marco thought it was Bianca. Edgar told Marco that Bianca might have been behind the incident with the car brakes as well.

Susan and Edgar asked Marco what he wanted to tell Camille at the restaraunt and he said that he wanted to ask her to get back together with him.

The following morning, Rafael packed up his stuff and told Helen that he would be going out with a friend. Camille also packed a bag and said that she was leaving for a teacher seminar in Tagaytay.

The Better Half Episode 53

Out of jealousy, Bianca followed Camille to execute her plans. She wanted to shoot her but she was unable to do it once she saw Camille meeting up with Rafael.

She was glad to see that they were still together which meant that Marco would be free to be with her. She heaved a sigh of relief finally she would be able to get Marco.

The Better Half Episode 53: Bianca  sees Rafael and Camille together


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