The Better Half Episode 67 Court finally grants Camille's quest of marriage annulment 

The Better Half Episode 67

The Better Half Episode 67 Court finally grants Camille’s quest of marriage annulment

Marco was discharged from the hospital and Camille’s family took her home. Felix had been staying to watch over his house and Marco thanked him for it.

The prisoners in jail tried to bully Bianca but Bianca attacked them and told them that Bianca Buenaflor would not be bullied.

The Better Half Episode 67

She received a visitor and left thinking that it was the general but it was Camille. Camille went to tell Bianca that she would no longer hurt them but Bianca told Camille she was the one who was at fault for everything.

Camille pays Bianca a visit

She accused Camille of stealing her husband. Camille told Bianca that she would end up as the villain if they counted the things they had done against each other and she would pay for everything she had done.

Camille left the jail scowling and Rafael told her that it was not a good idea to let her visit Bianca because she was mad.

Camille’s lawyer went to see her and told her that she might have a chance to have their marriage annulled because her story with Rafael was brought back by the media when Bianca got arrested and the public seemed to empathise with them. The lawyer therefore said that Camille’s annulment would get expedited.

Marco talked to his lawyer about Bianca’s mental condition, saying she was raped by her uncle when she was a little girl and the lawyer told him to be careful because Bianca might have lied to him.

Marco thinks of helping Bianca

The lawyer the general sent was harassed by Bianca because he had not fulfilled all the things that Bianca wanted.

She wanted to be transferred to a private room and for the general to help her get out of jail and she threatened to say all the things she knew about the general if he did not help her.

She also kept referring to him as Francis instead of Franco and refused to let the lawyer correct her.

Marco had dinner with Camille and her family so that he could discuss Bianca’s condition with them.

He cited that Bianca could be mentally ill due to what she suffered as a child and suggested that they took her to a mental institution instead.

Edgar got upset and told Marco that Bianca had to pay for her crimes. He said she was in her right mind when she ran him over and had Julio killed.

Marco talked to Camille and apologised to her for suggesting that Bianca be taken to a mental hospital. He said they needed to have Bianca treated so that she could later face the charges against her.

Camille accepted his decision and she talked Edgar into agreeing to it as well. Later, Camille received a letter from the annulment court and she was too nervous to open it because she thought the annulment might be denied again.

Camille receives a letter from the Court of Appeal

Rafael read it for her and then tore it up to make Camille and their parents nervous but he broke into a smile and said that he would never let her go again because she was now free.

The general heeded Bianca’s request and had her transferred to a private room.
Marco had a drink with Felix after Camille’s annulment was granted and he said he would let Camille do as she wanted.

General approves Bianca’s request

He also said that his lawyer would get Bianca’s medical records so that they could have her transferred to a mental institution.

After the annulment was granted, Rafael and Camille soon started to prepare their wedding with their parents’ approval.

After teaching the children, Camille got a call from Rafael and he told her to help him because he left something in the trunk of her car. When Camille went to look in her car, there was a children’s book from Rafael and in it, he asked her to go out with him that evening.

Rafael picked Camille up from their house later and when they got into the car, Rafael asked Camille if he knew why he invited her out using a children’s book.

He gave her a recording he made and in it, he said that he realised he loved her when they were at Veronica’s foundation and he gave her a children’s book.

They then went to watch a horror movie but in the middle of it, the movie got cut and Rafael’s face came up on screen.

He talked about how he had been labelled the unluckiest man in the world because of his tragic love story with Camille but he was now determined to change everything since he now have the chance to marry her again.

After the video ended, the rest of the movie goers were cooing from delight because the couple was so sweet to one another.

Rafael told Camille that he wanted to let the entire world to know about their love for each other and was happy that they no longer had to hide.


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