The Better Half Episode 69 Bianca kills Rafael

The Better Half Episode 69

The Better Half Episode 69 Bianca kills Rafael

After Rafael reached the location to save Camille from Bianca. He sneaked in behind Bianca and was able to hit her then took Camille away.

Bianca recovered fast and went after both of them. She shot at them and shot Camille’s leg so Rafael had to carry her. They tried to hide from Bianca but she found them again.

Bianca told Rafael to put Camille down so that she could kill him and make Camille watch. She hit Rafael on the forehead and he fell down along with Camille.

Rafael rescues camille

Rafael got back and kicked Bianca trying to get the gun away from her. He told Camille to go and get Marco and ask him for help as he stayed behind trying to fight off Bianca.

Camille went to look for Marco but the house was too big and Marco could not find the exact place they were in.

Camille calls Marco for help

Camille heard a gun shot and went back to see what happened. Bianca had managed to shoot Rafael and when Camille went to the room, Bianca aimed the gun at her as well.

She shot at her but Rafael stood in the way and sustained another gunshot wound on the back. He fell on the ground along with Camille and Camille told Bianca to kill her as well since she had already shot Rafael.

Bianca laughed and told Camille that her wish was her command and shot at her. Camille took a bullet to her shoulder and fell against Rafael.

Bianca kills Rafael

Bianca was happy to see that she had fulfilled her plans and mocked how Camille and Rafael would die together and love each other in death.

She was about to finish off Camille and aimed her gun at her but before she pulled the trigger, she was shot on the back. Marco had finally located them and shot Bianca before she could kill Camille.

At the mortuary, Marco apologised to Bianca for not loving her as she wanted and his father was there to support him. Marco also prayed for Camille and Rafael to survive the tragedy.

Camille and Rafael were rushed to the hospital and they both had a dream about being together in eternity. To them it was peaceful there and there was no fighting.

They were ready to die together but Rafael told Camille that she had to go back to take care of their little one. He then gave her a farewell kiss.

The nurse at the hospital confirmed that Camille was indeed pregnant. The doctors tried to revive Rafael on the operation table but he died.

The doctor told his family that Rafael died due to the fatal gunshot wounds and there was nothing much they could do. They also said that Camille was fine because her wounds were not serious and her baby was also healthy.

When Camille woke up, the first person she asked for was Rafael. Edgar and Susan were at a loss and did not know what to tell her so she said that she would go get him herself.

Her parents eventually told her that Rafael has died and she had to stay strong for their baby.
Camille watched the video of Rafael proposing to her and told her mother how unfair her life was.

She explained that she had already found the person she would spend the rest of her life with but he was taken away.

Susan told her that sometimes fate usually had other plans. Camille however said that if she was meant to lose Rafael then she should never have met him. Susan told her that she should not regret meeting him.

It was a sad funeral as Camille, Helen, Luicito and all their friends buried Rafael. Luicito asked Camille to understand that Rafael loved her so much which was why he did not hesitate to risk his life for her and for the child she was now carrying.

Camille’s wedding vow

He added that they should be thankful for the time they spent with them.
Camille talked about how Rafael wanted to read her wedding vows the day before the wedding but she asked him to wait for their wedding.

She told the congregation that she wished she could have let him read her vows because he was now gone and he would never get to read them again.

She therefore read the vows at the funeral saying; “My love I met you at a time when I thought that there was nothing else to hold on to but I thank you for giving me a chance to love again.” Camille cried as she said that.

Rafael would have teased her for writing only a sentence for their wedding vows but she also emphasised that they should cherish the memories they shared with him.

She cried at his coffin saying just how sad she was because she never got to tell him how much she loved him.

Months later

Camille gave birth to a son who she named Julio Rafael (JR) and she raised him along with Helen and Luicito.

Years later, Camille ran into Marco at the cemetery while she was visiting Julio. She introduced him to her son and Marco said he was doing well in Dubai where he was expanding the furniture business.

Marco and Camille catch up at Julio’s grave

He asked if Camille was teaching again but she said that she wanted to focus on raising her son but she had already built another school. They chatted for a while, after their long conversation Camille left with her son, Julio Rafael.



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