The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 11-15

The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 11-15 Moonchasers save Ningning but Nognog is turned into a vampire, Malia recruits Lemuel for the LLU

As Malia walks along the street of Manila, she can still feel the heart beats of the people she encounters. She stumbles on the SMV Corporation, a company owned by Supremo. She decides to try her luck and apply for a job there but she was driven out by a security.

Supremo visits his prisoner, Jethro to find out the reason Malia is powerless. Jethro reveals that Malia comes from a blood line which they don’t come into their power the expected time, just like Lyka (Malia’s grandmother) and Lia.

Elsewhere, the Moonchasers are puzzled to witness the dead Lemuel sucking the blood of the cemetery cleaner. They run after him, later the group is stricken with fear and they see the need to appoint a leader. As some see Tristan as good for the leadership role, Adee sees nothing in Tristan for him to lead them. The issue creates a rift since Adee wants to be the leader.

Soon, Tristan’s family in San Isidro arrive in Manila to live with Tristan in Summer’s house. However, Summer is against Tristan’s decision but has no choice than to accept. As the feud for leadership is growing, the members of Moonchasers receive anonymous text to show up at their meeting place, only to discover the head of Moonchasers, Prof T.

He reveals all the information needed to get the group going. The members now are scared to join but Tristan makes that bold decision to join so everyone followed. As their meeting are on going, Supremo also introduces Ningning and Nognog, Malia’s childhood friends who are apparently couple to his minions. Veruska reveals their affiliation to Malia so Supremo orders his minions to turn Ningning into a vampire.

Gaining, the trust of Berto and his wife, Dory Malia who has changed her identity as a boy with the name Miyo now gains a roof over her head and becomes a personal assistant to her new family as a corn seller.

Erin is still in crisis after losing Yago so he decides to b0mb the SMV Corporation to d!e along with the vampires, however Malia comes in between his mission. Elsewhere, Prof T reveals the plans of Supremo against Ningning to his members. Ningning is a game and computer wizard. She is recruited for the DATU Asian Tournament for Youtopia.

Through the meeting, Tristan discovers that his late father was a Luna. Malia now teams up with Erin while Jake escapes the camp in search of Malia. He assures Catleya that within three days he will return with Malia and Veruska. Veruska and Jethro meet themselves after so many years and Jethro makes it clear that the prophesy still holds. Veruska now seeks one thing, to flee from Supremo’s clutch and help Malia to bring Supremo down.

Kuto, an adopted son of Dory steals Tristan’s money to help Dory to pay for Glenda’s hospital expenses during her delivery. This brings Malia and Tristan together, since Malia is in disguise, Tristan couldn’t recognise her. In his quest to find Malia and Veruska, Jake finds himself in trouble. Supremo receives a new werewolf, one of the LLU members who describes the face of Malia to him. After gaining what he wants, Supremo goes against his agreement to set her free and turns her into an hybrid.

He holds her as captive, eventually Veruska k!lls her. Miyo asks help from Tristan in order to pay off the money her family spent due to Kuto. Tristan helps her to gain employment at the mechanic shop. At the auto shop, Miyo watches on TV a news about Ningning’s Mergaddon Datu Championship event and plans to be there to meet her.

Unknown to her, Supremo has discharged his minions to search for her at the place. Prof T equips the Moonchasers with equipment needed to smite all vampires at the event when the need arrives to protect themselves and Ningning.

Jake passes by at Lia’s grave to find out that Malia has since not visited the last time she came. He leaves a letter in a flower pot, disclosing where she could find him. Miyo changes her looks to Malia to be at the event, she struggles to get in touch with her friend, however when she came face to face with her and Nognog, vampires arrived in search of her.

With her super hearing ability Malia swerves them and lands in the hands of Tristan. Tristan recognises her as the injured lady he finds in his jeepney, she flees. As ordered, Supremo’s minions attack Ningning, Tristan is there on time to save her and Nognog. The couple run but they get ambushed, Tristan and his team get there to save them.

Unfortunately, Nognog get bitten and Prof T uses his memory loss spray to temper with the minds of the CCTV team, workers of the hotel where the event is organised for them to forget about seeing vamp!res.

Malia visits her mother’s grave and chances on the letter Jake left. She gets encouraged to hear Baristo, Catleya and Gael alive. The Moonchasers rescue Nognog and Ningning and send them to their headquarters to seek Prof T’s help for Nognog. Nognog is chained as his condition is worsening.

Supremo receives a bad news from his minions. The mission is unsuccessful as the r£bel vamp!res come across a group of young youth who they couldn’t pinpoint whether they are Luna Soldier’s new recruit or a group Malia has nurtured to fight Supremo. Jake returns to Lia’s grave to find Malia’s reply to his letter.

Meanwhile, Baristo and Catleya opted to go with Gael wherever they will be safe to recruit vampires and werewolves of their clan to embark on their new mission. Prof T realises his group fail to get rid of Nognog. Nognog has now turned into a vampire so they run after him. People who come across Nognog get their memories erased by Prof T’s potion. He even erases the memory of Ningning concerning Nognog in order not to jeopardise the mission of the Moonchasers.

Soon, Malia meets Gael in Erin’s place and he sends her to meet Catleya and Baristo who are now living close to a refuse dump. She breaks the information of her new hearing and smelling ability aside detecting the heartbeats of the people. Malia, later comes across Lemuel, she recruits him to the LLU for Gael to train him on how to use his powers for good course. He is now trained to live on the blood of an animal instead of humans.

Baristo has phoned some of the werewolves in China and they are also seeking help from other werewolves in different continents to help the rest of the LLU members in Philippines.

One day, Lemuel comes to the mechanic shop to look for Miyo, Tristan who is leaving with his jeepney encounters him. He becomes scared and he sends all his family inside and calls his colleagues to scout the area for Lemuel.

Malia runs to see Lemuel who is on a first mission to lead Jake to see Malia. Jake has smeared himself with rubbish for the evil vampires not to detect his scent. Meanwhile, the minions of Supremo have gone for Nognog and the one who turns him into a vampire offers his blood to him, to turn him into a r£bel for Supremo to get to Malia.


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