The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 16-20

The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 16-20 Malia wins Omar for the LLU, Moonchasers lose members over a mission to Save Senator Mallari

Scared for the lives of his family after coming face to face with Lemuel, Tristan makes a sudden decision to keep them safe. He pays off his debts to Summer in his quest to leave his aunt’s house.

With the help of Dory, Tristan gains a new apartment in Miyo’s area to stay. Fortunately or unfortunately, Madam Star, the fortune teller is the landlady of Tristan but both are unaware. Soon, Tristan packs out from Summer’s house to the new place and settles with his father’s relatives.

Though the neighbourhood is a bit chaos, Tristan believes the lives of his family are not compromised due to Berto being the people’s favourite.

At the lair of Supremo, he makes plans to take down the group intends to help Luningning for her to forget about Nognog. His target now is Senator Rodolfo Mallari, a political rival who has high tendency of winning the elections.

At the prison of Supremo, Jethro reveals to Veruska that there is another person in the prophecy who will help Malia to bring the reign of the vampire with the cursed ink down. Something he never revealed to anyone.

Knowing Supremo is listening to their conversation, Jethro speaks on a low tone to an extent that Veruska even couldn’t hear. However they end up getting punished for conspiring.

A co admin to the Moonchasers online platform sends the target of Supremo to Prof T. Prof T later meets the mysterious woman and introduces the first batch of Moonchasers to her. Prof T sees Piolo as liability and not an asset and makes plans to get rid of him.

After a special welcoming from Dory and Berto to the neighbourhood. Tristan now tells Miyo to go about with his daily life without working at the auto shop. They agree that Miyo will pay his debt in instalments. Prof T sends the Moonchasers to have training with other Moonchasers but Tristan fails to attend since he is escorting his grandfather to the hospital.

Piolo calls Tristan to inform him about the training but Prof T gets upset and sacks him. After meeting Jake and the latter gives Miyo a phone and tells him about the plans of Baristo, Miyo goes to sell corn at SMV to gather information on means to get inside the building. Nognog is forced to k!ll a human but couldn’t, Chino is chosen by Supremo to teach Nognog their evil ways.

Miyo manages to sell food inside the SMV Corp, there he bumps into Supremo in an elevator. Supremo engages him in a conversation, unawares of the boy’s real identity as Malia. Miyo now applies a job in the Heat Bar of SMV Corporation as waiter but she needs a recommendation before he will be employed.

After successful surgery, Tristan goes to the Moonchasers headquarters to find his friends getting themselves treated after an intense training from Prof T.

Prof T fires Tristan, Tristan explains why he cannot make it to the meeting yet Prof does not want any excuse. As Tristan is leaving, his friends run after him, saying it must be a test from Prof T.

Later, Prof T and Tristan sort things out through a fight. Prof T likes Tristan’s exceptional fighting skills and warns him against missing training. He then welcomes him back.

Erin after hearing Malia’s desire to infiltrate the camp of Supremo at SMV, he plans to seek the help of Omar, Noah’s (Malia’s grandfather) friend who is a vampire and sides with Supremo. Luningning meets Gilbert Imperial, Supremo’s earthly name who employs her in Youtopia, a renowned online business.

Tristan wakes up in the morning and cannot find his family. Thinking Lemuel has getting rid of his family, he goes out asking around and he is informed that they are with Dory.

He rushes there to ensure their safety. Miyo comes to serve him with corn. Soon, a fight broke in the area, Tristan and Miyo manage to defeat the trouble maker. Tristan is impressed by Miyo’s fighting skills as that defeated the man. He wonders where Miyo had his training. The two are hailed for their exceptional fighting skills. Tristan wanted to talk to Miyo to join the Moonchasers but he couldn’t after Miyo pays off his debt.

Elsewhere, Erin, Gael and Lemuel stay close to a gambling den all night in wait of Omar. Omar comes out the next day, Erin comes to meet him in trouble since those he gambled with accuse him of cheating. Erin comes to his rescue but when he tries to talk to him, Omar attempt to k!ll Erin. It takes the intervention of Gael and Lemuel to save Erin.

At Royal Trust Bank, Gabriel becomes hero while saving a kid and many from robbers who came to robb the bank. He makes it on the headline and is referred to on social media as Superman. The police nabbed Greta’s (Dory’s daughter) husband for trying to robb the bank.

Since their initial effort fail, Malia plans to meet Omar herself so Gael trains her in gambling. After series of winning the poker, she is set to clash with Omar in a gambling den. The Moonchasers embark on a project out of the town to save Senator Mallari in a province.

Miyo sees Tristan is deep thought and he helps him to free his mind with an advice from the play of poker. Tristan now makes up his mind to travel with the Moonchasers. Later, Miyo visits the gambling den to play poker with Omar. She defeated Omar, which gets Omar upset that for the first time someone has beaten him to his game.

He strangles Miyo, she later reveals herself to him as Malia, Lia and Mateo’s daughter and a granddaughter to Noah. Unknown to Malia, Supremo has instructed Omar to pass through Erin to reach Malia and gets her to him. Malia asks Omar to be part of the LLU, Omar tries to outsmart Malia and gets her into his car to surrender her to Supremo. However, Malia smells danger and rushes out of the car.

Unknown to Omar, they wre being followed by Erin and Gael. He fights with Malia and she defeated him. Malia wants to win Omar’s trust so she follows him to the heat bar where she sees how Supremo and his minions feed on humans who visit the bar. Omar now decides to help Malia so she tells him to recommend her to infiltrate SMV.

Moonchasers in disguise guard Senator Rodolfo Mallari’s house. Tristan manages to get close to the senator and reveals the group’s mission to him. The rest of the members are allowed in. Meanwhile, the fear exhibits by Lauren endangers the group, leading her death, Joey, Rocky among others.

Elsewhere, Madam Star sees the darkness covering the house and leaves Betty and the family, making Betty get worried about Tristan. Chino and the rest of the vampires in their surprise attack on the Moonchasers make Tristan fights in the manner he has never fought before.

Prof T who stands to defend his group was also beaten. Tristan watches in despair as he sees his friends and Prof T falling. Tristan now motivates by the words of Tonio and Miyo stands to fight them. Elsewhere, Gilbert Imperial carrie on with his humanitarian work with many people praising him. Gilbert Imperial winning the hearts of many makes him feel the winning is a done deal for him while his minions are carrying their evil plot against his opponent.

Realising they are being defeated by Tristan, the rest of the vampires left with one of the Moonchasers and Tristan faints. As the family of Tristan are worried for not picking his calls, Prof T orders the driver to convey them to their headquarters to make him save all of them in time with his scientific formula.


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