The Stepdaughters Episode 11

The Stepdaughters Episode 11 Luisa breaks up with Hernan over Isabelle’s tantrum

Mayumi was surprised to see Hernan when she and Luisa went out for dinner. Once they sat on their seat, Luisa opened up to Mayumi about her relationship with Hernan and Mayumi agreed to support them.

Unknown to Hernan, Isabelle followed him to the restaurant to find out who her father was meeting. Mayumi spotted her when she went to the ladies room so she rushed back to inform Hernan and Luisa that Isabelle was there. They were able to leave the restaurant before Luisa saw them.

When Isabelle went to sleep that evening, she had a dream about Brenda telling her that she failed to keep her promise about keeping Hernan away from Luisa. The following day during breakfast, Mayumi asked Hernan where he was the previous evening. Hernan said he went out for a drink with his friends. Isabelle told him about her dream so Hernan was unable to reveal his affair with Luisa to her.

Luisa called Hernan to say good morning and Hernan seemed happy after the call. Isabelle asked who it was and Hernan said it was just a business call. Mayumi brought lunch food at the office and accidentally told Francis that her mother made it for Hernan and her. Francis asked why her mother would make food for Hernan and Mayumi said she was selling the food to save money for their beauty shop.

Francis said it was a good idea and ordered a dish for himself too. When Hernan went to the office, Mayumi brought the lunch that Luisa packed for him. Isabelle overheard them and threw away the food, telling Mayumi that it did not suit her father. She wanted Mayumi to fight back but Mayumi decided not to play her games anymore.

She left and Hernan scolded Isabelle for what she did, adding that it was not right. Mayumi tried to calm herself down and congratulated herself for not fighting with Isabelle. She ran into Francis on her way back to the lab and told him what Isabelle did. Francis offered to take her out for some noodles but Mayumi declined since she had a date with Luisa.

When Hernan left the office, Daphne and Isabelle followed her. They saw him buying jewelry at the mall and went inside to ask the attendant who it was for. The girl said that Hernan had bought it for his girlfriend.
Hernan brought Luisa to an expensive restaurant and gave her the necklace.

Luisa didn’t want to accept it but he insisted. Later, Mayumi joined them and Hernan said it was his way to make it up to them since they did not get to have dinner together. As Mayumi was ordering her food, Luisa left to go to the washroom.

Isabelle and Daphne arrived at the restaurant and saw Hernan with Mayumi. Isabelle attacked Mayumi since she thought he was Hernan’s girlfriend. Mayumi didn’t say anything and opted to leave but Isabelle followed her. She pushed her to the ground and Luisa saw them fighting when she left the washroom.

She tried defending Mayumi so Isabelle threw a bucket of water on both of them. She yanked Luisa’s necklace and realised it was the necklace Hernan bought. Hernan went to stop Isabelle and told her that he was dating Luisa. Isabelle could not take it and insulted Luisa by saying she was only after Hernan’s money, calling her a gold-digger. Isabelle was consumed with fury since Brenda had asked her to stop her father from seeing Luisa. Luisa therefore left with Mayumi.

Isabelle asked Hernan to choose between her and Luisa and he said that Luisa needed him more. Isabelle decided to leave the house but Daphne stopped her. She told Isabelle that she would make things easy for Luisa and Mayumi if she left Hernan alone.

Mayumi told Luisa that she did not want to see her get hurt due to Isabelle and advised her mother to break up with Hernan. When Hernan went to see her, Luisa told him that they should break up since they were hurting other people. Hernan went home drunk and heartbroken since Luisa broke up with him.

Daphne and Isabelle hatched plans to make sure that Luisa stayed away from Hernan for good. Daphne visited Luisa the following day and offered her money. Meanwhile, Isabelle gave Mayumi a box of numbing cream and asked her to give it to Luisa so that she would no longer be horny.

Being upset, Mayumi threw the creams back at Isabelle and said she would fight back to defend her mother.


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