The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 60-64

The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 60-64 Lady In Red unlocks Malia’s powers, Malia faces Supremo to save Tristan from the grave

The combined efforts of the Moonchasers and the La Liga Unida finally manage to break through Sandrino’s defenses. Tristan and the remaining Moonchasers are finally able to escape, Malia and Tristan meet again. All be it shortly, for Malia and her team have to rush to another pressing matter.

Several establishments have been set on fire and the LLU suspect that vampires are behind the attack. Unknown to them, the Lady in Red is the attacker and the evil vampires are rather attacked. She targets the businesses owned by Sandrino’s strongest allies used as front by the vampires.The attack infuriates Sandrino more than it weakens him.

Soon, Malia realises that their rescue mission has not been completely successful. For a little mistake sends Tristan back to Sandrino’s prison. Sandrino then issues warning that he will no longer negotiates with the Moonchasers. He issues a two-day ultimatum for his three enemies: Prof T, Lady in Red and Malia to surrender themselves otherwise Tristan will d!e.

The vampire King chooses the day that the power of the werewolves weakens so that he will have an upper hand over them, especially the new chosen one. Realising they only have two days for Malia to save Tristan from the lair, Malia makes it a mandate not to surrender herself, the Moonchasers or the La Liga Unida members.

She thinks of a plan, however, that crucial hour compels the Lady in Red to deem it as the right time to finally meet the destined saviour, Malia to train her for the upcoming battle. Supremo, despite all his enemies’ efforts to go around his demand, remains resolute to not accept anything or anyone in exchange for Tristan even when they offer him the person who first showed him what l0ve is like.

After learning from her parents that Tonio is not Tristan’s real father, Betty starts digging into the past of Rica, Tristan’s mother to know her secret. As destiny will have it, Malia accepts the Lady in Red’s offer to train her. Jacintha, however, wants more than training the new destined saviour. She plans to provoke Malia into revealing her true powers which she believes it’s necessary to win the battle against the vampire with the cursed ink.

While preparing herself, Malia sends Gael and Jethro to a special mission. This, after Jethro finds out from the book Jacintha has given him, the only key that can possibly destroy the protection of the cursed ink on Sandrino. Elsewhere, the king of Vampires pulls on theatric in torturing Tristan and makes sure the Moonchasers see how Tristans’ death unfolds.

He also prepares something for the La Liga Unida members, a distraction that he believes will surely unsettle them. While all his plans seem to work out, something starts to bother Sandrino. Tristan, while in distress hums a tune which Sandrino very well recognises, the only tune Sandrino knows. In fact, it is the very tune Sandrino used to sing to someone he dearly l0ved in the past.

Soon, the day of the new moon arrives. Desperate to find Tristan before Sandrino’s set time, Malia solicits the help of Ningning, who readily agrees to help. But Ningning is caught by Sandrino and is forced to send a wrong location where vampires lie in wait to ambush whoever tries to rescue Tristan.

Fortunately, Malia finds out the secret code hidden in Ningning’s message and hurries to call Prof T to abort the mission as Tristan is not in the location the Moonchasers believe he is. Tristan has been moved to somewhere that is meant to be his final resting place, yet still alive. Tristan still refuses to give up. Fortunately, Moonchasers and La Liga Unida members are on their way to rescue him but only one among them stands a real chance of fighting the vampire king, Malia.

With her powers now unleashed, Malia rushes to save Tristan just in time before he succumbs to the devouring darkness in the coffin where he lies. Not long after, Sandrino arrives and a fight ensues involving him, Malia and Tristan. A fight that abruptly ends when Sandrino sees the mark of the cursed ink on Tristan.

After Tristan is saved, Jacintha goes back to her job as Gilbert Imperial’s campaign strategist to make sure Gilbert’s heart beat once again. Just in time for the arrival of the weapon that will be used to k!ll him, those who are looking for the said weapon have fallen into a trap. Neither the La Liga Unida nor the Moonchasers know about it.

Troubled by what he has seen on Tristan, Sandrino orders his minions to look into Tristan’s family. One of them corners Betty and through hypnotic control, the vampire extracts the truth from her and reports back to Sandrino who in shock realises who the young man he has been trying to k!ll is.


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