The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 60

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 60 Lady in Red destroys Supremo’s businesses to foil his blood farm construction, Aife and John d!es over halfway accomplished mission of the LLU

The LLU were at Juente Uno, waiting for the arrival of Prof T. However, Prof T changed game strategy and sent a mission to the Moonchasers on their phones, splitting the group to carry on two different missions with his new plan. Malia confirmed the place as the meeting place when Katrina arrived there with two minions.

She called Prof T to inform him that some of the rebel vampires were there but Supremo was not there. Prof T told Toni that he has changed his plans and provided details of the plan to her. He later arrived to set his game in motion and told Toni to be in charge of the rescue mission for Tristan and the others since Supremo was not around.

Katrina called Supremo to inform him that she had seen the Moonchasers’ van so Theodore might be inside. Toni called the headmaster to inform him about the presence of Katrina and said things were going as planned. Katrina went inside the abandoned warehouse to her dismay, she discovered that Theodore had pulled a fast one on her.

She told the two allies she was with to go to the lair to inform Supremo that Theodore did not show up and pranked them just to get the captives. She also told the other to fetch for more vampires to secure their captives. As Tristan and John were fighting the minions, the rest Katrina sent also approached in their numbers to attack Tristan.

However, Toni arrived to k!ll them and Tristan was surprised to see Toni. Toni said they promised to see eachother again. Toni told Tristan that she never gave up on him due to their promise to eachother and was glad to meet him again. Tristan was grateful to her for coming to his rescue. Toni assured that she would not allow Aidee and Vincent’s sacrifice be in vain.

She used that moment to introduce her real self to him as Malia so Tristan began addressing her by her birth name, Malia. Elsewhere, the lady in Red and some of the Moonchasers arrived at Boris’ former construction firm to cause havoc that hindered the plans of Supremo’s blood farm which the vampires could not wait to set in motion to make humans their source of meal.

Erin, Jake and Jethro heard the news about the explosions. Erin believed Supremo was behind that but Jethro doubted so Erin instructed the Lunas he has recruited to find out about it. Jethro decided to call the Lord Sentinel but Gael was the one he spoke to.

Malia was told after saving the Moonchasers. Tristan told Malia to go and check on the places which were exploded since he believed Supremo was behind it. Malia did not want to but Tristan insisted that he would ensure the Moonchasers safety and would send them to the headquarters.

Malia instructed Lemuel and Tasha to send the Moonchasers back to their headquarters. Unknown to them, John, the traitor among the evil vampires was taken away. Malia left the place with her members but bumped in to John at the middle of the road and they saw the vampire acting strange. Malia stepped down to talk to John but John stopped her from getting closer and asked for forgiveness for his inability to secure the Moonchasers.

Suddenly, his cover was pulled off and there was a bomb planted on him so Malia had to order the werewolves to save themselves before the bomb exploded. Meanwhile, Tristan discovered Aife was not in the bus. He turned and saw Aife calling him to save her but the vampire sent Aife away. Lemuel told Tristan that they could not save Aife so they should leave, Tristan refused.

His stubbornness made him fall into Supremo’s trap. Supremo in a whirlwind sent Tristan away when he tried to fight him. Malia went to the camp to watch the news of the explosion which has destroyed 10 establishment including a construction firm, dermatology and other buildings. They realised that all the buildings were owned by the evil vampires and they wondered the person responsible in infuriating the vampire king.

Ningning told Malia that it was good to have an unknown ally so there was no need for her to search for the person. Malia sent the LLU on a mission and also told Tasha to enquire from their allies at the SMV Corp to find out whether Tristan had returned to the lair. She then went to brood over her inability to save Tristan. Elsewhere, Betty enlisted the help of Doc to ask Prof T about Tristan.

Doc wanted to steal the moment to demand his answer of his proposal but Betty said misfortune happens whenever he asked of that. At the headquarters, Prof T reported to Jacintha that the new chosen one was okay but the mission was halfway successful. After the call he told his group that he had to develop a new strategy to rescue Tristan.

“There is a time for victory and a time to face defeat. It is painful and it’s part of the Moonchasers. What Matter right now is how we are going to rise and carry on,” Alvin addressed the group.

Supremo’s allies came to inform him about the explosion and the lady vampire said she saw a woman in red fabric just like what Samantha used to wear and was quite sure that the PROFESSOR has RESURRECTED Samantha.

“Clearly they are taunting us!” Supremo fumes.

“If it is war they want we are going to give them,” the vampire king declared.

Betty and Doc arrived at the anti-vampire headquarters only to find out that Tristan was taken away again after rescuing him. She got agitated but Prof T assured her that plans were underway to save Tristan. Betty went home to inform her parents but feared that what Starr said might come to pass.

According to Starr, Tristan would survive but would return as a Vampire. Gabriel then revealed that Tristan was not Tonio’s son and Tonio had always feared the boy would become a vampire, reason he did not want him to go out anyhow. Gabriel said he and his wife discovered the truth when Tristan fell sick in his childhood days around a time that Betty had travelled.

Pina narrated that during the sickness, Tristan’s blood did not match that of Tonio and Rica so they realised he was not Tonio’s real son. Since Tonio and Rica failed to talk about it, they also did not ask them but they treated Tristan as a family and l0ved him irrespective of his blood line.

Prof T addressed the Moonchasers on their next mission and also revealed to them who the Lady in Red was. He said there was a woman who was stronger than Samantha and she was the real founder of the Moonchasers. She was no other than Jacintha Magsaysay the famous Lady In Red who Samantha report to and since Samantha’s death, she has assumed her rightful position in the lives of the Moonchasers.

“For us Jacintha’s arrival is a start for our brand new direction against the evil. ”

“Fresh start and it introduces a new way of flighting which is going to help us defeat the vampires.”

Supremo returned to the new place he has caged Aife and Tristan. In fury, he told them that he would no longer demand for anything.

“Your little group did everything to hinder my plans and you will pay for it.”

“I will cut up your head and send it to the Moonchasers.”

Supremo bit Aife and told Tristan that the serum did not last in their blood as Aife’s blood tasted real good. As Aife was suffering with Tristan held feeling sorry for what was happening to Aife, Supremo strangled the lady warrior till she died, leaving Tristan to brood and mourn for her.

Prof T received a call from Supremo’s ally to go to a certain place and he called Malia to inform her. They went to the warehouse to find Aife’s body a booklet with a red ribbon and a pen drive. They wondered where Tristan could be. Erin believed Supremo might have k!lled him too but he was proven wrong bythe content on the drive.

Piolo was able to access the drive and they saw a video of Tristan being chained and molested with Supremo issuing an ultimatum to save Tristan from his grasp.

“Listen carefully, two nights from now…”

“I want to meet the professor from the Moonchasers, the mysterious lady in red, Samantha,

If you managed to bring her back to life as well as the new chosen one, whatever name she goes by these days.”

“You better come on that night so that you can save Tristan.”

“You want to gain more power well that is not possible at all even if you combine your strength that day will be the last day I will talk to you.

“Let’s put an end to this!”

Baristo knew Supremo was up to no good since he knew that the full moon was the day the werewolves were weakest. Erin saw Malia’s action to save Tristan as needless since Tristan was not that important to risk their lives to save him. Malia got upset and left while the Moonchasers wanted to face the Luna leader, Erin. Baristo stepped in.

Elsewhere, Supremo made his minions chained Tristan and tortured him to bring down his courage but Tristan kept daring him.


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