The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 43

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 43 Gilbert confesses his true feelings to Jacintha, Tristan distances himself from Toni

At the lair of the vampires, Supremo asked Samantha if she had not been curious to find out why he had been using the name “Imperial.” He stressed that he took the surname from his father, Magnus Imperial.
Samantha viewed that as a lie since Magnus couldn’t produce an offspring.

Supremo was well aware of how Samantha was born. He knew her mother was already pregnant when Magnus bit her, the reason Samantha was born with vampire blood. He then narrated that Magnus began to rape several defenceless women when he wanted a child and his mother was one of the victims but what Magnus did not know was his mother got pregnant.

“Mateo was the only vampire that was born naturally in this world,” Samantha foiled Supremo’s claim.

“He is the chosen one among our kind.”

“That’s what you all thought but I am the one who k!lled Mateo,” Supremo declared.

“I am stronger than him in every way…”

“And that is why you should all acknowledge me as the true undefeated chosen one.”

Bill wanted Gilbert’s campaign to be done in an open space where it could contain 800 capacity of people. Jacintha rejected, saying it could be dangerous and proposed they use the “under dog” approach to do it. Jacintha then advised that anything concerning Gilbert should pass through her before it reached him due to Gilbert’s character. Bill believed his character was more than Saudara, the Indonesian President.

At the lair, Sandrino told Samantha to help him win the fight by working with him to make their father’s dream come true, that is, to rule over the world with their race.

“If you’re my brother then I would rather die a horrible death,” Samantha refused to accept it.

Barang appeared in the lair and Samantha wondered what sent her there. Of course! Barang did not want to lose the sight of the family reunion. Samantha queried Barang how true Sandrino’s words were and the former guardian confirmed it. Samantha failed to accept it and Sandrino said there was nothing more she could do. In despair Samantha left.

The Moonchasers including Toni escorted Tristan home and his actions made Betty and Doc realise he had a bad night out.

In the lair, Supremo asked Barang the reason Samantha was seeking for her. The evil former guardian tossed the blood she was sipping and answered that Samantha wanted to find the reason the prophecy has changed and she constantly asked about Tristan Toralba. But what Samantha did not know was Barang had lost all her powers when she used it to evoke the spell in Sandrino for him to obtain the mark of the cursed ink.

Supremo was amused when Samantha talked about Tristan so Barang asked if he knew about the boy. Sandrino explained that he wanted to meet Tristan in person but he decided to have him k!lled since that was much easier. Sandrino still wondered why Tristan was important to Samantha but Barang preferred they stopped talking about the boy since he was already dead.

Sandrino accepted and Barang talked about her guardian gift, expressing no regret that she consumed all to see Sandrino gained powers and the vampire king was grateful to her. If Barang could remember her last vision as a guardian, there was a new great and powerful creature who would emerge but Sandrino claimed it was him since in the new prophesy Malia was unable to k!ll him.

Tristan chose to share his problems with Doc but that did not deter Betty from passing a word of advice to him, that, whatever it was he should know that he could handle it. As Doc was advising Tristan that Toni could be brave but she might not be ready for l0ve so he had to slow down, Jake was also advising Malia that if she trusted Tristan then she should be able to tell him her true identity and why she kept it.

Malia was scared that Tristan would not accept her since the creature Tristan despised the most had his blood running through her vein. To make the matter worse, she had both the werewolf and vampire blood in her vein.

“I have been pretending for so long that even I don’t know who the real me is,” Malia cried.

“No” Jake objected “that is not true!”

“You know yourself very well Malia.”

“And whatever it is you hid from Tristan is true
you did all of this because you thought it was necessary.”

“But Malia with everything you have done you need to give yourself freedom to be happy.”

That night both Malia and Tristan had a hard time sleeping since they thought about eachother and the ruined date.

The next day, Jacintha and Ningning bumped into eachother in Youtopia. Ningning realised it was the strategist and told her that for sometime now she had been thinking about it since her face seemed familiar but Jacintha denied knowing her.

Samantha and Jethro met, she revealed to him that she went to the lair but couldn’t tell him anything else as she got tensed and even cut her hands with the glass she was drinking from. Jethro rushed to the LLU to inform them. Since Samantha was able to escape the lair alive, Baristo had a bad feeling about the encounter and advised the LLU to have a backup plan especially now that they were working with the Moonchasers.

After his meeting with the LLU, Prof T addressed his team about the possible places that Gilbert Imperial would hold his campaign and wanted the Moonchasers to survey the various places. He told them that there would be another group that would help them.

Samantha in the house spoke on phone with someone to inform the strange person that Sandrino claimed he was her brother and Magnus gave birth to him. She said it might be true since 100 years ago there was a prophecy that the great vampire would come from Magnus’ race so Samantha thought she was the chosen one that was why she bit Mateo to turn him into a vampire and had always assumed that he was the chosen one.

She admitted that Sandrino was very powerful and strong and he could be the child in the said prophecy. The unknown person advised Samantha to accept the offer to form alliance with Sandrino to work with him, much to the surprise of Samantha.

Prof T told the Moonchasers that it was a dangerous mission they were embarking on but believed they would sail through. Tristan volunteered to lead the mission so Prof T gave it to him and told him to use his team. Toni told Tristan that she wanted to speak with him and he asked Toni to wait till he finished the arrangement with his team.

Toni felt sad about how Tristan was distancing himself from her so Jake laid her on his shoulder to calm her. However, Tristan who was searching for Toni came to meet her on the shoulders of Jake and assumed the worse and left.

Elsewhere, Jacintha came to Gilbert’s office to hand over his speech and asked him to give it a run through. Gilbert pleaded with her that he needed her and wanted her to be by his side. He said being his strategist he wanted her to be with him all the time.

They arrived at a construction firm and Jacintha was on phone with Senator Paglinauan who was assuring the strategist that everything was in order and for his side he knew his role and the speech was nothing difficult as Nisha has prepared everything all he needed was the talking beat.

“I don’t know what I would have done without you,” Gilbert voiced out to Jacintha.

Boris approached and Gilbert introduced him to Jacintha as the boss of the construction firm. He told Jacintha that Boris Antonio was the one who built the biggest Casino in the Philippines.

As Boris was also telling Jacintha about other projects he has worked on, Jacintha indicated that she might not know much about construction but believed Boris would win the bidding in all the construction works should Gilbert win the elections. Boris said if she thought it would affect Gilbert’s campaign then she shouldn’t, he would keep it low.

Gilbert gave Jacintha a place to sit as he wanted to have an important discussion with Boris. Jacintha said Gilbert should have left her in Youtopia for her to work there as she would have been better off there.

“But I like you Jacintha!”

“I just like being with you all the time,” Gilbert cried.

“So you better get used to it so that I can get used to you always staying by my side during the campaign and also in my life.”

Jacintha smiled as she was left alone, she went outside to find the antics the workers who were merely vampires used in hypnotising executives of various companies to get them sign to give them contracts.

Since Tristan was not coming, Toni went to have a talk with him but Tristan was acting up saying he understood everything making Toni wondered what he understood and what was okay with him. Tristan asked Toni to drop it and voice out the truth to him.

Toni swore to come clean and talk to him about her group as well when the time was right. She asked Tristan to continue trusting her and regard her as his partner since everything she earlier told him was true.


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