The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 57

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 57 Supremo k!lls Adee, captures Tristan, Hanno, Aife among others, Lady in Red tasked to k!ll young Sandrino before defeating Supremo

At Pulang Lupa, Tristan trashed the prophecy and deemed it as one of Starr’s visions. Toni explained to him that in her world, they believed in prophecy and asked if he recalled a small girl in San Isidro who was wearing a police uniform and gave him a corn to be given to his father as a peace offering. As they were shaking hands that night, they felt a spark and were thrown apart.

At the LLU, Erin was still punishing the vampires when Gael got there to save them. However, Erin fought with him for questioning him in front of their enemies while he was the one given the mandate to watch over them. He wondered why the Lord Sentinel was given the vampires opportunity to live again.

Gael believed they needed a chance since they also had a family, but Erin thought he was siding with the evil vampires and was bent on k!lling to avenge the death of his colleagues. Tristan held Toni’s hand and told her that if there was something in the prophecy, they would have experienced the spark again. He warned Toni not to get close to him again adding, that he could take care of himself.

Toni still never gave up and charged the LLU members to keep an eye on Tristan. In the lair, Supremo ordered Greta to closely monitor Tristan. He did not want Moonchasers to get on his way for the blood bank vision to be ruined. Greta set the ball rolling and she addressed the group that knowing Tristan, she believed he would pack out from Pulang Lupa with his family since Supremo has discovered his residence.

Prof T came to Tristan’s house and told him that it could be better if he did not leave that night but the next day. He revealed that he has a proper place which his family could stay, indicating on the board. A vampire which was sent to find out about Tristan’s plans went back to deliver the information and Greta also informed Supremo.

Lemuel and Jake were able to win over the newly converted vampires whose siblings were Moonchasers and they brought them to the Lord Sentinel who was surprised that they were released but glad when Jake told her they were on their side now. That night, Tristan couldn’t sleep and kept watch.

At the LLU, Jake asked about Malia’s relationship with Tristan and she told him that Tristan has distanced himself from her after knowing the truth. He also doubted the prophecy. Jake believed Tristan needed time. At Pulang Lupa, Tristan told Prof T about the identity of Toni which she kept from him and even told him that he was part of a prophecy.

“That’s why we need to keep you safe Tristan,” Prof T said.

Tristan thought about Toni, same did her and he called her to call for a truce but asked for a time to digest everything. He said he could not blame her for not telling him who she really was since a vampire k!lled his father and ruined his family, hence understood her.

In the lair, Greta told Supremo about Miyo’s group trying to protect Tristan and “he” being a “she” made the vampire king believe she was the new chosen one. Supremo charged Greta to confirm if Miyo was the new chosen one. Greta was perplexed since she did not possess any powers that could k!ll Supremo. So far, the only power she was manifesting was the ability to heal herself.

Supremo said that was it as the new prophecy said the one destined to k!ll him would not be able to do so. The next day, Tristan who was working on a plan with the Moonchasers, left Pulang Lupa in separate car with Prof T. The vampire assigned to the area informed Supremo about Tristan’s departure through a phone call.

The rest of the Moonchasers who were left with Betty called Tristan to confirm that his family was okay and the place was cleared. Tristan spoke with Toni and said the plan of the Moonchasers was working and after everything, he wanted them to meet at a place of Toni’s choice for them to talk.

Tristan called Prof T’s group to inform them and Prof believed Pulang Lupa being cleared meant one thing. Before he could complete his statement, his van ran into the vampires on the road so one of the team called Adee to inform him. Learning about the encounter Tristan told his group that they had to help Prof T. Levite sent Betty and the Toralba family to stay in Madam Starr’s house. The fortune teller saw a bad omen.

On their way, their van bumped into Supremo so Malia who was keeping close eyes on Tristan through a hidden camera realised the presence of Supremo and left the LLU. However, Baristo disagreed with her decision.

“Lord Sentinel we need you here more!”

“No! they need me there, the real fight is out there.”

Meanwhile, Prof T’s group fought the vampires. Realising they were being defeated, a lady vampire held one of the Moonchasers and used him as bait to enable some of the minions to run away with Hanno and other Moonchasers which Prof T couldn’t do anything about it.

Baristo made Jake followed Malia to the location. At the LLU, the family of the Moonchasers also wanted to go to the location to fight for their siblings but Baristo stopped them, saying the Lord Sentinel was already there so they should stay behind. Erin got upset and went to sit at a different place.
He recalled how the vampires were k!lling the Moonchasers and he remembered how they k!lled all the Lunas.

Gael came there and was perplexed to find Erin sitting alone in anguish. Erin accused him of his kind destroying his life. As Gael was expressing his displeasure about the cold heart Erin has developed since he knew that not all the vampires were the same, Erin said did not care all he knew was the vampires had destroyed many lives.

Supremo made use of his powers while fighting Tristan’s group. He k!lled Adee by twisting his neck. When Malia and Jake got there, they only found Leo who told them that his friends were gone and it was left with only him. Malia shed tears and doubted Tristan and the rest of the Moonchasers were dead. Elsewhere, Betty tried the line of Tristan but no one received the call. This brought tension among the family.

Pina was scared and demanded to know what was happening. Betty explained that Gilbert Imperial was an ally of Senator Paglinauan so Tristan was scared that he would cast his eyes on them, hence the reason they left the house.

At the Moonchasers Headquarters, Prof T was healing the Moonchasers and one d!ed in the process. Toni arrived there with Leo, Prof T was grateful to her for bringing Leo. He termed the day as the worse day in the history of the Moonchasers. As Leo said the rest were captured, Toni assured Prof T of her preparedness to help him rescue the Moonchasers from the lair.

She doubted they were k!lled and Prof T accepted the alliance. That encouraged him to believe he was not alone in the fight. In the lair, Katrina hypnotised one of the captives to fish out the Moonchasers Headquarters.

However, the blood sucking creatures were unable to infiltrate the place since it was well secured and protected with silver. Supremo thought of a plan and went to talk to Tristan who he has locked him in his prison.

In the woods, the young Sandrino brought the Lady in Red to where he believed the house of the old man could be but couldn’t find it. The dwarfs came for Sandrino as the Lady in Red was pulled by a mystical force into the Old man’s house. She said she wanted to save that boy but the man wanted him to do the opposite.

The Lady in Red did not understand him. The old sage showed her through the helmit that the boy was his enemy and had to k!ll him. However, the Lady in Red said his real enemy was in the lair and not that boy who was an allusion and created by the man’s sorcery powers. The old sage gingered her to fight the boy. He showed her through the helmit how Sandrino k!lled Samantha who was posing off as the Lady in Red.

Supremo ordered his minions to torture Tristan’s comrades. Tristan demanded Supremo to release his friends from the place. However, Supremo expressed his resentment towards Tristan for defying his rulership. He told Tristan to be thankful that he was in a good mood otherwise he would have done worse thing to him. He tried hypnotising Tristan to tell him about the serum that made human blood bitter and its remedy.

Tristan said he did not know and even if he knew, there was no way that he would tell him.

“The new chosen one where is she?” Supremo queried while Tristan remained quiet.


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