The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 72

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 72 Veruska and Erin d!e, Greta escapes while Tristan successfully makes Sandrino’s heart beats again

At the Moonchasers Headquarters, Jacintha dreamt about Prof T being dead and his coffin was at the outskirts of the HQ with the Moonchasers paying their last respect. Elsewhere, Tristan and Supremo arrived at San Isidro and he told his senior brother how his father, Tonio was k!lled 14years ago by a vampire.

Veruska told Jake to end her suffering by k!lling her but Jake couldn’t. Veruska described Jake as coward, Jake cried that he was brave but could not hurt the one he l0ved. Veruska forced him and Jake made an attempt, still he couldn’t. He came to the LLU and cried, asking Baristo whether the only way was for him to k!ll his mother as that was what Veruska’s wanted.

Malia who was in a van travelling to San Isidro received a call from Baristo to turn back since her presence at the camp was needed. Jethro got a fang that made Veruska talk so they could use it to finally free her from the monstrous spell in her body. Prof T injected Jacintha and was having doubts about her due to her recent character.

Jacintha assured him that she was not the enemy and the sacrifice Samantha made would not be in vain. The fight against Sandrino to free mankind from his hand, she said would continue. Prof T asked her the time the poison got into her body but she said her issue was complicated, however, she was not the enemy.

At San Isidro, Supremo admitted one of his minions k!lled Tonio, leading Piolo and the rest of the Moonchasers who were watching to say that Supremo was cruel. Supremo explained that he wielded war against the parent of Malia in San Isidro 14years ago and through that one of his followers k!lled Tonio. Tristan got upset and left but Sandrino caught up with him. Tristan drew out his weapon and told Sandrino that he was heartless and did not want him close since he k!lled his father.

Jethro tried to use the fang on Veruska but Jake said he did not know whether Veruska’s body could stand. As Veruska was struggling, Jethro couldn’t do it so Baristo took it and did it. Veruska became more aggressive and attacked him. Jake had no option than to thrust her rib with the fang. Malia appeared there and Jake pulled the fang dagger and also thrusted it on her chest while the rest of the LLU watched in astonishment.

“My dear Capable Son,” Veruska choking.

“You’re courageous of k!lling monsters.”

“No It’s not true mom,” Jake cried.

“Mom you’re not a monster.”

“Malia! Lord Sentinel,” Veruska called.

“I beg you forgive me for all the mistakes I have made.”

“If it wasn’t for me you would not have become orphan.”

“I was the one who told Supremo where he could find Mateo and Lia back then.”

“Because of my great desire for power, I became a monster but it was not my intention to k!ll another person.”

“So please forgive me Malia.”

“Jake, son! You should know you did the right thing.”

“It was difficult but you prevented me from becoming something evil.”

“No mom!” Jake cried.

“I’m so proud of you,” Veruska cried.

“You should know your father and I d!ed so proud of you.”

Veruska d!ed and Jake cried asking Malia to forgive her mother. Malia told Jake that he shouldn’t remember his mother as a betrayer but a person who laid her life for the course and consoled her childhood friend.

In San Isidro, Supremo said sorry to Tristan but his younger brother kept calling him a monster. The connection cut, leading the Moonchasers to shiver. However, Sandrino explained that the world has viewed him as a monster ever since, even his mother did same at the time he did nothing wrong but Rica was the one who accepted him for who he was.

A flashback showed that Rica came to find Sandrino sucking the blood of a live fowl. She did not deject him and even had a setting to surprise him during Christmas. She told him that she wanted him to be together when she gives birth to him and planned to name him Gilbert once delivered to become a chosen one who will be understanding, more l0ving and caring.

At the LLU, Jake rushed to the captives and Greta intentionally provoked him and he opened the cage in order to change where he would keep Greta before she polluted the minds of the rest but Greta fled.

Meanwhile, Sandrino said the hopes were crashed as the Lunas almost k!lled Tristan and him so Barang had no choice than to evoke the cursed ink protection on them and turned him into a full fledged vampire.

Malia who was in a car heading to San Isidro since the Moonchasers lost connection with Tristan was able to regain the connection and saw that Tristan had managed to make Sandrino’s heartbeat again when Tristan called Sandrino brother. Jacintha also had that feeling.

“His heart is beating,” Malia said.

“Tristan is able to make his heart beat again.”

At the LLU camp, Jethro was still reading the Ancient Book of Spells and kept having a vision of Tristan and told Baristo that the prophecy has not changed. He saw another one about the blood moon and said the blood moon was approaching. Baristo was glad as Malia would finally k!ll Supremo. Prof T was leaving the camp and told the Moonchasers to keep eye on Jacintha.

Malia appeared in the bush with her comrades and Sandrino realised Tristan had betrayed him but Tristan denied. Malia called out Tristan’s name and Supremo vanished. Greta got to the lair to discover that Tristan was Sandrino’s brother. Soon Sandrino appeared in the lair with his heart fully beating.

Katrina arrived to tell him that she had a surprise for him. He went to the cell to see Erin chained and he used his powers on him to extract all the information on Tristan from him. He realised Tristan was the one with the cursed ink and was destined to k!ll Malia. After gaining what he wanted, he k!lled him.

“He is the one who will k!ll Malia?” Supremo wondered.

“I need to turn him into a vampire immediately.”

“That could be the worse thing that could ever happen to him,” Supremo smiled.

“Because he betrayed me!”

“He himself will k!ll the woman he l0ved and treasures the most!”

“And when that happens I will rule over this world all by myself.”


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