The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 79

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 79 Prof T prepares the Moonchasers for a new battle against werewolves and vampires, Soraya schemes with Geneva to remove Malia from her leadership post

Apple visited Tristan’s grave with Collin to lay a wreath on it. Elise called Supremo to inform him that there was a division in La Liga Unida as the members were fighting themselves over Tristan whether he was alive or not. Supremo told Tristan about it.

Tristan said they could go ahead to dig out his grave. He was positive that they would not find anything since he and his brother had already manipulated the corpse in the coffin. Tristan then wage war with his former allies at the sight of Sandrino to make him believe they were fighting for same thing.

He said should he meet any La Liga Unida member or the Lord Sentinel he would k!ll her. Supremo reminded him that Jacintha was the one who stabbed him so he should not forgive the group. Malia told Jake who was driving her that she knew what she saw and that person was Tristan.

“I am not imagining things.”

“Jake believe me I am not a liar.”

Jake said he knew she was not a liar. They visited the Toralbas and Bogart and Poky sent them in but Pina was upset to see them. She said she had refused all the help Malia offered her family and still was not ready to welcome her. Malia said she only came to find out who helped them and Gabriel said it was Rica’s money for her children and he asked whether it was something that he should be worried about. Gabriel suddenly had a heart attack and Pina was mad at Malia.

At the Waya Corporation, as the members learnt that Malia visited Tristan’s family at their new house, Soraya proposed to the Council that they should give the Lord Sentinel time to mourn as she did not fit for the job. Lucho took a sip and remained quiet on his seat.

Soraya and Geneva teamed up against Malia
as Soraya and Geneva disagreed with how she was running the company. With profits going mostly to charity, Soraya told Geneva that they must find a way to discredit Malia as the head of the Waya board before Gael’s return. Soraya planned to secure evidence that would make them stand on it that Malia was not fit for the job.

Meanwhile, Tristan met Prof T to insist on them to carry out their plan since Supremo was getting ready. Prof T finally accepted and Prof T said it should have come to his mind that Tristan was the one who funded his laboratory, he believed no one would support him on research on vampires.

Tristan said they should get the Moonchasers together to fight that war that would wipe out both Vampires and werewolves from the surface of the earth for the human race to be left. At the farm house, Malia in solitude began talking about Tristan and imagined him with her. Least did she know that Soraya followed her to the place to record videos on her mental state to prove that she was not fit for the head role. As Soraya left, Tristan appeared there and Malia saw him.

She mentioned his name and clear off her eyes to be certain whether what she was seeing was real. She turned and Tristan has already disappeared. Osmundo visited the lair to tell Supremo and Emperor that he had already captured 80per cent of the population on the national ID system. However, the Waya Corporation and the La Liga Unida members had not done theirs yet.

He believed the Waya Corp and the LLU were suspecting him to be the enemy due to how he was extending their meeting. Tristan told him to accept them so President Osmundo went to see their plantation and Malia told him about their plans of researching plants in their farm house that could bring vampires back to humans.

Baristo did not like the fact that Malia told the President about their future plans as he might be an enemy but Malia did that for a reason to enable the man to give the good news to the vampire who might be supporting him. Elsewhere, Elise accessed the safe to go for the the Ancient Book of the Cursed Spells and presented it to Supremo.

Supremo tried to read but it was blank. He wondered how possible it was. He then used the power in the cursed ink on his hand to read the book and realised there were two powers that the cursed ink possessed. He wanted the one that which gives the bearer unlimited power and was ready to do anything to gain that power.

Later, Apple met Malia to say sorry to her for how they treated her the other time she visited and believed her grandparents wouldn’t be able to bear a grudge for long so they would change their minds to accept her again. Malia told her to ask her of anything if they needed something.

Osmundo went to give the feedback to Supremo and Tristan and told them that it would would be better if they killed the LLU. Tristan provided support to Adee’s family and through his foundation he provided hope for Adee’s young brother and patent. Elsewhere, Prof prepared the Moonchasers for their new mission and told them that anyone who was not mortal is their enemy.

In their new fight they had no alliance with the La Liga Unida, hence they had cut ties with them. In the lair, Supremo and Tristan received a message that the La Liga Unida were attending the launch of Jill Imperial’s business. The LLU did a research about him to confirm if their suspicion of him being Tristan was true but Malia doubted since Tristan was an ally not an enemy.

Soraya had to postponed her plans on Lord Sentinel to find out if Tristan was alive or dead before she would be able to release her videos on Malia not fitting for the job. They went to the event and Jill Imperial appeared, a guy believed to have inherited his fortune from his parent. Seeing her prayers was answered, Malia heaved a sigh of relief to find out that the Jill Imperial actually was not Tristan.

Unknown to her, Tristan was keeping watch at the CCTV room and watched Malia on his laptop right there at the event. Jill Imperial after standing in for the vampires called Supremo that he was done with his part and believed the La Liga Unida members did not suspect anything. Supremo urged him to continue receiving them till he finished them off.

He promised his imposter an eternal life should La Liga Unida attack him.

“They have no idea the kind of end that is meant for them.”

Tristan appeared to blow the news that the La Liga Unida was in shambles and the Waya Corp had also gone bankrupt so their next move was to engage them in a battle.


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