The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 81

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 81 Supremo and Tristan ruin Soraya’s plans against Malia, Gilbert Imperial redeems his image as the owner of Imperial Corporation

Gael explained to Jethro that the duel fight would be held to appoint the new lord Sentinel. Jethro asked whether they would fight themselves to death but Gael said it was all about tactics and the one who would be able to stand at the end would be appointed as the New Lord Sentinel.

Malia urged Jake on to take the position but Jake felt reluctant to take Malia’s position. Malia advised him not to see it as taking her position but he should view it as helping the La Liga Unida in their fight for good. Jake accepted to do it for Malia’s sake but Malia said he should do it for the LLU.

Tristan visited Prof T and Prof told him about Malia asking about him. Prof T knew Malia would never stop till she got to know about him. While in the house, Malia was alerted about some visitors and realised it was Pina, Gabriel, Doc and Apple who came to inquire from her the existence of Tristan.

Pina was happy that Tristan was alive even as a vampire, she preferred it to him being dead. Meanwhile, Tristan who was around listened onto their conversation. Pina pleaded with Malia to help her see him again and used that moment to apologise to her for every hurtful thing she said against her, explaining that she did that since she was hurt.

Tristan went to inform Prof T and the latter asked the former whether he would reveal himself to his family. Tristan said no since his days were also numbered and would even d!e in the war with the La Liga Unida. He lamented that he did not want to build their hopes up while he knew he would d!e soon.

Lucho and Jethro went to the safe room at the Waya Corporation and could not find the Ancient Book of Cursed Spells and wondered who could have taken it. They later watched the footage and Malia realised that the culprit had tempered with the footage.

In the lair, Supremo made up his mind to summon the owner of the Ancient Book of Cursed Spells to help him gain access to the two cursed ink powers. Elise came to inform Supremo that the La Liga Unida were ready for their fight. Supremo and Tristan prepared to go.

“You should not be wasting any time because this is the beginning of the inevitable end,” Supremo told Tristan.

At the location for the duel, Malia went there and Soraya entered to make mockery of Malia for being there to watch how she would be overthrown.

“Among all the leaders you are disappointing,” Soraya laughed at Malia.

“it’s appalling how you showed disrespect to our former leader,” Jake rebuked Soraya when he appeared.

As the fight rules were set for the black she wolf and Jake to have the duel, Malia overheard Greta and Elise’s plot so she called Baristo to call off the duel but due to the fighting noise he could not hear it. The fight became intense and they saw one of their comrades thrown at them. They stared surprisingly.

Geneva and other two werewolves turned into wolves and stepped out but was thrown inside dead. The two vampire brothers stepped in and the council and the entire La Liga Unida members were surprised to see the duo. Malia hurriedly appeared to shield her people. Tristan tried to break the walls but couldn’t and disappeared. Supremo also did likewise.

When the two vampire brothers left, the LLU members apologised and bowed their heads to the Lord Sentinel and asked for forgiveness as everything she had been saying was true.

“We will make them pay for this!” Malia addressed the camp.

“We will avenge the death of our comrades, evil needs to be stopped!”

“We won’t allow them to gain power!”

“Together we will fight and we are going to defeat them.”

The werewolves howled. Tristan arrived at a certain place to destroy things. One of his allies came to see him and he asked why he came there to see him while he has instructed him to watch over his family. The guy said he missed Tristan and the last time he scattered things it was the day that he turned him into a Vampire.

Malia was sad that she had to reach a point that she would have to fight Tristan to end evil. She told Baristo that she did not have to become weak but Baristo said expressing her feelings did not mean she was weak, she l0ved Tristan. Lucho saw how Malia was weeping and when she passed by him, he engaged her in a conversation as he revealed himself as the old man at the hermit.

“How much do you l0ve him?

Why are you asking that?”Malia asked.

I just want to know what you will be willing to sacrifice in order to change Tristan.”

“I can change it?” Malia asked.

“Lord Sentinel… I am a werewolf who had studied to become an expert on the magic of the mystics.”

“If there happened to be a way through which we could return to the past and have the opportunity to change all these, everything that had happened so that the present Tristan will be the same as he was before

“Will you do it?”

Marissa stood quietly and later went out to think it through if she could handle the current Tristan or she should embrace the opportunity given her. The LLU held a vigil to mourn the death of their fallen comrades. Soraya promised Geneva that she would avenge her death and continue what they started. A news broke about the Waya Corp and Lemuel alerted Malia.

Elsewhere, Poky brought a board that they use to communicate with the dead or spirit to know if they were closer to their l0ved ones. They tried and it did not work but Apple said they should ask Tristan question and she asked if Tristan l0ve and remember them. Since it was not working Gabriel told the family they should go and sleep.

Apple lingered around and asked the question again and Tristan answered YES using the glass and the board. This made Apple happy. The LLU went watch the news against their Way Corporation and the return of Gilbert Imperial. All the criminal charges against him were lifted and he told the public that he would still support the public even if he did not win the elections.

At the laboratory, Prof T told Tristan that now that Supremo had appeared in the public, he believed they had already revealed themselves to the Waya Corporation and was sad that the terror reign would continue. Meanwhile, in the lair, Supremo tried to cast the spell to get the unparallel power of the second ink. This made Tristan got the reaction while he was in the laboratory with Prof T.

Malia and the Waya Corp sat and thought of means to recover and battle it all out with Supremo. As Gael said they needed a careful strategy since Supremo planned his revenge for long. Soraya raised an objection that using a careful means would delay the entire things because she can’t sit for all their hard work to go down to drain. Malia shuts her and advised her to cast aside their differences and find a better way in dealing with the situation.


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