The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 82

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 82 Tristan reunites with his family, Soraya threatens to avenge her parents’ death on Lyka’s clan and mortals

Malia went to Prof T’s Office and realised he was bringing back the group he dissolved. Prof T revealed to her where she could find the evil vampires who were on a mission to gain followers for Supremo. When she left, Prof T told Tristan that he did what Tristan told him to do by informing Malia the location of the vampires.

Malia and her group launched an attack on the vampires converting mortals in a swimming pool. One who managed to escape went to give the bad news to Supremo and Tristan and the latter told the vampire king that they were the first to have attacked the La Liga Unida members and it was predictable that they would also retaliate.

Tristan believed the fact that Supremo has revealed his face as the CEO of the Imperial Corporation was another reason the LLU were revenging. Apple visited Malia to ask if she has heard anything about his brother and she said not yet. Later, Osmundo visited the lair to inform Supremo that their first phase of the mission was accomplished.

President Osmundo has given the order for the werewolves to be captured so when Malia heard the news and Jethro had a vision that werewolves were being tortured Malia decided to leave the camp and made Jake took her place as the Lord Sentinel to watch over the rest of the werewolves who she has put them in hiding.

Tristan got upset when he heard the news about what his brother was doing behind his back to decrease the numbers of the werewolves. Supremo, meanwhile, in his blood farm kept feeding into his system the blood of mortals in order to get him stronger to unleash his dead powers. Tristan got upset and queried him on getting the mortals involved in his hunts for the werewolves.

“What is important to me in this point is to keep winning La Liga Unida,” Supremo said.

“How can we make our move when the mortals know we are fighting La Liga Unida,”” Tristan asked.

“You’re putting all of us at risk!

“Are you saying that I made the wrong decision?” Supremo queried.

“I wanna wipe out La Liga Unida without anyone getting in our way…. that’s all,” Tristan said.

Osmundo arrived home and found Malia in his house. Malia warned him against what he was doing against her kind while he said he had never seen her as his enemy. Malia strangled him and the president urged her to k!ll him. His body guards came and he told them to send Malia to join her fellow werewolves. He ordered for Malia to be k!lled if she protested but Malia wanted to find her allies and save them.

Tristan after a chat with Prof T went to Osmundo’s place to find Malia being taken away. He wanted to level the play field so he ordered Osmundo to release the werewolves right that instance. Osmundo protested since he believed in Tristan’s cause of the battle that would end the lives of the werewolves and vampires in the world.

“Osmundo release the werewolves now!”

“Supremo has to know about this order you have been given me!” Osmundo stated.

It took a day for Malia to be taken to where her allies were and finding them being tortured, she felt sad and couldn’t look at the pains they were passing through. She made use of her powers to help her allies. Tristan arrived at the place to find that Malia had freed her people and has tied the mortals.

At the LLU, Jethro had a vision and told Baristo that danger was looming as Tristan was where Malia was. Malia came to the camp with the werewolves and Baristo was so happy to see her alright. The werewolves she saved were grateful to her and promised not to spare the mortals but Malia told them that the mortals were not their enemies. Baristo added that it was Tristan and Supremo who were their enemies.

Tristan went to the lair to inform Supremo that Malia managed to free her kind. Supremo was upset that Tristan couldn’t do anything to k!ll Malia. He told Tristan that he was a match to Malia’s powers and should have ended the life of Malia.

“Is definitely not easy to k!ll Malia
and you know that because you are not able to do it,” Tristan said.

Supremo took it upon himself to k!ll the werewolves and addressed his followers that they should not leave the werewolves in the hands of the mortals. Anywhere they came across a werewolf, they should k!ll it. Soraya told the black werewolves that Malia was not the only obstacle but Supremo and Tristan were also limiting their chances of ruling the world.

She then targeted Tristan to find a weakness since he converted to vampire not long and believed he would have a human side in him. They went to the Toralbas house and were surprised when they discovered that Malia did not entirely cut ties with Tristan’s family. The family asked Malia if she had seen Tristan and she said he was the reason she came as she wanted to know if he has revealed himself to them.

Apple then had a plan to get her brother to be with them. She screamed out that she needed help and Tristan who was with his ally overheard her and rushed to her aid. Meanwhile, Supremo was still trying hard to find a way to get the unparalleled strength from the cursed ink. As the Toralbas were returning inside, Malia heard that someone has glided.

Soraya saw the presence of Tristan and made an attempt with her allies to run but Tristan spotted those black werewolves and began to follow them but someone held him aback. He turned and saw Malia. He asked her to leave him but Malia refused. His family came to meet and embrace him. They told him how they have missed him.

“We don’t care about what you have become,” Pina cried.

“You are part of our family and nothing is going to change that.”

Soraya was expecting Malia to take the opportunity to k!ll Tristan and when she saw Malia doing nothing she joined the car of the black werewolves to inform them how Malia did nothing to Tristan. Tristan freed himself from the hands of his family and the Toralbas asked Malia so many questions whether the person they saw was truly Tristan.

“Malia we needed you to be honest has my grandson gone over to the dark side?” Gabriel asked.

Betty once said something to us before that Tristan said he would rather die than to transform into an evil vampire

“Is our grandson planning to leave us forever?”

Malia said she did not have answers to their questions and would find it out.

“I am also hoping Tristan would reveal his other self to you.”

Soraya revealed Malia’s action to the council members and was upset that Malia could not do anything to k!ll Tristan.

“That is enough Soraya,” a she wolf said.

“You can’t disrespect the Lord Sentinel.”

“With what you are doing, you should be removed from the council,” Baristo hissed.

“You keep disrespecting the Lord Sentinel!”

Soraya claimed Malia disrespected the werewolves who sacrificed their lives and wanted the Lord Sentinel to fight for justice for them by k!lling Tristan but due to her l0ve she could not accomplish that task. Malia told her that she new her course and they promised not to drag humans in their fight. Tristan’s family as there, reason she could not fight him.

“Let me ask you Soraya will you ever learn your boundaries and keep respecting my position.”

Soraya went to cry and promised justice for her parents who were k!lled during her childhood by mortals in the reign of Lyka. She promised to make the mortals pay and ensure Lyka’s clan especially Malia did not rule over them. Elsewhere, a she wolf saw how confused Malia’s eyes were and told her she knew what she was going through that was same thing Lia went through when she had to battle Mateo, the man she l0ved and at the end a force stronger than them, l0ve ruled all.

She supported Malia to fight for her l0ve so Malia later thought of what Lucho told her to travel in the past to make the present Tristan remained the same as he was before but the price was her life. She would be erased from the presence and d!e in the past which she traveled to.


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