The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’: the real identity of Jacintha Magsaysay

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’: the real identity of Jacintha Magsaysay

In the midst of the LLU and Moonchasers struggle to defeat the evil vampires who have over the years made humans their source of food and with many evil projects like the blood farm which every human will be subscribed to a chip for the vampire King to hypnotise them into worshipping him as a governor, a face that is long believed to be dead resurfaces.

Jacintha Magsaysay makes a grand entry and she appears to be Lia Ortega-Rodriguez’ doppelganger. She meets Gilbert Imperial also known as Supremo or Sandrino when he flies to Jakarta, Indonesia to hire her as his Political Strategist to aid him in his campaign for President.

After graduating, Jacintha works for a campaign company and becomes the campaign strategist for an Indonesian president candidate. After he won as the president, he hired her as a personal strategist.

Bill Mejia, Jacintha’s former university professor recruited her to join his Public Relations firm. Her first client is the current president of Indonesia, who credits her for leading his campaign strategy and winning the presidency for him despite a major scandal. This makes Gilbert believes she is the right person who will make his dreams come true.

Meeting this glamorous and sophisticated lady, Gilbert suspects that she is Lia, Mateo’s wife. Jacintha is constantly tested by Gilbert to know her true nature and her real motive concerning him when she joins Gilbert to lead his campaign. She successfully wins his trust and heart.

With her other side, Jacintha is, in fact, secretly working with Samantha Imperial, a sister of Supremo to create distractions in order to delay or derail Supremo’s many schemes, facilitating the path for Malia to defeat Supremo.

Her first major attempt is at the presidential campaign rally, but that failed because Supremo has the power of indestructibility from werewolf fangs. She is the “Woman in Red” who attempted to assassinate Supremo several times, and destroyed many of his minions sent to capture the Moonchasers.

She shows her various skills and powers even more when she had to go up against Sandrino’s adoptive mother and Seer, Barang to kill her. There is a lot of school of thoughts about Jacintha’s true identity, although Barang exclaims surprise before her death that Jacintha is not Lia.

With Samantha’s death, Jacintha reveals herself to Prof T as the real founder of Moonchasers. She reveals that she contacted Samantha Imperial (Maricar Reyes-Poon) and they established the Moonchasers. Prof T, the headmaster of Moonchasers now works with upon her orders.

Supremo rolls out plans to destroy his enemies while Jacintha prepares Malia for her battle with Supremo. Despite her suspicions about Jacintha’s true intentions, Malia accepts Jacintha’s offer to help her gain her full powers. Two days of intense training finally brought out Malia’s full powers. She used the connection she established with Sandrino for them to suppress his forces and subtly k!ll him as well.

One scheme she came up with in ending his life was to make his heart beat again, by attempting to seduce him and make him fall in l0ve with her. Aside from that, she also had to disguise as the lady under a red cloak to help the Moonchasers and La Liga Unida in fighting against Sandrino and his minions.

She also examined and scrutinised his childhood and roots, and helped in honing the combatting skills of Malia and unleashing her supernatural powers before fighting the enemies. Jacintha vanquished her adversaries with her mystical might, making Prof. T (Albert Martnez) wonder about who she really is and suspect that she could be Lia.

Later on, Gilbert dismissed her from work and Jacintha used that moment to declare the presidential candidate’s wrongdoings to the public.

Numerous bloody encounters happened between Sandrino and the fearless trio of Jacintha, Malia, and Tristan (Daniel Padilla). With Samantha’s death, the upcoming full moon will make all werewolves temporarily weakened, this makes Supremo increases threats against his enemies. Jacintha works with Malia and unlocked her powers to handle supremo at the time. Jacintha recognises Malia’s l0ve for Tristan stronger than Supremo’s supernatural force.

She helps Malia to experience her first battle with Supremo as Malia rescued Tristan.
Now that she knows that Tristan is Sandrino’s brother and has the mark of the cursed ink running through his blood, Jacintha is conflicted towards Tristan. She acquiesced to Malia’s wishes to grant him protection, but secretly confided to Prof T that Malia would have to kill Tristan.

Knowing Malia is finding it difficult to accept the real identity of Tristan, Jacintha sends Malia to the enchanted forest to speak with the hermit who helps her glimpse into Sandrino’s and Tristan’s future.

After Sandrino surprisingly bit Tristan and potentially turning him into a vampire, Jacintha tearfully stabbed Tristan to death with her dagger made from the first werewolf’s fangs to avoid the consequences of his possible transformation to alter the second prophecy.

This devastated Malia who discovered Tristan’s lifeless body as Jacintha blankly stared. Sandrino likewise reappeared and Jacintha also stabbed him and turned him into ashes.

Having completed her mission in waylaying Sandrino and stopping his heinous plot, Jacintha uttered that “it is finished” repeatedly and disappeared right before Malia’s eyes, leaving only her red cloak on the ground.

Coming to the school of thought that Jacintha is the future Malia. Many subscribes to this belief since a scene in the series which Malia is affected by the current Tristan, a vampire with a cursed ink due to the second prophesy that he is her enemy and will wrestle against her. In other to sacrifice for that not to happen Gaway gives her an alternate time to travel in the past to prevent that.

This is fallacious because Jacintha is believed to have failed miserably in that mission to stop Tristan from transforming. Tristan still transformed so the theory that she travels back to correct the wrong will be a wrong theory since she couldn’t correct that wrong and Tristan still bears the cursed ink.

In some scenes it is told that even when a good person turns into a vampire the person will remain good just like Nognog and Lemuel make their own decision as vampire so there will be no need for Malia to travel back in 10years time to change him.

Also after what happened, appended by Sandrino and Soraya’s redemption of their position in the societal hierarchy, Malia proposes to travel back in time but Tristan didn’t allow her because he is confident that they can defeat Supremos’ horde together in the present.

However, another tragedy triggered the fury of the couple when Sandrino’s evil clone killed Baristo during an unexpected encounter and Tristan’s grandparents after he refused to end Malia’s life.

Filled with grief and loss, Malia’s full transformation ensued making people adopt the theory that she and Jacintha are one. She dons the red cape the mysterious “Lady In Red” used to wear and possesses a mixture of the characteristics and abilities of a werewolf and a vampire which Jacintha has. Giving people more clue that she is the mysterious Jacintha.

This belief could be fallacious since in the pilot episode, when Supremo thinks he has killed Mateo and is about to kill Lia, Mateo reappears to save his wife but is assumed that she died. In other scene, Lia’s grave is shown but no one is able to tell how her body is laid to rest.

This could be a conspiracy theory to keep the mighty Lia to train her daughter at the right time to ascend her thrown as the new chosen one. Being once a powerful werewolf who already knows Samantha, a character who has over the years evaded death.

It will be impossible for the future self of Malia who is not acquitted with friends of his parents to befriend Samantha. Jacintha being the real founder of Moonchasers is another reason that Malia is not the one. As her character is carefully established as a well learned person who knows everything about Sandrino and Tristan. For their lineage late form of realising their powers and with the will of Supremo to destroy coupling with LLU massacre it is only Lia who can roll out this well thought through snare to trap Sandrino.

Malia barely knows about the Moonchasers and her current self is trying to find why Tristan is always where vampires are and the group that help Senator Mallari to keep him alive.

In the world of La Luna Sangre, Supremo has an alter ego (his clone). Malia future personality cannot bear different features from her recent personality. Malia in recent time has no power to delve into her future to seek her future personality to come with full powers to unlock the powers for her recent being.

It could be recalled that Malia in her constant prayers to the moon has asked her parents to help her in the fight and through one of her prayers during the second massacre of the LLU the full moon granted part of her wish for her to begin to see vampires, hears conversations from afar and feels people’s heart beats.

Since Lia and Mateo wanted to live a mortal life they failed to make Malia realise her real identity until Supremo lands attack on them for her to be taken by Baristo and raised in the LLU. In the theory of La Luna Sangre, Prof T’s Serum against vampire starts to trigger a response of vampire blood in Tristan. It took Sandrino to evoke the powers in Tristan to manifest. Therefore it spells out that only a person related to you can help unlock your true powers.

It will make sense that the alternate time is for Lia who Samantha has helped to rescue her to bring Sandrino down. It is believed Lia has become canal but being once a powerful werewolf, Samantha might have helped unleashed her power and that could have come with the course of her life.

Jacintha helps her daughter to find her hybrid powers since Baristo, Frederick and the members of the LLU fail to help her unleash it. Staying with a vampire and both merged hands on their still born daughter to revive her, Lia could gain part of her husband’s powers to unleash the powers in her daughter.

For Malia to wear the red cloak of Jacintha and with hybrid powers doesn’t necessarily mean she and Jacintha are One. Jacintha is the person who trained her and makes her see her true abilities, it is normal to dress like her to make her behave like her, especially with her fighting skills. She lives her cloak behind as a symbol of mantle for Malia since she is her successor. Something she couldn’t train her daughter while in San Isidro to know she is not a mere mortal.

Jacintha’s mission is to help Malia unlock her powers and to facilitate the path for Malia to k!ll Supremo so she accomplished that mission. Although many believed she had a glowing face of Malia while disappearing, that could actually mean Malia ought to be like her, in power-wise.

Another reason for Jacintha not being the future Malia is that the current Malia does not have any idea of who Jacintha is and a point she blamed Jacintha for the death of Tristan. In her fight with Supremo, Supremo told her that he killed her before, referring to Lia and she replied that this time she would kill him.
Here it comes to the point that she is reincarnated Lia.

With the theory B of La Luna Samantha might have revived her since she was a friend who was interested in Mateo and also wants an end to Supremo’s evil reign. This comes to where, Jacintha k!lls Tristan to prevent him from transforming but was awoken within two years time by the powerful Supremo.

In one of the scenes, Jacintha called Malia, her daughter and hugged her. When she disappeared, Prof T believes she is Lia and has accomplished her mission.

Jacintha is adversely affected with Sandrino’s touch which triggered the vampire toxin in her blood to spread. As she becomes severely weakened from her condition, Jacintha insists that she is not the enemy.

Another school of thought has it that Jacintha could be Lia’s twin, this could be fallacious since Lyka and Noah’s other child is a male. In this La Luna Sangre, no male can transform into a female or vice versa.

In La Luna Sangre, the real Jacintha Magsaysay is believed to be dead. And is believed the mystery woman then assumed the dead Jacintha Magsaysay’s identity. She hypnotised those related to the real Jacintha to make them believe that she is Jacintha and still living. She continued with this life while preparing for the La Luna Sangre. Since all these arguments is not well answered in the movie, the real Jacintha Magsaysay’s identity remains a mystery.


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